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My lost story chapter- 10 continued ( manmarziyan ff)

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He was holding the sword. His right arm was bleeding. He looked towards the woman to whom he regarded as his own mother.

He was worried too at the same time. Pity , he had also tasted drugs like his father.


He never supported brutal killing . But the animal inside him who was always provoking him to pick the weapons wanted to see the narrow slits in the ground to be tainted with the color of blood.

Samarth , without thinking took the sword in his right arm .

He have to fight only for ten minutes, because after that his team will not let him to kill further. They were also like him. Not so human.

“ seems like someone is desperate to be defeated brutally be me” said Remain and smiled evilly.

Samarth didn’t say anything. He smiled in return . A dangerous one. An attractive one at the same time too.

One can swear , only he can seduce someone in his vulnerable state too.

That was his confidence, attitude. Before any fight , show your enemy the result hidden in the future by giving his one long innocent Smirk.

The smirk can be innocent too , God is still amazed with his play.

Rehaan shouted and moved towards him. Samarth was standing at his place .

He didn’t move . “ Strategy first …make the dogs pant for you …god this was so cheesy” mumbled Samarth and chuckled.

He swiftly move from the place and rehaan fall down. “ seems like ..you are so desperate to lie beneath me” said Samarth . His arm was bleeding. The blood was now little clotting .

But the pain is too much. Still he can bear anything for her ..his love..his life …his smile…his breath…his nervousness…his ego ..the dignity on which he showed his proud smirk to the world…the only one who can complete his love story..the last nail in his lost story…the only sweet angel Mehra.. Shiksha and for her ..he can kill death too..no doubt without blinking once ..that was his another signature style when it comes to rip and shed.

Samarth lifted his sword in air when he saw Rehaan on his feet. “ My time” he murmured.

he throw his sword in air and then moved four steps forward by doing somersault .

His right arm quickly grabbed the sword and in a second a deep cut was on rehaan’s right arm.

“ tit for tat” said Samarth coyly. Rehaan who didn’t understand anything for a second was on his knees shouting and screaming in severe pain. He was all scowling and grunting like a pig.

Samarth stiffened when he saw Rehaan with difficulty getting on his feet again.

He run towards Samarth holding his sword in his left arm.

“ Strategy two ..when a wild boar is approaching you …then divert his attention” mumbled Samarth and shouted ‘ fredericks’ pointing his index finger in one direction. Fredericks was rehaan’s best friend killed by samarth.

Rehaan halted and turned abrubtly . His eyes were frantically searching for his friend.

He shouted and turned towards Samarth again when he found none at that place.

The moment he turned , his blood got frozen . All his men were on his their knees with some other men holding their hair and the muzzle of the gun was on his goon’s head.

“ what the hell” shouted Rehaan. Samarth laughed.

“ the rules were to fight and win” shouted Rehaan.

“ really ..then call your demon god ..right here and right now ..and ask him for the demon tabloid ….the tabloid where it is clearly inscripted ..that when any war is connected to Samarth Neil Arav Malhotra ..then all rules are according to him..in short…my fight ..my rules ….i am the savoir… and you are the mule” snapped Samarth and punched his face .

Rehaan fell on the floor unconscious.

“ what the hell are you all doing??” asked Radhika in a shivering tone.

“ well Mam, we enjoy when we see our enemy dying like this” replied Mayank politely.

Nia glared him. Samarth was putting some liquor on his wound .

The bullet was already taken out by Nia.

Rehaan was shouting and crying. Radhika was scared to the core .

She saw all the goons were dead and rehaan he was kept in glass box with so many insects, Arthropods’, rats, ants, spider, lizards on him .

The animals were feasting on his flesh. She screamed when she saw one rat destroying Rehaan’s one eye and trying to enter in the socket.

She was aghast when she saw the reactions of his team. Cheering, smiling , laughing.

Radhika looked at Samarth . He was not looking towards the box.

“ Samarth stop them pls” requested Radhika.

“ let them do their work …and Rehaan ..he had plans to rape your daughter in front of everyone ..iam just giving him less painful death …or you can say he is indeed lucky ..that he is not getting death from my hands” said Samarth and looked towards Radhika.

He continued “ for now we need to get back home …Loony uncle and Dad , mom and she will be worried for you”

“ who she ??” asked radhika.

