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My Heart Beats For You part-2

Hi buddies this is loga and megan we promised that we will post another episode soon so here is the third episode

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Recap:shraman’s got married
Ramnath gifted them a package of honeymoon trip to maldives .
while sumo is packing her stuff she thinks how she met shravan(flashback)

Ok let’s start:

1 year ago, at the Malhotra house.
Mrina’s POV:

“I am getting late. What is this? Shit” I muttered and got out of my room. I spotted Shravan Bhaiyya reading a book. “I have to ask him”, I thought and went to him. “Good morning Bhaiyya. How are you? Nice day, huh?”, I asked. Without looking up from his book, he answered “Where do you want to go?”. I laughed sheepishly and said “Bhaiyya, please take me to my friend’s sangeet.”, I asked.
“No way Mrina.”. “Please bhaiyya, your dear sister is asking you a favor.,Please, it’s my best friend’s sangeet” I pleaded. “No, no, no” he said and turned. “Please bhaiyya, just drop me and go, Please please please please”, I started pleading with the puppy dog face. “Oh. Ok ok, I will drop you. Can’t leave your brother peacefully, huh?” Shravan bhaiyya asked with a tiny smile. “Thanks, you’re the best” I said. I dragged my brother to the car and got inside “Do you remember Preeti Didi? I studied with her notes. She was in my college. A senior. Do you remember her, Bhaiyya? It’s her cousin sister Diya’s sangeet. She’s getting married to her love, Shiv.”,I said. Shravan bhaiyya just grunted and began driving the car. I prattled on, while he drove. Some time later, we arrived at the mandap. “Ok, bye. Have fun, Mrina.” he said and began to pull away, when a huge crowd came. Suddenly I heard a voice, “Mrina Beta, so nice for you to come”. It was Preeti Didi’s mother and Diya didi’s maasi.I got her blessings and replied, “I’m fine, Auntyji. Where’s Preeti and Diya didi?”, I asked. “Inside, beta. Did you come alone?”, she asked. “No Auntyji, my brother dropped me”, I said and signalled for my brother to come and join us. He was clearly disinterested and was in discomfort. My brother’s the biggest sociopath alive, did I ever say that?. Anyway, he came, not willingly but not wanting to show any disrespect. He too got his blessings from Auntyji. “Come in, both of you.”, Auntyji said and ushered us inside.

Shravan’s POV:

“It’s boring here”, I thought to myself, as I stood in the corner. I couldn’t go back home, and I didn’t like staying there. I went outside and sat on the hood of my car. It was pretty peaceful outside, with the night air, cool climate and the full moon. I took out my headphones and started hearing some old Hindi songs. “Old is Gold”, I thought and closed my eyes, hearing the songs.

Suman’s POV:
I was busy with the preparations when my phone started to ring. On looking at the ID, I saw that it was my old school friend. I took the call. “Hey Parul”, I said cheerfully. I couldn’t hear her over the din of the sangeet. “Wait”, I screamed and ran outside to talk. “Wow, the climate is so cool”, I thought and talked to her, walking outside the mandap. I finished the call, when I heard a sound behind me. It was a dog. “It looks cute”, I thought and extended my hand, snapping my fingers. On seeing this, the dog bared its teeth and started barking. “Ok, that was a bad idea. Best not to make any sudden movements”, I thought and backed away slowly. I walked away slowly, looking back from time to time. The dog was following me. “Oh God, please help me”, I thought and looked back at the dog, quickening my pace. In my hurry, I didn’t see what was in front of me and suddenly, I hit something. “It’s a guy”, I thought and opened my mouth to apologize when I noticed the eyes. His eyes were mesmersing. The light brown shade of his eyes complimented him. His eyes too, looked startled as he saw me. He looked at me and yhe dog behind me and seemed to understand.I was beginning to forget why I was running when I heard a bark.I panicked. I closed my eyes and clutched his coat.When I opened my eyes,he was looking at me with a smile.He pushed me behind me and stood in front of me and the dog. He had his one arm extended , shielding me. I smiled and peeked from behind him at the dog. Despite this, I was worried about him. The dog stood growling in front of him. I was wondering what to do, when my phone rang again. It was Preeti. “Where are you, Suman? The sangeet’s about to start”, she said. Worried, I cut the call. I tugged at his coat. He turned. “I’m really sorry. I have to go. Thanks for helping me”, I said. He smiled and I went back to the mandap. After entering the mandap, I turned back to look at him. He was sitting crouched on the road, cooing and talking sweetly to the dog. I smiled and went inside.

