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My heart beats for only you (Episode 33)

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Now we’re going to move in to the other episode but before we start, I’d Like to tell you that since im not familiar with this religion’s way (Hindus) of marriage and rituals, I’m doing it a bit different. Like today’s epi i will show both mehendi and sangeet ceremony together in order to speed the process since i know u all r waiting on confession. ?

Oh and Eid is here once again so i wish you all a huge Eid Mubarak!! ??

Now let’s start…

Episode 33

Recap – Episode 32

Episode starts with everyone preparing for the mehendi and sangeet ceremony. The mansion was decorated with blue and white decorations. In the centre was several carpets placed on the ground for the mehendi girls and a special seat for the bride to be covered with a royal blue coloured silk cloth. There were also stages for dance performances, etc.
Bebe and Leela were already attending the guests and sharing out refreshments and so on. There were so happy that a wedding was finally taken place in the Sarna Mansion for the first time as it was one of their old friends’ Manohar and Usha’s dreams. Not only that, they both knew that there was another love story blooming in Sarna Mansion but chose to keep quiet and confront the two later on as they didn’t want to come in between just yet. All they knew for sure was that Twinkle and Kunj definitely had feelings for each other. They always kept an eye on them and looked at their behaviour whenever they were with each other. Bebe and Leela were happy for both of the couples, Twinj and Yuhi, just that Twinj weren’t telling each other how they feel, so Bebe and Leela were planning their own plans.

“Leela ji, we have to make Kunj and Twinkle confess asap! I can’t bare to see them act as if they don’t know each other and Haa i hate when people act all shy in front of their loved ones.” Bebe said while Leela started laughing. “Bebe, don’t worry, we’ll think of something. Good thing we found out early.” Bebe nodded in agreement. Kunj and Yuvi were walking down the steps approaching towards them. Yuvi was wearing a black and gold sherwani while Kunj wore a dark blue sherwani with silver design at the ends. “Arre wah, my sons are looking really handsome.” Leela said and warded of evil. (That hand thing nah sorry don’t know what’s it called)
Yuvi held his collar and said, “Of course, of course.”

Kunj smiled. “Thanks Leela maa. Bebe and you are also looking stunning.”
They stood there and chatted for a while but both the ladies could see how impatient they were to see their lady loves.
“Oh good finally, Yuvi, Mahi is here.” Bebe said pointing behind him. Yuvi turned around and saw mahi walking towards him on the aisle which was covered with white petals. She was looking simply breathtaking. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She wore a royal blue and gold anarkali suit and put her hair in a bun and left some strands hanging at the sides of her face. She did light makeup and less accessories. Just a simple necklace with matching earrings.

(Link for her dress – http://www.awesomecollections.in/Woman’s%20Collection/Wo_Images/Dress05.jpg )

She walked up to them And took the blessings from Leela and bebe and smiled at Kunj. She didn’t want to look at Yuvi as she knew he would do something to make her blush but still, she turned and slightly glanced at him. She started laughing when she saw him while kunj smirked. “Yuvi, close your mouth before a fly leave their belongings in there!” He said while they started laughing. Yuvi immediately shut his widened mouth and glared at Kunj. He looked at Mahi and winked at her and she blushed. “Oye! Leave the flirting for later. Yuvi carry her to her seat.” Bebe said teasing him. “Ji Bebe,” he said. Before they could leave Kunj stopped mahi and started hesitating, “Umm.. Mahi, vo.. Twinkle kaha hay?”
Leela and Bebe started coughing. “Kyoon? Kunj?”
“Arre kuch nahi bebe, just asked.” Kunj replied. “Kunj, she’ll be here in a moment.” Mahi said and he nodded, ok.

Almost 15mins had gone and Twinkle wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He was getting restless and the rituals had already started.
Leela put her hand on his shoulder. “Leela maa, Twinkle? Where is she?” He asked. “Arre kunj she’ll be here. Why are u worrying?”
Kunj looked away in embarrassment. “Nothing just asked.” Then he muttered under his breath, “I haven’t seen her in two hours, obviously I’ve gone crazy!”
Leela heard him and laughed but pretended as if she hadn’t heard a thing.
Just as Kunj was about to leave to find her, he saw Twinkle above the stairway with a mike in her hand. He was damn mesmerized with her. She wore a simple maroon coloured lehenga with silver designs at the ends of her skirt. She wore silver accessories to match the outfit and her hair was left on one side and her makeup was done perfectly.
“God Twinkle you’re killing me!” He said.