“ your daughter “ replied Samarth curtly.

“ they must worried for us ..not for only me” said Radhika and then she again she looked towards the box .

Rehaan was breathing his last. Eyes gone. Nose disfigured . Face covered with blood . Radhika was shocked . Death was too .

Nia moved towards Samarth. “ look Rudra” she stopped when Samarth indicated her to stop.

“ your job was to keep a close watch on Radhika Mehra …you failed in that ..now we will talk later in this matter…” said Samarth Sternly.

Radhika was stunned again. The team was keeping a close watch on them .

“ who is keeping eye on shiksha??” asked Radhika to Samarth.

Nia pressed her lips to not to laugh badly . “ really the day someone will eye Rudra’s Shiksha ..he is so gone “ she mumbled .

Samarth gave a short reply . “ it’s me” . Radhika nodded.

She was intelligent enough to see the love for her daughter in Samarth’s eyes.

“ let’s go “ said Samarth . Radhika was about to turn again to look towards the box but stopped when Samarth hold her shoulder.

“ it’s not good for beautiful ladies to see the dead body of a douchebag” he said and cupped her face. “ let’s go “ he murmured.

While driving his car way back to his home, Samarth looked many times towards Radhika .

She was looking outside the window silently .

They both reached home. Arjun and Neil both were not there .

Sam was holding shiksha who was crying vigorously.

Shiksha saw radhika . Sam quickly informed Arjun and Neil .

“ Mom “ said Shiksha and hugged radhika tightly.

Sam looked towards Samarth and his wounded arm . She hugged her son and started sobbing.

“ Mom I am fine” said Samarth and cupped Sam’s face.

“ I am fine” he said in a assuring tone .

Radhika wiped shiksha’s tears. “ Mumma is fine honey” she said in her sweet voice.

Shiksha looked towards Samarth. She saw the blood on his arm .

“ the wound” she said and slowly touched his arm .

“ is paining like hell …woman” he said completing her sentence.

She was now crying more . “ thanks “ she mumbled and hugged him too.

He was frozen now . Her soft feathers were plastered to his front. He closed his eyes .

The heart rate was already increased . His hormones were at peak.

“ time to capture her lips with my own” he thought . The mind was giving all wild commands .he can feel her rapid heart beats.

It didn’t surprised him. Their love was little special . Hearts beat together.

If he was in pain then how could her impulse will be in control. Same was with him too.

He was happy knowing that his wounds were affecting her, she was worried for him too. His fingers wanted to touch her all the parts because of which her heart beat increase more so that he can listen her sweet heart sounds.

Samarth for the first time prayed to the god of angels to give him some power to control his desires.

It would be shameful if he kissed her like a maniac in front of their family. His trance got broken when he heard Arjun’s voice.

Radhika” said Arjun and hugged her tightly planting numerous kisses on her face. Neil was smiling seeing his best friend safe.

He then saw his son sweating. Shiskha got detached from Samarth and hugged Neil .

She was still crying. Radhika and Samarth looked each other.

“ you alright” asked Neil and caressed Samarth’s face.

“ yeah …when they shot me .. after that I was fainted ..lying unconsciousness on the floor for the whole time” said Samarth avoiding his dad’s intense stare.

A drop of tear escaped from Neil’s eye. He hold his son’s arms .

“ Sorry … my promise is broken ..you are injured ..my fault … as a father I am failed to give you perfect protection” said Neil softly.

Samarth hugged him and bite his lower lip to not to shout badly . The pain was controlling him now.

“ I am proud to be your Son Dad …and it is because of your intense desperate love for your me ..that I am very much alive “ said Samarth and chuckled.
He again looked Radhika who was also staring him . They both were looking each other without blinking.

“ how you guys save yourself” asked Arjun . Neil looked at Radhika for the answer.

“ Samarth will tell you” said Radhika who was still staring him without blinking once.
Samarth averted his gaze.

“ when I reached there ..they shot me …thanks to my stars ..that the bullet was for right arm ..and I fainted after that” said Samarth.

He then looked towards Radhika .

“ After that “ asked Arjun to Radhika. All look towards her . Samarth nodded in negative .

Radhika blinked and averted her gaze.

She removed her hair strands from her side of her forehead.

