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I hope you all liked the first shot. Thank you so much for motivating me. I know many of you didn’t like the story theme but thanks to those who liked and after reading they commented. And sorry for late posting actually my exams are going on so.. I hope many of the understand. Now next part I will post next week as my exams are going on and tomorrow is my one of the exam so guys please wish me all the best and As I mentioned in the first short POSITIVE and NEGATIVE comment are most welcome.
So Sorry for this much BAKBAK and also thanks for giving your precious times to my one shot.

RECAP: – Swara and Sahil’s Engagement and Sahil scolds Swara.


Swara goes from there with teary eyes and sits on her bed crying miserably. She then gets up from the bed and takes the phone and calls someone.
Swara: – Hello, Guruji Sahil is not allowing me to come for the dance class.
Guruji:- Swara beta wait I am just coming.
Swara:- Please come fast Guruji.
Guruji:- Don’t worry bacha..

After 30 mins a car comes in front of Gupta Mansion and Swara’s Guruji comes out of the car and enters inside the mansion but the gauds stops them forcefully and then slaps one of the guard and…
Guruji :- Oye… you idiot don’t you know how to talk to elders haan.. Didn’t your mother taught you manners haan…
Guard (holding his red burning cheeks due to the slap of Guruji.) :- Sorry Sir..
Guruji:- OK OK… Where is your Boss.. I need to talk to him.
Guard (still holding his red burning cheeks):- He is sitting in the hall.
Guruji:- tell him that his father has come to meet him.
Guard :- OK Sir..

The guard runs to Sahil and tells him about Guruji.
Sahil :- But my Father died when I was of 18 years old. He died 7 years back. How can he come to meetme???
He goes out and meet guruji.
Sahil :- Hey old man why have you come han???
Guruji:- old man will be you I am still young.
Sahil:- You are saying correct you are very hot but your hairs have went white. Tell me why have you come ?
Guruji:- You Idiot Duffer why aren’t allowing Swara to come to the dance class haan…
Sahil :- (going back to his house) I have no interest talking about it.
Guruji”s POV: – So many attitudes today I will teach him a lesson.
Guruji :- you are not a man. You are a Baby who still drinks milk. If you are someone’s son then get up and fight with me.

Guruji was blabbering and Sahil wasn’t interested so he ignored him and kept on reading his files. Then guruji noticed that there was one man who wasn’t reacting at all and started talking to him.
Guruji:- Bhai… why aren’t you reacting ???
Guruji:- ok fine you won’t reply my this question atleast tell who you are or tell why are you here???
Then suddenly while talking he slightly push the man and then he is shocked to see that at that man’s back he finds a knife. He is literally shocked not because he is dead but because he was talking to a dead person. (ha ha ha)
Sahil stops looking at files and….
Sahil:- I have told you all that whenever I kill someone perform his last rites. Now go and perform his last rites. GO !!!!
Goon :- Yes Sir.
Sahil :- Now tall what you were saying GURUJI…..
Guruji:- Haan… Wwwooh….. Soorrrryy… Sir

Sahil :- (mimicking Guruji) :- you are not a man. You are a Baby who still drinks milk. If you are someone’s son then get up and fight with me. Now tell what happened. I am ready to fight with you….
Guruji :- (still scared) I AM SORRY JI. But please allow Swara to come for the Dance Classes. Please Please Please…
Swara comes down and sees her guruji pleading Sahil. Sahil sees her teary eyes and allows her. She becomes happy.
Sahil :- Oye Sudha Chandra. (he is calling Guruji as Sudha Chandra so whenever I mention Sudha Chandra so don’t get confused Ok)
GuruJi :- Han Ji Bolieye….
Sahil :- Meri Swara ko dusro ke samne nachaya toh uss aadmi ke baldle tu hoga. (that Dead Man)
Guruji :- Ji.. Anything else…
Sahil :- And don’t let anyone come mear her or else..
Guruji (gulps in fear):- ok….
Sahil :- Bye my dear jaan.. Come back soon.. I will miss you and don’t worry about your maa and papa I will take their care.
Swara :- ( in Fear) ji..
They come out of the house and gives a sigh of relief and thinks that at least I will stay away from him for 1 week.

Precape :- Sanskar’s second entry and full SWASAN.

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