She started walking down the stairs while speaking to everyone. “Hello everyone! I welcome you all to Yuvi and Mahi’s two in one, Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony. Haa don’t ask why there together. Bhai is too eager to get married so we had to do this. Right bhaiyya?” She asked smirking while he looked at her pretending to be angry but then smiled. She continued, “Well, i won’t let you wait any longer, please enjoy the functions as these things only come once in life and are very special to every one. They bring families together and enjoy together. Ok? So just left yourself loose tonight and enjoy! Haa the dance floor is definitely open for all! Let the party begin!” She said and everyone hooted and clapped for her. She smiled and went towards Yuvi, who was sitting next to Mahi while getting her Mehendi done. He pulled her ear while she yelled in pain. “Bhai, what r u doing?” “Oh nothing. Since I’m so eager to marry then i should spend all the time i have left with my sister nah?” She pouted and he let go of her ear and smiled. Yuvi hugged her and they had a brother sister moment. “Kunj kaha hay?” She asked after they broke the hug. “He’s right there.” Yuvi said pointing across the room and mahi added, “He’s been waiting on you all the time.” She said laughing while Twinkle blushed and ran off.

She began approaching Kunj but she was startled by his expressions. She thinks, “Why in the world is Kunj looking so naughty? Wipe that smirk of your face idioit! You’re scaring me!”
She moved to him and gave a small smile but his actions were hard to make out. He smirked and grabbed her by her waist without anybody seeing and pulled her away to a corner. He pinned her to the wall making Twinkle shocked by his actions. “K..unj? Whhat are..you doing?” She began closing her eyes as he was staring at her completely. He smiled and pulled her closer her hands on his chest. She looked up and gazed in his deep brown eyes filled with immense love. “Twinkle. Why do you do this to me? My heart is flies away every time it sees you. Why? Why are you so beautiful?” He said whispering in her ear causing her to blush and shiver in nervousness because of how close he was. She enjoyed this feeling and closed her eyes. Tumhe Aapna Banane Ka plays in background.
“Kunj leave me,” she said shying away. He put his thumb on her chin and held her face so that he could look into her eyes and drown in her gorgeousness. “Never. You’re only mine!”

?Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai…
Mujhe aadat bana lo ik buri
Kehna ye tumse hai

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai…

He smiled. “Why did you make me wait so long? Where were you?”

? Hmm.. rokna nahi mujhko
Zidd pe aa gayi hoon main
Iss qadar deewanapan chadha
Dekho na yahaan aake
Mera haal kaisa hai
Toot ke abhi tak na juda

Ab sambhalna nahi hai
Jo bhi hai wo sahi hai
Aao na…?

“Twinkle! Kunj! Kaha ho tum? Everybody’s waiting!” Bebe yelled looking from them.
“Kunj, we have to go. Leave me.” She said. He nodded no. “Don’t go. Let’s stay nah. I hardly get to spend time with you anymore.” He said pouting. She smirked and put her hands around his neck. “Acha? Who am i to you that i have give u all my time?” She said caressing his face. He widened his eyes wondering what happened to her now. In a split second she freed herself from his grip and ran out. Before leaving she said, “You will got to know where i went soon. Don’t worry.” And she winked at him leaving kunj shocked. “What the hell Did she mean? Oh God mar gaya yaar kunj!”

Twinkle was getting mehendi done on her hand when the dance girls pulled her up to dance. She didn’t want to but Mahi begged her so she went since it was her wish. Kunj was standing in a corner also looking at her. ?

The girls made a circle around her and Twinkle stood in the middle. (If you can listen to the song while reading this part, please do.. Because you will see some parts, i would want you to get the idea of the scenes .. ? )

Ho tora saajan aayo tore des
Your beloved has come to Your country
Badli badra badla saavan
The rain clouds changed, and so did the rainfall
Badla jag ne bhes re
The guise of the world changed
Tora saajan aayo tore des
Your beloved has come to Your country..