The cut mark was visible. “ when he got fainted ..they pushed me on the ground …thanks to my stars too…that my head collided with a small stone ..not a big one beside it and I got unconscious too “ said Radhika and looked towards Samarth.

He smiled little and mumbled “ Thank you”.

“ so when you guys wake up ..then what??” asked Sam.

“ we saw everyone dead” replied both Samarth and Radhika together.

“ how everyone just died like this ??” said Neil who was confused now.

“ we don’t know” again the reply come together from Samarth and Radhika.

“ Arjun ..i am tired ….i want to do some rest “ said Radhika further .

“ no way ..for one week …all will live here ..in my house ..and pls no one will deny” said Neil and looked towards Arjun .

Arjun then saw Sam caressing shiksha’s hair. He agreed to Neil .

Arjun and Neil found Radhika’s behavior little different . But they brushed their thoughts thinking about the day they suffer.

“ I think that the guy who is protecting us ..is also behind the death of those goons” said Arjun.
Radhika glared at Samarth.

“ but loony uncle ..just wish that he don’t turn out to be a man of your age ..because you failed to protect your own wife ..and your ego will not let you breathe ..if the Savoir turns out be some ex from radhu’s past. “ said Samarth and moved close to Arjun .

He smiled little but that also got vanished when he receive a glare from his dad.

Arjun hold Samarth’s face and asked softly “ I am happy ..that you are fine ..my boy” .

“ but I am not …you failed again in protecting ladies of your house” retorted Samarth sternly.

Arjun nodded. He was about to turn when Samarth said something again which angered Neil more.

“ what can we expect from a Mehra …to turn their face when found guilty”

Shiksha get up and spoke in her father’s defense “ and to be turn out a complete jerk can be expected From Samarth Malhotra only” .

Samarth stiffened . His fist was clenched.

“ you are all grown up …..loony uncle start finding a groom for her ..for your bratty princess …sorry long nose bratty princess” said Samarth and laughed.

Shiksha’s eyes were widened now. She was fuming in anger . “ you are right Dad … find a groom for me like the one who is just like my superman” .

Sam giggled seeing the fight. Neil was stunned now .

His little princess was talking about her marriage . Samarth chuckled .

“ Again superman ..what if he turned around Dilip Mishra’s age” teased Samarth further.

He hold his head little . Doctors had given him strong medicines but he was feeling all tired and haggard.

Radhika handed him a glass of water . “ we need to talk “ murmured she which was audible only to Samarth. He took a sigh.

Radhika slapped Samarth hard.

She cupped her mouth and was breathing heavily . ‘ you are the savoir ..the f**k we never think about it” .

Before Samarth can say further one more slap he got from her. He stumbled back and looked down.

“ you love her..my daughter” asked radhika.

He nodded in positive .

“ who wanted to kill us ??” . Radhika looked him with teary eyes.

“ Nandini” replied Samarth without looking up.

Radhika was frozen , perplexed , shocked .

“ no ..she was dead ..” said Radhika .

“ the hell …she was never” replied Samarth and looked her broken state.

Radhika was numb . Her face was looking pale. Radhika was crying . She wiped her sweat . Some memories make her shiver too.

She was silent for few minutes. “ you love her so much” she asked.

“ crossing all boundaries ..beyond all limits ..she is my soul and I am her only soul mate” replied Samarth and hold radhika’s hand.

“ poetic words ..since when??” asked Radhika and smiled meekly.

“ since epochs..since periods ..the era’s finding when God filled the magic in my lost story” said Samarth and wiped a drop of tear which was about to fall from his eyelid.

Radhika chuckled and asked in a curious tone ..” Lost story?? ..why not love story” .

“ love story …may be it will after finding and completing my lost story…..” said Samarth coyly.

“ in my case …all of us lost patience ..in your case by hiding your love ..your are losing your story” retorted Radhika.

“ the bl**dy plan is simple ……the game has to be end” . He said and toss the paperweight.

“ It is difficult to believe…..killing and Neil’s blood can be the part of one hidden hate saga” said Radhika who was still unable to believe that her ‘ lovie dovie’ can kill too.

“ it is for her ..don’t take too much stress” said Samarth

“ blaming an innocent soul ..for shedding blood is not fair” said Radhika to defense shiksha.

“ chose one finger” asked Samarth curiously while indicating towards his index and middle one.

Radhika choose one . He smiled .

“ what ??” asked Radhika.

