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My Love, with Spaces in Togetherness (episode 3)

Hi my dear friends I want to thank you all from bottom of my heart to loving and supporting my story.Please kindly overlook my grammatical errors and typos.And Surprise! Arjun is gonna meet Rads…

Again a tight schedule.Arjun was hell tired.’Once all property come to me no more business.’He muttered,it was the ‘n’th time he said that. He himself was not sure that if such a day will ever happen.He hated it,stupid commerce.Profit ,loss,stock exchange,rivals..everything was different from what he exactly wanted in life.There was a dream,and he was all set to follow that,achieve that.But unexpectedly the tornado hitted and it killed old Arjun and gave birth to’the Arjun Mehra’ . Until then Arjun was a Prince, charming prince of India’s leading businessman Ajay Mehra and Nandini Mehra. But that primrose path was attacked by a tornado.It happened 5 years back ,he was 22 then. Maybe fate just hated their happiness,so it decided to take his happiness,slowly.So it first targeted Arjun’s God, his dad.But that was not an easy attack,an old revenge ,an accusation,a cheating case,an arrest,a betrayal and all that ended up with an utterly shocked, paralysed and bedridden Ajay Mehra.


Ajay was no more in his conscious state when his innocence proved,so the justice delayed became justice denied.But what shocked Arjun was Nandini’s behavior. She had no grief. She sat near her paralysed husband ,with no expression. Not even a single tear.But little did Arjun know that she was going far away from him,no not death, she had just gone away like that .One fine morning,when Arjun woke up,he found a letter besides him. And on the extreme left,it was written,’to mamma’s Ajju ‘

“.this home, where we shared so many sweet moments till two weeks back, is now cursing me for what we are facing now.Guilty is killing me.I can’t stay here anymore. If you can,please forgive this unfortunate woman,who had failed to fulfill her duty as a wife and mother. Be strong and follow your dream..Make my Ajay proud…

The letter had some wet spots.She cried? Then why had she gone? She clearly knew that her husband and son how much needs her.. Then why she left?If she had some problem, she had her son to solve it.But what she did? The very next day started with the news that Ajay Mehra was innocent, it all caused by misunderstanding and the culprit was some one else. Nandini left and Ajay’s innocent proved..Arjun felt some connection between these two incidents, but he had no time to go behind all that .Mehra industries was at lost.,.he had to make it up.Anyway now Nandini Mehra ranks first place in Arjun’s ‘hate people’list..He don’t know where she is,how she is,even she is alive or…not ..no more thoughts on her,if she was here then,now his father would have been recovered. More than the case and business loss, Nandini’s absence affected Ajay..And her place on his heart left empty since then.

Arjun’s POV

I felt exhausted in my room, the silence of midnight was killing me,I went to Dad’s room and found him calmly sleeping. It was seldom times I found him sleeping,most of the times he would have been immersed on some thoughts,he rarely speaks anything,maybe thinking about his’ ran away’ wife.Sometimes I compare the old and new Ajay.And I feel new one as a soulless one,no more smile and laugh, no more pulling of legs,no more anything.I know he is physically as well as mentally weak, but can talk to me atleast,call me Ajju once .But he didn’t and I think he will never do it .But always give me a plain look,in which I found ocean of words,worries,pain and all that we faced within these five years.I silently went to his bed and sat there.I picked his palms in my hands,these are the fingers which I held tight when I tried to walk first..These are the hands which crazily messed my hair whenever I called him ‘old man’ ,which he was not.That hands are no more vibrant.I promise you dad, soon you will be the old Ajay Mehra,the man with strong will and determination. I know, I failed to do it in these 5 years,but my Ayaan will .And he is the most valuable medicine I found for you.”I whispered in dad’s ears though I know he was sleeping.
I didnt want to disturb his sleep,so I came back to room. But on the way I noticed that the door to the balcony was open.

