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My life driver-gift to ariana

Shr was present in the car repairing garage
Shr: make my car fit in an hour i have an important work come on do it quick
Mecanic: sir dnt worry it will b done
Shr: ya it shoulf b done otherwise u would b done with ur life
Shr had left his car in the garage 3 days ago bt still not repaired thats y he was angry on the mechanic
Mechanic starts his work and shr sits on the chair and keeps his googles and coat aside
Suman enters the mechnic
Suman: bhaya bhaya plz repair my car i m getting late for my meeting
She looks at shr who was sitting in full attitude
Suman: hey u mistr r u paid for sitting here comeon utho and repair my car come on get up
Shr: excuse me????
Sumann: excuse not at all comeon get up u akroo kharoos
Shr: hold on i m not a mechanic
Sumann: so u r prime minister haina????
Shr; more than prime.minister president ohk so just shut up
Suman: hw besharam u r
Shr: i m not like u
Sumann: what???
Shr: besharam……

Suman: just repair my car i will complain the owner
Shr: go com on go and ya plzzzzzz tell me what he says
Suman: u just wait and watch batameez
Suman leaves in anger towards the owner
Shr smiles: bechari ye to gae
He again sits down
Suman comes back lil embarrased lil ashamed
Suman: sorry i thought…..
Shr: u tjought i m mechanic ri8????
Suman: yes
Shr: bt i m not
Suman: ya sorry i m really very sorry i m lil tensed about my car and my meeting
Shr: oh so what u r gonna do no one is free
Suman: i dnt knw my boss is gonna kill me for surre
Shr: oho so bad
Mechanic: sir ur car is repaired
Shr: thank u
He pays him


Shr: i m leaving if u want i can give u lift
Suman: seriously????
Shr: hm
Sumann sits on the car
Shr: u said that i m akroo khadroos with which angle u tjought tht????
Suman: ammm ur personality is like that
Shr” so still u r saying me kharoos
Suman: no no u r not ur personality is
Shr eyes him
Sumn: wo wo wo
Shr laughs hahahaaha go see ur face its like that u will die any moment hahahhahh
Suman: u scared me
Shr: hahahah sorry
Suman: its ok
Shr: u r cute
Suman: u r handsome
Shr looks at her
Suan: wo wo wo
Shr: hahaha thanks
Suman also smiles
Shr: so enaged???
Suman: not yet
Shr: bf????
Suman ; no interst
Shr: same here
Sumann: good
Shr: wjere u wanna go???
Sumann tells the way
Shr: whats ur name???
Sumann: suman singhal and ur???
Shr: shr malhotra
Sumann: will u be my friend???
Shr: u dnt knw me yet?
Suman: so what friends???
Shr: ohk friemds
They exchange their adress and phone number
They start talking with eachothèr meet eachother spend time with eachother both develop feeling for eachother
Shr: i should propse her now for sure
Shr calls suman in a restaurant and books the whole restaurant
Suman enters the restaurant
Suman: shr where iare people y restaurant is empty????
Shr: i have booked it
Suman: r u mad shr
Shr: yip
Sumann: han????
Shr: i wanna say u something
Suman: hm listening
Shr kneels down

Shr: i wanna say u that u r the first girl i havve friendshipped with or i say u r the last actually i like u sorry nt like i love u i love u very very much more than i love my self i cant be a mechanic bt can be a driver which can drive ur life car so will u make me ur driver by marryong me plzzzzz
Sumn smiles
Shr”: comeon say yes
Suman: yes yes yes yes yes anything else???
Shr: no
Suman: get up
Shr gets up
Suman hugs hom tightly : i love u very very very very very much se b very much
Shr smiles : i love u too
Aftr some days they marry each othèr
Scene freezes

The end

Sooorrrrryyyyyy i knw its baqwas its boring it is like bewaqofi sorry for that bt as i m going to b busy afterwards so i tjought to write it bt when i wrote i thought not to post it bt for my fingers i wrote it so plzzzz read and comment whatever u wann a say
Aru ya congratz i wrote it for ur new ff and ur scholarship so gift from my side
Will be waiting for all of u

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