“ you will chose Arjun Mehra when it comes to chose between him and his daughter” said Samarth and narrowed his eyes more .

“ you chose one fist” asked Radhika .

Samarth chosen one . Radhika was little shocked . She smiled .

“ I will never chose my life over her …never in my dreams too” said Samarth .

“ don’t you want to know why I will chose Arjun??” asked Radhika in soft tone.

“ I know …if you will protect loony uncle ..he will surely save his daughter ..but if you save your daughter she may not be able to protect her dad” replied Samarth.

Radhika nodded . “ I need to tell this to your parents” said Radhika in a strict tone.

He was frozen . “ you what??” he asked as he wasn’t believing his ears .

“ I cannot hide something from my best friend’s …and my husband too” replied Radhika coldly.

“ it’s okay ..we can start new things at any age …at any day” said Samarth and showed his dimpled smile.

“ what do you mean??” asked Radhika who got angry again.

“ I mean ..you are not telling anything ..to anyone” said Samarth who was now dismantling his gun . He took out his handkerchief and started cleaning it .

“ I cannot cheat your Dad ..never in my life ..he is my best friend …especially when things about his only son” said Radhika fiercely.

Samarth lost his temper . He shouted “ will they ever let me do this job …if they will know the truth.”

“ Screw the job ..no need to do all this further… your dad and uncle will handle it alone” argued Radhika further.

“ Dad …you are talking about him …a teenager had plans to rape him in some foreign n country ..and the see the shit of circumstances ..he was not in his senses to protect himself …god that chick was touching his chest ..digging her nails in it and was about to plant a kiss….” said Samarth and laughed little.

Radhika was shocked again . She look down and hold her head. She was now only thinking about Sam.

“ then what happened with the girl??” . She asked him quickly.

“ Ahh ..well she need someone to satisfy her ..but the poor soul died naked beneath me in some king-size bed” replied Samarth and showed his proud smirk. she was baffled seeing his way of dealing with his enemies.

Radhika folded her arms up to her chest. “ but I need to tell this to your parents ..they both are my best friend …and I cannot cheat them ..especially when there is something regarding their son” .

Radhika was adamant on her decision. Hardly she had any idea , that the king of stubbornness had loaded his weapons.

“ fine ..utter a single word ..and I will shoot myself ..right here ..in front of you” said Samarth and keep the muzzle of his gun on the side of forehead.

“ you are kidding right??” asked Radhika who was scared seeing the gun on his forehead.

“ the hell …I am….but I love shooting …humans” replied Samarth and smirked.

“ I know you will not do something like this ..and now I am going to tell them right now” . Radhika shouted and turned to move outside the room.

“ fine you will not agree ..so..then here I am ..keeping my words..” said Samarth fiercely .

Radhika turned back . Her mouth opened . She was scared to the core.

“ promise that you will not tell them” . Samarth asked her.

“ fine ..i will count up to 5 ..” . He then started the counting.

“ 1”




“ 5”

“ stop it ..pls stop ..i promised that I won’t tell anyone” screamed Radhika . She pulled her hair and rushed towards him.

“ lovie ..dovie ..i promise that….” said Radhika all crying.

Samarth nodded. He put the gun back in the drawer and moved out of his room .

“ she will not be happy to find about your favorite job” said Radhika when Samarth opened the door of his room to move out.

“ her happiness is in me ..not in my job ..and mine in her breath ..not in the job of her dream” . He moved out .

Radhika wiped her tears and move towards Sam’s room . It was a rule that if they stay in each other’s house that Sam and radhika will share the same room and arjun , Neil will be in another.
After two days ? the morning romance)

Neil entered in his room where Sam and Radhika were sleeping. He moved towards Sam .

“ Sam wake up ..” said Neil in Sam’s ear softly .

Sam make a face and covered her face with a blanket .

“ Sammy …let’s go for a long drive and then we will enjoy the sunrise” whispered Neil again in her ears.

“ Neil.. Pls let me sleep properly ..otherwise I will get more wrinkles” said Sam and started dozing off again.

Neil was irritated now . Then he smirked . “ Sammy your hair turned white..” he said and moved back little.

Sam’s eyes got opened now . She quickly get down from the bed and started looking her hair in mirror.

“ idiot ..where it is??” . She asked while checking the each strand.

