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My lost patience ( Sneak preview)

He smirked when he saw the chaos created in media by him.

Radhika was shocked . How in a minute the media , social websites have a single thing to talk about .


She just looked at him . For a year her eyes were carving to see this side of him. The way he was with her always.

His smirk was the only thing that never let radhika forget all those sweet moments when they were together , showing their power to each other.

She smiled. She was always a lamb infront of him . And the astonishing thing was that a lion like him lost his heart to a little lamb like her.

She saw the confidence on his face ,when he was changing the news channels in the hall.

The company shares rise abruptly. But he did this for Neil. Only to save him, he had somewhere put his life in danger.

How many times Mr khatri tried to explain him that his desicion will only raise the problem for him.

Radhika was adoring Arjun. Her gaze was glued on his face only . On his eyes which were rolling after hearing every tag line of media channels.

His lips which were sometimes bited by his teeths or sometimes getting pressed by his tongue.

How brutal . Merciless. He was . Showing all cute antics . Doing those things which were driving her crazy. Provoking her to get on her toes and claim his lips . Right here . Right now

Her gaze shifted on his chest . Such a pity . She never get a chance to plant a small kiss too on them.

The black shirt he was wearing was just instigating her fingers to play with the white buttons which were helpful in covering his toned abs.

She hold her head . Her mind was turning so desperate. She wanted to do only one thing . Throw Arjun on the bed and take what she really wanted now .

She coughed to gain his attention. He looked towards her.

“What’s wrong ???” . He asked while sipping his coffee.

Here comes the most sensible question. “What’ s wrong ” . She is just bl**dy controlling herself to not to pounce on him and there he asking all innocently. ‘What’s wrong ‘ .

Radhika moved towards him . “Nothing …i am just worried about your safety …Sir …you should think about yourself too” . She said and bend her head down scanning the floor .

“Radhika ..one day i will surely die ..if you keep calling me sir” . Arjun said and chuckled.

Radhika cupped his mouth. “Never say that again …sir ..i will die without you” . She said and looked in his eyes. Tears started brimming in her eyes.

Arjun kissed on her palm. A tear fall on her cheeks . She removed her hand and captured his lips quickly.

He too responded with the same affection. She was not in a mood to leave him . And so is he .

They both got detached . She laughed . “For the five minutes ..i was only thinking. …about you ….how badly i wanted to kiss you ” . She said and looked up .

“That’s why ..you were silent …you wanted to kiss me ….you should have told me …wait a minute ..now pls don’t tell me that you were thinking something else too” . He said all smirking and pulled her towards him.

“You are a mind reader right …last night i had a dream ..me and my sir .. in a foam filled bath tub” . She said and caressed his cheeks with her fingers.

His eyes widened. “If you have bet someone that you can flirt too ..then i am the wrong guy to whom you are flirtling with ” . He said and kissed on her cheeks .

“And what makes you think that. .i will flirt with the right guy ” . She snapped and winked towards him .

“You know that …you are alone with me now … and flirting is so not a good option” . He retort and looked down . She blushed instantly . More than befire when she felt his intense gaze on her chest.

“Let’s go outside .. about coffee at some cafe” . Arjun asked her .

She nodded . Today i will propose you sir . Radhika mumbled .

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