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My Heart Beats For You part-4

Hi friends this is Loga and Megan here is the 5 th episode
Let’s start:
Continuation of the flashback

The next day, I waited in front of the bus. Everybody were chatting and in a happy mood. I had lots of work to do. I almost thought of leaving. Shravan crossed my mind. “No,I promised him”,I thought. After some time, Shravan and Mrina arrived. I went to greet him as Mrina came to talk to Preeti. Preeti looked anxious as she talked to Mrina. I looked at her,frowning when suddenly,all signs of worry on her face disappeared. She was staring at somebody. I followed her gaze to see Pushkar staring at her, with a mixture of love and shock. I remembered Pushkar. He was Preeti’s classmate and best friend. I looked at her and Pushkar and I understood.”Oh, I never thought of this.”,I smiled as I looked at Preeti. But I couldn’t understand why on Earth was he shocked. I heard the reply to that. “Pushkar bhaiyya!!! What are you doing here?”,Mrina yelled. She saw him staring at Preeti with a pained look on his face. She understood. “OMG””Shravan bhaiyya!Bhaiyya!”,she yelled at Shravan who was standing a bit far. He panicked on hearing her yell and ran to her.”What is it,Mrina? Are you ok?”,he asked. “I am fine”,she giggled and tugged at his sleeve and pointed at Pushkar. “Chotte,what are you doing here?”,he asked confused. Pushkar opened his mouth to say something when Mrina yelled,”Pushkar bhaiyya and Preeti are in love. L-O-V-E LOVE.Pushkar bhaiyya loves Preeti”,she yelled hysterically. Preeti and Pushkar looked at their feet,both embarassed. “Is it true,Chotte?”, Shravan asked. Pushkar nodded helplessly. Shravan and Mrina started laughing. “You told Chachi that you had to meet a very important client.You didn’t tell it was Preeti”,both the siblings exclaimed. “Please don’t tell Ma,bhaiyya and Mrina”,Pushkar pleaded. “Okok”,they laughed and promised.


Shravan’s POV:

I boarded the bus. Pushkar and Preeti was sitting together talking. Mrina and Suman were sitting together. I stood at her place and wondered if I should sit next to her. “Nah.Not too fast”,I thought and sat some few seats behind her. I connected my earphones to the phone,put the songs on shuffle and closed my eyes. Sometime later,I opened my eyes to see Suman looking at me. As soon as our eyes met,she turned. “Probably nothing.”,I thought and closed my eyes again. When I opened my eyes again,I caught her staring at me. Before she could turn,I called her.”Is anything the matter?”,I asked her.She hesitated and replied “No,nothing.”. “Come on, tell me”, I coaxed her. “Nothing,I wanted to hear some songs. I asked everybody but no one has earphones”,she said.”I have only one.I could share if you want”, I asked her. She hesitated and said “No,its ok.I’ll manage”. “It’s no problem. Come”, I beckoned to her. She smiled. She came and sat next to me. Suddenly,I was hyper aware of everything as she sat next to me. She was not the first girl who had sat next to me. But it felt different. She was staring expectantly at me. I handed her the earphones and pressed play. “Meri Sapno Ki Rani” started playing. I nearly snorted,but controoled myself at the last minute. She smiled and her head started moving to the beat of the song. We heard some songs in silence. I couldn’t bear the silence. I started prattling.”Have you heard this song?It’s so good”,I said and played one song. “Listen to this song. You’ll love it”,I said and played another song. I prattled on and on,playing random songs while she smiled,clearly enjoying this. Encouraged by this,”Hey,can we take a picture together?”,I blurted out before I could stop myself. She looked a bit taken aback.”It’s ok if you don’t want to”, I muttered and turned. She cleared her throat.I turned to face her.
“Mr.Shravan Malhotra,I would love to take a picture with you”,she said with a smile. One picture turned to be an hour of selfies,in various poses,in various expressions. I could see everybody staring in shock at us. I saw my sister look at me with her mouth hanging wide open. If it was any more open,a bird could have gone inside her mouth. I smirked at the thought. I didn’t care. This day is,was and will be one of the most special days of my life. I turned to look at her who was sleeping. Just then,the bus hit a bump and she fell on my shoulder. I thought she would wake up but she smiled lightly in her sleep. I looked at her now as she now lay on my shoulder, wide asleep, snoring lightly. A lock of hair fell across her face and moved up and down,in rhythm with her breathing. I looked outside,the view outside changing.”This is the most unforgettable day of my life”,I thought and smiled.