Now Twinkle comes in the middle and sings and dances,

Soyi soyi palkon pe chal ke
Walking on the sleeping eyelids
Meri sapno ki khidki pe aa gaye
He came to the window of my dreams
Aate jaate phir mere dil ke
While coming and going, again to my heart’s
Inn haathon mein woh khat pakda gaya
Hands he gave me a letter

Pyaar ka
Of love
Lafzon mein rang hai pyaar ka
There’s a color of love in the words

Bahara bahara hua dil pehli baar ve
There’s a spring season inside this heart for the first time
Bahara bahara ki chain to hua faraar ve
There’s a spring season and the peace has run away
Bahara bahara hua dil pehli baar ve
There’s a spring season inside this heart for the first time…

The girls bring Leela and Bebe and they dance with her..

Ho tora saajan aayo tore des
Badli badra badla saavan
Badla jag ne bhes re
Tora saajan aayo tore des

She dances alone now while the moonlight shines on her..

?Woh..kabhi dikhe zameen pe kabhi woh chaand pe
Sometimes I can see him on the Earth, sometimes atop the moon
Yeh nazar kahe usse yahan main rakh loon baandh ke ik saans mein
This gaze of mine tells him that let me tie You here in a single breath of mine

Dhadkanon ke paas mein
Near the heart-beats
Haan paas mein ghar banaye
Yes near it, let’s make a home
Haye bhoole yeh jahaan
Let’s forget this world..

(Whilst she was dancing the girls pulled Kunj on the dance floor..)

Bahara bahara hua dil pehli baar ve
There’s a spring season inside this heart for the first time
Bahara bahara ki chain to hua faraar ve
There’s a spring season and the peace has run away
Bahara bahara hua dil pehli baar ve
There’s a spring season inside this heart for the first time..

(They both clash next to each other and turns to face each other. They have an eyelock while this part of the song plays..)

Preet mein tori ori sawariya payal jaise chhanki bijuriya
In the love of Yours, O beloved, the anklets jingle like the sound of lightining
Chham chham naache tan ke badariya ho
The clouds also start dancing with pride

Baadaliya tu barse ghana
O cloud, You are showering densely
Barse ghana
Showering densely… Oho….

(The dancers come and pull twinkle away to dance, breaking Kunj and Twinkle’s eyelock.)
She continues dancing while Kunj goes back and looks at her…

Jo yeh badaliyan woh chhed de toh chhalke baarishein
If he teases this cloud, then they start raining
Woh de aahatein kareeb se toh bole khwaishein ke aaj kal
If his foot steps are heard nearby, then the desires say that nowadays
Zindagi har ek pal, har ek pal se chaahe haye jiska dil hua
Life in every moment wants that one who has my heart

Bahara bahara hua dil pehli baar ve
There’s a spring season inside this heart for the first time
Bahara bahara ki chain to hua faraar ve..

Kunj is completely lost in her. The way she moves and sways to the music. Her hair flowing in the wind while she dances… Kunj moves away from them and leaves. He stands on the terrace with tears in his eyes. “I love her. I love her too much. I can’t keep it in anymore. I have to tell her how i feel about her. How much i yearn for her.
Maa, papa, i love her. Will you accept her as your daughter in law? Please? I can’t see anybody else in her place. I can’t live without her.” He wipes his tears away and closes his eyes. Twinkle’s eyes, lips and face, all flashes before his eyes. He remembers all their moments. Their haldi moment, eyelocks, etc.
The rain starts falling and kunj lets the rain wet him. (Stands in a titanic position) He knew this was his parents way of accepting Twinkle wholeheartedly. They let the rain fall in the form of his love. He smiles, “Thanks maa, papa.” ❤❤❤

Precap- Your most awaited episode!! CONFESSION!! ❤❤

Sooooo how was it??? I hope any part of the epi wasnt confusing. I know it wasn’t that good but my ideas are running away sadly. Do tell me what you thought of this episode and yeshhh confession in next episode!! ???????? … I will try to post that early.. Hopefully..
And yes Eid Mubarak once again… Tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be celebrating Eid so i can hardly wait! ?

Okayy Byee now.. And sorry if there are any errors in the episode..

Love you all .. ?

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