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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 3

as i said i am dedicating this episode to my dear di’s especially my kathy di , haritha chechi ,monesha di ,fatarajo di ,varsha akka , maya di, ooshi dear and to all my di’s with lots of love ❤❤❤❤???? .

the episode starts with isheer watching the concert by holding each others hand. the the concert gets over and all the people starts to move from there . at that time ranveer gets a call and says sure i will come . then he takes ishaani from there and started to walk with her .

ishaani – where r u going ?

ranveer – hey plz be calm . when u reach there u will understand .

ishaani – in confused tone – ok . ok .

they both walked and cam to the backstage .

ishaani – hey why we came here ?

ranveer – u come first .

at this time near to that ishaani sees a small ice-cream shop ????? .

ishaani – come lets go to that ice-cream shop???.
ranveer – ok dear as ur wish .

they both moved to the ice –cream shop .

ishaani – bhai sab ek kulfi . what do u want ranveer ?

ranveer – same dear 1 kulfi .

ishaani – bhai sab so 2 kulfi’s .

the shopkeeper gives them the kulfi’s and they started to eat it . ???

ishaa ni – so nice he na ?

ranveer – ya

when they finished yhe ice-cream . ranveer found some ice-cream near to the right side of her mouth .he signed her by wipping his mouth side .then ishaani looks at him and wipes her left side confusingly .then ranveer came closer to her and wiped it (tum hi ho plays). and they shared a small eye-lock. that time ranveer gets a call and their eye-lock gets broken . then he atands the call and

ranveer – ya i am coming .come with me ishaani .

ishaani – u go i will come after washing my hands .

ranveer – ok . but u should come at in backstage ok .

ishaani – ok

ranveer walks to the backstage and ishaani walks to wash her hands . when ishaani came to back stage after washing her hands she was shocked to see ????? ranveer and abhi talking together friendly .

ishaani – in mind – what is he doing with abhi sir ?

ishaani comes to ranveer and abhi

ishaani – hi , abhi sir .
ranveer – hey abhi this is ishaani .

abhi – oh so this is ur ishaani right?

ranveer – smiles ☺☺☺ and says yes .

ishaani looks at them confusingly

ranveer – he say with a smile to ishaani that this my best friend abhi

ishaani – shockingly –‘ rockstar abhi ’

ranveer – yes ??

ishaani – in a angry tone ?.why u didn’t tell me about this earlier ?

ranveer – u didn’t gave time to say

ishaani – what i didn’t gave u time ? ??????

ranveer – no dear i didn’t meant like that .

ishaani – then what did u meant my dear ? ????
ranveer – i meant i didn’t get time to say that .

and by seeing there cute fight abhi smiles at them .and the episode ends with their cute fight
precap – abhi to invite ishaani and ranveer for dinner to his home .

thank u for reading my ff and put ur precious ☺comments and suggestions above . don’t forget it . ☺???

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