The car stopped and I was brought back to the present. We had arrived at the airport. I looked at her,curled against my chest and snoring lightly. I wanted to stay like this forever. I then woke her up, “Sumo, darling get up. We’ve arrived at the airport”,I said and shook her gently. “Five more minutes”,she mumbled and went back to sleep. “C’mon Sumo”,I said and shook her awake. “Ok”,she said grumpily and got up. We got out of the car,took our luggage and walked hand in hand to the airport to our honeymoon.

Suman’s POV:

I felt jittery as I sat on the plane. We had boarded and the flight was on its way to Maldives. I hated travel.It madelooked me feel sick.I looked around for something to calm me down. I noticed a table at the end of the aisle. Colorful bottles were there filled with liquid. I had a sudden urge to drink that. I tugged at Shravan who was busy with his nose inside a book. “Shravan”,I said and tugged at his sleeve. “Hmmm..”,he replied absently. “Shravan”,I said more urgently. He heard the urgency in my tone. “What?Are you feeeling OK? Do you feel sick?”, he asked,snapping the book shut. “I feel perfectly fine”, I assured him. I pointed to the counter and asked him “What are those?”. He looked at me funnily and said, “Vodka”. “I want to drink that”,I said. His expression was priceless. “Sumo, are you mad?”, he asked. “No,I’ve always wanted to taste that. Please”, I asked. “No,Sumo”, he said and started to read. “Please,Shravan. Only one time. I’ve always wanted to taste that. But it’s ok. If you don’t want to, I won’t”,I said sadly and looked outside. After a few moments, he snapped his book shut. “Ok, drama queen. I’ll get it for you”, he said and ruffled my hair. “Thank you so much”, I said and blew him a kiss. He caught this kiss and put it in his pocket. I laughed and he got up and went. A few minutes later, he came back with a tiny glass in his hand. “Only this much?”, I asked. “First, drink this.Then we’ll see”, he smirked and handed me the glass. I took a gulp. It was swallowing fire. It burned through my thorat as it went down to my stomach. It was like a kick. Everything seemed to blur. I emptied the glass. By the time it was empty, my vision became hazy. “Good night Shravan”, I giggled and went to sleep.

Shravan’s POV:

We reached Maldives. It was twilight. We took a taxi to the hotel. She was dizzy from the drinking. “I shouldn’t have given her that”,I thought to myself. We reached the hotel. “Get up,Sumo. We’ve reached the hotel”, I said and got out.Suddenly, she gripped my shoulder tightly. “I need to throw up”,she said. “I told you not to drink”,I said angrily and took her to the washroom. I waited outside as she threw up inside. After some time, she came out, pale and weak. I scooped her in my arms and took her to the room. She protested weakly but I didn’t hear it. “No problem Shravan. I can walk.”, she mumbled.Her head was laid against my chest and she was clutching my collar. She was tired. I laid her on the bed and covered her with the cover. I removed her shoes. I took her feet in my hands and massaged them slightly. Soon, she was fast asleep. I went back, stroked her cheek. I kissed her on the forehead and went quietly,not to disturb her.

Suman’s POV:

It was afternoon by the time I was fully awake. “Good morning,Shravan”, I said and woke up. My head throbbed.I rubbed my eyes and looked around for Shravan. That’s when I saw the room.Oh My God.

Precap:shraman enjoying their trip in maldives

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