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My Love Story (Bhavika) OS

I AM BACK remember me???
Did you missed me??About u idont know but I really really missed my sweety sissies so …
I thought to write somethin’ I can’t continue my Ff because u all forgot it RIGHT!!! So I thought to write MY story in TWINJ style ya ya “MY” story shhhhhh Don’t tell to anyone okieee

Ya so lets start but remember there are no mooshy mooshies as its my story naa


Long Long ago there lived a little princess In the wonderful Land of Happiness She was princess twinkle. She was a normal princess of 8 who went to Royal Charm Hostel.Her life was fine until she was in The smile world (Class 2)But as soon as she entered the Friends world (class3) her life changed ….……………It was indeed an good change It was on 3rd of april when she entered her new class.All the other things were same Her bestie Mahi was also the same but still there was a great change which at once attracted her but as she was a kind of child she didn’t paid any attention to it.There were some new students in the class one of them was Prince Kunj . Kunj was something different for her she felt a bit closeness to him a true friend,a trustable person and a great boy.But at that time the princes and the princesses had a war of BOYS v/s GIRLS but still the two people somewhere not felt that war atleast within them.

As it is said time passess by quickly,so it happened years passed and they came into the Class of Joy(Class 6)The girls were mature and so were the boys.Now they understood the relations between boys and girls. Kunj and Twinkle too grew. Slowly Twinkle realised her affection for kunj .But she was a lot confused about what to do…so many questions came into her mind Whether he likes me ? Or he hates me ?Will he accept me ? and so many others…….Twinkle told about this to her bestie Mahi but she was not a lot smart in these things so she thought it would be better if she just don’t say it .Next year in Fun land(Class 7) Twinkle had a little feeling that maybe Kunj too likes him….And yes indeed he did….

It was after summer breaks that Jassi,Their fairy bus’s boy who was a rakhi brother of twinkle asked her that what’s going on between them and Twinkle in desperation told him everything and asked him to help.

He was like an angel of their love story . He asked to Kunj about it and he did said that Yes he loves twinkle. The same was told to Twinkle by Jassi……She was very happy to know that but still they both were unable to say anything…..Kunj always took care of her,Laughed with her,and they both were happy but there was still something which prevent them to say every thing but still both of them new everything…..And so the story never ended…Twinkle had dreams about telling truth to Kunj and thought that Kunj too had them……..

So how was te story I know it’s not complete but some love stories never end and so is mine toh kaisi lagi meri kahani meri hi zubaani and plzz tell me whether u missed me and yaa i didnt returned back but maybe once or twice a month i will write an os till then


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