Neil covered her mouth and wrapped his arm around her waist.

“ come down and I am waiting for you in my car ..” . Sam’s eyes widened little. He quickly kissed on her cheek and moved out of the room .

She looked towards Radhika who was still sleeping. She moved inside the washroom.

“ idiot ….look at your age …who does romance at this age ..after few years ..you will become a grandfather…” said Sam and get in the car.

She was wearing red shirt and white pants. Her hair were open. Neil was lost in her.

Sam looked towards him. She chuckled when she saw his mouth open. Then she saw something and spoke..” Neil …” .

Neil smiled more and spoke “ yeah Sammy “

“ your zip is open” said Sam and looked in his eyes.

Neil quickly looked down towards His pant . He got confused . “ Sammy it is closed” he replied .

“ I want you to close your mouth..you know zipped up” said Sam and tell him with her actions.

Neil smiled sheepishly and rolled his eyes. Sam started laughing .

She then noticed something else too.

“ Neil ..this is black Lamborghini ..Samarth’s car ..he will be pissed off ..if he come to know that you took his car ..you know that he didn’t like anyone touching his stuff without his permission” . Sam said and looked at Neil.

Neil Smirked and spoke..” if this is the way to get his attention ..then from now I will touch his all stuff without his consent ..”

He started the car and winked at Sam. She rolled her eyes.

Arjun who saw Neil leaving entered in the room and smiled seeing Radhika sleeping.

He quickly get in the bed and covered them with blankets. Radhika smiled in her sleep.

“ Morning Sammy” . She spoke and kissed on Arjun’s cheek thinking him as Sam . Arjun smiled and pulled her closer .

Radhika frowned little. “ Sammy ..you need to shave” . She said and started rubbing her eyes.

After a minute she again touched Arjun’s cheek and opened her eyes quickly. Her lips parted seeing Arjun all smiling.

“ Good Morning Sweet heart…well I will convey your message to Sam” said Arjun and laughed.

“ where is Sammy??” asked Radhika while looking here and there.

“ with her idiot” replied Arjun and smiled more.

Radhika smiled little.

“ I know you are disturbed with what happened two days before ..but Radhika relax we will sort out the things soon”.

Radhika nodded after hearing his soothing words. She hugged him and closed her eyes. “ I love you “ she mumbled.

Arjun caressed her hair slowly.

Shiksha woke up and looked outside the window. Slowly she felt different scent near her.

She startled little when someone hugged her from behind. Her breath stopped in her lungs . It was him. She blinked many times . She got nervous quickly.

Samarth kissed on her neck . He then kissed on her ear . “Good Morning Babe” he whispered .

Shiksha stammered. “Goo..d Mo….Morning Sam…arth” .

His hold tighten more and kissed on her cheek .

Her fingers unknowingly moved on his head and caressing his hair when he bitted her earlobe. There eyes were closed.

“ your skin is so soft” . He spoke planting wet kisses continuously.

He turned her towards him and plastered her front with his. Her eyes widened now. He remove the hair strands from her face.

“ how about warm bath….off course without any clothes” . He said and while moving his thumb over her lips. She was shocked. Shiksha blushed and he didn’t failed to observe it .

“ And what did you call me …jerk right ..so here I am demanding weird things” . He said all smiling showing his all teethes.

“ Sorry ..for calling you jerk ..because you are not jerk but a pervert “. Shiskha snapped back and wriggled in his arms.

Samarth smiled little. “ after that kiss …little Mehra is all grown – up …how about you and me ….” . He stopped and looked at her .

She was staring him with her big eyes without blinking once .

“ you and me “ . She asked softly.

“ you and me …all naked …making love ..without any interruption ..for months ..for years ..until our hair turned white..” . He replied coyly.

Shiksha was stiffened more now . Crap . He was talking so shamelessly when everyone is their in the house. She thought more .

Her dad planting punches on his face. Inside they were butterflies in her stomach . She bite her lower lip to hide her nervousness.

His eyes were glued on her , reading everything which she was masking .

“ Dad will chop you ..if he came to know that you kissed me” . She snapped quickly .

It was becoming difficult to handle his intense stare . She know that if that will be continued more for few minutes ..then she might ending in confessing her love for him and she don’t wanted to do that first . So she distracted him.

His face lost the smile now. He moved two steps back . His fist got clenched now.

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