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My lost story ( Sneak preview)

My lost story :-
His eyes were closed .

It was 4:00 A.M. His phone buzzed and his slumber got broken .


He looked at the screen . A smile played on his lips.

He throw the blanket away and rushed towards the washroom.

After having a shower, he wore ‘her’ favorite color shirt . Black. With white trousers.

” you can do it ” he mumbled and exhaled deeply.

The staff which was already rushing here and there at the early morning , halted when they saw him moving downstairs.

” i can’t believe ….that a human can also be …breath-taking ” said a girl whose eyes were glued on her boss.

” Alright ….i hope …everything is arranged as per my orders” . He said and rushed towards the kitchen.

” Move back …it’s me who is going to prepare cake for her” .

He wore the glooves and apron and took the bowl from the chef.

After an hour he instructed all of them to get back to their quaters.

” she will love it ” . He smiled and put the cake on the tray.

” To the most adorable woman of this world. A small cake ..made by a poor chef” . He put the note on the tray making sure that it didn’t touch the cake.

After putting the cake on the table in the hall, he hides behind a pillar.

Soon A woman opened the door of her room . She was in her night gown only.She was shocked when she the corridor filled with rose petals. She kept her feet on them and moved downstairs. Her eyes widened when she saw the hall filled with lots of cute teddy bear.
A chuckle escaped from her mouth when she saw a cake.
Her gaze fell on the note. She smiled more.

“Come out …..i know it’s you who had done all this ” . She said and looked here and there.
The boy banged his head on the pillar and moved out .
“Happy birthday Nandu..67 ..but you still looks like 17″ . He said and hugged the woman.
She laughed . ” thanks Rudra … my 26 year- old ….friend” .
Samarth smiled . He took out his phone and dud something . Within a few seconds , the hall was filled with a soft music.

“My lady ….My friend ….the beautiful woman ….her smile …her face ….the knight is all amazed …..My lady ..My friend ….the beautiful woman …..” . Samarth sing few words and danced with Nandini.
He was al smiling . Nandini’s cheeks were red. She smiled more .

“Okay ..let me cut the cake” . Nandini said and bent down to cut it .

” Nopes …..first you will get your gift” . He said and switched on the television.

“Breaking News….the famous buisness tycoon …Mr Arjun Mehra … had suffered a huge loss in this morning . His new restaurant which has a grand opening today had got burned at the midnight. The good thing was that no one died in this accident …but Mehra industry has just suffered a heavy loss” .

After the reporter finished , samarth switched off the television.
” you did this??” . Nandini asked all surprised.
” yeah ….” . He replied and cupped her face.
” and i am alright too …no need to get panick .. i am extremely fine …. ” . He continued and she smiled meekly.
” i told you …i don’t want any revenge from them…i just want ‘YOU’ to stay away from them ….i can’t lose you …” . Nandini was tensed .
“What if he remember something ???” . She thought . The thought of losing Samarth ..was more fearful than the thought of losing in her plans .
She was attached to someone again, emotionally after a long time . Now she can’ t give the Samarth back to them . Her sole motive was to kill Mehra’s and Malhotra’ s and to keep Samarth with her …forever ..till her death .

” Nandu …they will pay for hurting you so bad… i can even kill them too ….you know Rudra can even die for you ” . He said and wiped her tears.
” don’t even dare to use this word ‘Death’ for yourself. ….i am alright ….you should take care of yourself …okay” . She said and cupped his face.
He nodded. ” so ..you like the gift” . He asked her. She nodded and smiled in return .
” okay let’s cut the cake …..” . He said and ponited towards the cake .
Nandini cut the cake . She feeded him . Samarth too feeded her .
After that Samarth started dragging her with him.
“Where now ???” She asked him .
“Nandu … surprises ..are still left …you trust me right???” . He asked her looking straight in her eyes .
” More than myself ” . Nandini replied honestly looking straight in his green eyes.
“Yeah …that’s what Rudra always wanted” . He mumbled and moved forward.

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