“Are my servants this much careless?”,I walked towards the balcony and when I was goI ing to close the door ,I heard a rushing sound and something bumped on me.Oh,that was not something, but someone,a girl.As it happened unexpectedly,I was not able to hold her and she fell down.
Wait, one minute,who is she?? My home has no such young maid.Then who else? I can’t see her face as it was covered by long,dark tresses which was shining by the silvery moonlight. Why can’t she look upwards?

“Hey,who are..”but before I completed
she removed her hairs from face and looked up but her eyes didn’t met with mine,When I saw her face,I felt as the whole world had frozen.
Oh my God,am I dreaming, no ,I can’t believe this ,is she really ‘she’?I mean the girl for whom I searched each and every place I had gone,the girl for whom I took a drastic. step in my life ,the girl,to whom I fell in love in the very first sight,my RadhikaWell, I should admit, it was only a one sided love story..She never cared of my existence.. And me being damn fool,not dared to say my feelings.. If I showed little courage then,today my life would have been something else.

I stared her without blinking my eyes. Again the moonlight splashed its radiant glow on her face..
Yes,it was she ,my love, my life,my girl to whom I failed to express my feelings five years back and so I thought I had lost her..
But why ?Why she is here?This was the most imperfect time for us to meet.But oh,Ayaan!
‘IS SHE’??Is she that girl?’
‘Is she Ayaan’s….mother??’,yes,I hated when any one addressed her as Ayaan’s mom,but if it is my girl,then how can I resist??
But is she really that girl? My God,I was searching for her everywhere and she was here?I became confused of things happening around me…
My train of thoughts was disturbed by her sweet yet nervous voice,I found her getting up and looking me.Atlast..I got something I was longing for,she looked me,our eyes met,eventhough it was a blank look,Iam ok,if I can wait this much,why not for some more.After 5 long years ,I realized that still I have a heart and now too it beats fast when I see her. She was saying something,but I heard nothing .I was staring her like a fool. Sheesh,I was trying my best to control my feelings and tried to hear her.

“Im sorry Mr.Mehra,sorry ,Sir,I know Iam not allowed any where except Ayaan’s room.But I..”
“Its simply Arjun Ms.Radhika,not Sir or Mehra”,crap..what on the Earth made me say that.Of was known by everyone that I like yo be addressed as Mr.Mehra in business world,in home,except Rani kaki everyone calls me Sir .Now.What will she think? Does she feel Iam a flirt.
Why am I acting so stupid? Where had that hard and stubborn Arjun Mehra gone?
Again she looked me ,this time with amusement.
Soon I said ,”Go to bed Ms.Radhika,my Ayaan needs you.”
She nodded and literally ran to the room.

I chuckled on my own stupidity, yesterday only I pledged to Rani Kaki that I will make ‘that girl’ away from Ayaan so soon.And now??
For a moment I felt that everything will be perfect once again. Dad will be fine and my family will be completed with Radhika and Ayaan.
But suddenly some other thoughts clean bowled that one?
Why Radhika became a surrogacy mother? What exactly happened to her life? Why her family left Mumbai that time ??And the most important one,is she have someone else in her life? L.o.v.e?No ,then she shouldn’t have been here.. Then why?? I was happy that at last detiny gave me a chance to open my heart.But my inner insticnt say that something is wrong,and I will surely clear it.But Radhika ,you don’t know what are the things I have gone through, and I felt a little relief when I got Ayaan,U always wondered why I was so much affected with Ayaan,now I know the answer,it was you Radhika,you are the sunshine that showers light to Ayaan.Then I want to be a sunflower, which follows the sun when it rises and follow it across the sky until
it sets……

This was not what I decided to write first,but when started writing the story came to be like this..Now I decided to keep flashback on one side and concentrate on the present. But I don’t want you guys to tolerate this story for a long time, so will end it in 15 episodes.. Now please do comments, all I needed now is some motivation to write more…

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