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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) INTRO and episode 1

Hi friends i am Nandana .I am a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA .I think u guys are also missing our sweet ISHVEER like me right ? And actually this is my first FF but i think most of u guys knows me .As it is my first ff there may be some mistakes so plz forgive me ☺ ☺ ? ? ? ?
RANVEER – A rich and handsome businessman . He lives in RV mansion with his parents. Running his own company name –RV . And he is known as RV too.
AMBA – Ranveer’s mother and loves him a lot
KAILASH – Ranveer’s father and he too loves him a lot
LAKSHMI – Ranveer’s maasi (amba’s sister)
PARUL – Lakshmi’s daughter . Ranveer’s sister .
ISHAANI – A bubbly and beautiful girl. She lives with her family and she is a single child for her parents. And helps her father in business.
HARSHAD – Ishaani’s father and loves her a lot. Running his own company named – PAREKH’S COMPANY. (HERE NOT STEP FATHER HE IS HER REAL FATHER )
FALGUNI – Ishaani’s mother and loves her a lot . She is a house wife .
BAA – Ishaani’s baa and loves her a lot .

Its raining outside and a girl is shown inside a coffee shop in kurta and waiting for someone . then someone calls her ISHAANI….. . Yes it is our ishaani . She then turn and looks at the person . And that’s it .It is none other than our handsome guy RANVEER . And he is in a T-shirt with a brown jacket and a light blue jeans.
ISHAANI – In a angry tone ????. Do u know what is the time now ?
RANVEER – I am really sorry dear. As outside it was been raining so there was block that’s why I am late . PLZ forgive me .
ISHAANI – Each day u will be having excuses know ? As I have no way other than forgiving u .
RANVEER – That means u forgave me ? He asked with excitement.
ISHAANI – Haa.. but nahi .If I want to forgive u . U should do what I say.
RANVEER – Tik he madam ji .
ISHAANI – Take me to rockstar ABHI’S concert.


PREECAP- ISHVEER at rockstar ABHI’S concert

Thanks for reading and forgive me if there is any mistake . And I want all of ur precious comments and suggestions . If this is not good plz say i will stop this and i need all of urs support ???

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