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My Life’s Miracles (Part 33)

I’m sooooo sorryyyyyyy friends…… I know I didn’t update the story for so long….. I’m not well….. So I took time to update the story….Did you all miss me??? Will try to update long parts after this….Please leave your valuable comments….If not I won’t update the long part….hehehehe……

Previous Part: Part 32

Sanskar’s point of view
The moment that I thought you died my heart was broken into million pieces,
My heart bears the unbearable pain,
One side filled with heartache and mourning for your death,
The other died with you.
I hold you tightly within my hearts and there you have remained,
Patience is bitter but its fruit sweet,
For truly with patience comes victory,
But now I know you are just in front me….
I won’t ever let you go…
One day the universe also will bow down to the true love,
It’s a second chance for our love…..
End of point of view

Sanskar get ready with friction of second to go his office in early morning…. When he reaches his office none of his staff reached yet…. He is the early bird…. He was so excited to meet his love of life and spending time with her…..
Sanskar flashback*
Yesterday at the restaurant, after Swara went to answer the phone call….. He has urge use the washroom….. So, he went the direction that Swara went…. She didn’t aware of his presence at her back and busy with the conversation on her hand phone….
Swara: Arnav bhaiya, don’t worry I’m ok at here….I scared to death for awhile when he ask me whether I knew him or no…….. Thank God Sanskar didn’t suspect me….. fuhhh…. But it’s really hurt a lot Bhaiya….. I can see my husband but couldn’t tell him that I’m his wife, his Swara……literally chocked saying she couldn’t tell him….
That’s how he knows that Ara is Swara…. Once he reached office, he made a call and clears everything with Arnav….. He also wants Arnav keep it as secret that he knew Ara is swara….
He comes out from his thought when Ahil knock his cabin….
Ahil: Good Morning, Sanskar…You’re here at this time? Any important work?
Sanskar: Good Morning….. Nope… just I wake up early…. So I came early…..
Ahil: ohhh…. So, you want join us for breakfast?
Sanskar: Us?????
Ahil: hehehe…. Obviously. Swara and me?
Sanskar: She comes to office ready? Why she hasn’t come here?
Ahil: wo….. She will come after breakfast…..
Sanskar: ohhhhh…… Come let’s go….
Soon they reach XYZ cafe and have their breakfast…. And back office after have breakfast…. They made way to Sanskar’s cabin and Ahil made his way to his cabin….
Sanskar: Welcome, Swara….He literally put his hand around her shoulder…. And said “This will be your cabin from now on…. Make yourself comfortable….” Swara just nodded her head….
Her heart beat increase and she feel like want to faint with the intimate position with Sanskar after so long….. She couldn’t stand so long beside him so long…. She went and sat on her place and start to work…… While Sanskar sit on his place with a smiling face sensing his affect on Swara even after so long….. All the while he was just on his place and gazing Swara….. Swara was aware of him eyeing her but she felt so nervous and uncomfortable still she didn’t care and engage herself busy with work…..

“The best feeling in the whole world is watching things finally fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long.”

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