Shravan’s POV:
I looked around for her. She had already gone to the mandap. I couldn’t see her clearly. I went back to the mandap, searching for her. Inside the mandap, I saw my sister talking to some girls, cheerfully with a lot of gestures, hands waving about and whatnot. The person I loved the most next to my Dad in this world was my sister. I watched her as she approached us, with two girls accompanying her. “The first girl, I think is Preeti.”, I thought to myself. She looked vaguely familiar. I couldn’t see the other girl’s face because all those flowers were hiding her face.I recognised her, she was the girl I saw outside. That’s when I saw her face clearly. You know, most people believe in love at first sight. Me, I wasn’t one of those people. I hated love, I hated marriage, I hated company. I was one of those people who loved to be alone. As I saw her, I could feel all those ideas idiotic, I could feel my defenses crumbling, I could feel my world shift. I could feel her existence challenging everything I believed in.It was as if, she was the centre of my world. Wearing a red kurta, she looked like an angel from heaven. Her eyes, her laugh, her walk, everything about her pulled me closer. It was like a black hole, pulling me closer and closer. I stood there, gaping like a goldfish, probably looking goofy, as she approached me.

Suman’s POV:

I turned around to see Mrina talking with Preeti. I remembered Mrina from mine and Preeti’s college days. She was a year younger to Preeti and two years younger to me. “She was a fun person”, I thought to myself and went to talk to her. She was talking excitedly with Preeti and she saw me coming. “Hi Suman Didi, how are you?”, she came and hugged me. “I am fine, kiddo. How are you?”, I asked, smiling. “I am great, Didi”. Preeti interrupted us. “How did you come here, Mrina? Got any date, huh?”, she asked. She blushed slightly and said, “My brother came here with me. Come, I’ll introduce you both to him”, she said and dragged us both. I was going with her, when I stopped in my tracks. He was the guy who saved me from the dog. In the light, I could see him clearly. Standing in front of me, was the most handsome guy I had ever seen in my life. The most handsome guy anybody had ever seen. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans, showing his physique. I could feel those eyes, staring intently at me. My legs turned to jelly. My heart beat faster. My hands started trembling. I could feel my stomach clenching and new feelings, ones I had never experienced before started. I stood stuttering, face to face with him. “Meet my brother.”, Mrina announced. He extended his hand to me and said, “Hi. I am Shravan Malhotra.” I stood gaping, when Preeti nudged me slightly. I took his hand and said, “Hi. I am Suman Malhot…, sorry Tiwari.”, I corrected myself at the last minute. No doubt, I was embarrassed. “A thousand ways to make a first impression and I fumbled!!!”, I thought angrily. A tiny smile tugged at the corner of his lips. I smiled at him. I could feel Preeti and Mrina staring at us both. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I could feel a sort of connection, like this was one person that I could trust with my life. Those light brown eyes of his, were like a magnet. I could stare for hours at those eyes and not get bored. I could see myself with him, hand in hand, growing old and still falling in love with him everyday even more, even stronger, even deeper. “Falling in love”,I thought numbly. That’s when I realized that I was in love with him. I love him with every inch of my body, every second of my life, every breath I take is to live with him. I was in love. Deep, deep love…

Precap: Shraman on the way to their honeymoon

So how was the episode
Hope u enjoyed it
How many of you believe in love at first sight please do answer for this question
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With lots of love Loga-Megan

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