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My Love, With Spaces In Togetherness (A quick look)

Hi guys,than you so much for your valuable comments. I know I update late,buy what to do?Onam (state festival of Kerala)is arriving, so I was too busy with celebrations in college and now with that in home.Maybe next week I can update the third part…
So, as I want you guys not to forget this story, Iam writing this part
.. Its a glimpse on the future parts.

She turned her head to the right side.Across the murmuring river, on the well formed river bank ,which was filled with fragrance spreading flowers and chirping birds, there stood Arjun,with opened arms to welcome her and to soothe her pain in his warm embrace…
Radhika sighed heavily,then looked towards the left side.Surprisingly that side seemed to be a desert. And it was Saral who stood there, He was not smiling but gaping Radhika.
Radhu.. come to me,I have all the love you want,all the affection you are craving for,just come to me….
Then she heard a pleading,from Arjun” Radhika,please dont go,I need you..he is your past Im your present and if it’s not you then no one else in my heart.
Tears rolled down from Radhika’s eyes and she immediately closed them tightly and the tears lost their way .After a moment she turned to the left side an hold Saral’s hands.Come,Saral Iam with the you only,I can’t left my cheerful past behind for a worse future.
Arjun,”No,you can’t go like that Radhika,look at Ayaan,our child …’
“But you said he is all yours ,Radhika interrupted ,.,..believe that he has no mother..that too was your words..forgot?
But her words had frozen when she heard Ayaan’s cry from somewhere… She was sure that his little fingers were searching for his mamma only… Radhika stood like a statue.
But the next moment her expressions changed .Leaving the pleading Arjun behind,Radhika entangled her fingers with Saral’s.
Arjun no more had the strength to stop her He kneel down the. floor and shouted vigorously,
“Radhikaaa…..”,Arjun literally jumped from the bed.
He was panting heavily .So it was a dream.A bad one,really bad one.As long as Arjun Mehra is alive, that will not happen.
One second ,does she really like Saral?and what about l-o-v-e?
“No,she is mine,mine only”,he muttered. I never let you go from Me Radhika..After 5years Destiny has given me a second chance ,and Iam going to clear out everything,if its not now,then never.Sleep escaped and thoughts occupied him.

“Saral,can you call me after sometime? I have to check Ayaan,he is not well”,Radhika said that in one go,not only she was worried for Ayaan,but pissed of by Saral also.
“Ayaan or Arjun?”Saral asked sarcastically.
“Don’t tell me you have fallen for him.”He commented again
“Stop it Saral,its about the baby only. He..he have Ayaan..that’s why Iam..”
“Then I have your mother.Come to me Radhu,she is waiting for you.You love her a lot,don’t you.Just imagine her condition after finding her daughter as an unwed mother.
“It was for her,”Radhika retorted.
Saral,”you had many other options.”
Radhika,”but you said this was the best way .and Iam sure I haven’t done anything wrong. My mother will understand me”

Saral:”But I can easily turn the coin from truth to lie sweety”

“No,you can’t ,you just can’t do that Saral”,she tried her best to not to raise her voice much as Ayaan was sleeping.
“Then come to me Radhu…”,she heard his irritating voice,everything is safe here, your mom,my career,my bank balance,my drea..”
“Saral,please,we can talk later,I have to go,its a matter of some days.Then I will be there and you are going to say nothing to mom,right?
The reply was followed by a chuckle, “are you ordering me, my love?Dont be used with this habit,dont you know that a men have to dominate always.”
“Good bye Saral”,she immediately hung up the call .
Why,why her father did that?Such a promise!such a promise that she has to bear that stupid ,self centred man all her life! All her life!Oh No!,she can’t do that,she had dreamt something else.What about her dream of finding a Prince charming and fall in love?
She wants to feel the happiness of her heart,the pain of separation, at last to be his. She believed that destiny will surely give her a prince charming, but here the princess is an all lost,devastated one. She was trapped,even if she wanted to escape,she cant.
If only she had someone to love her as she is,not based on her outer beauty or any such damn things but her soul.Even though she was pretty sure that nothing of that kind is gonna happen, she just hoped that someday somewhere someone will fall on his knees for her ..and shouts to the world how much he needs her..

So how was that? I know you all are a little bit confused .I hope I can clear all that in3,4and 5th part

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