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My heart beats for only you (Episode 29)

Episode 29

Recap- Entry of Leela and Bebe.
Episode 28


Two days had passed and the bond between yuhi, twinj, leela and bebe were undescribable. Kunj had gotten to really like Leela as his own mother and adored her. He also wanted to become her son in law at the earliest but he had no idea how to confront Twinkle but yet kept trying. Though there were many negative outcomes like yuhi coming in between or somebody distracting them, they never gave up because they knew whatever or wherever they were, Kunj and Twinkle knew they would never leave each other as their love was extremely strong for eo.

At night ; Mahi’s room

Mahi was cleaning her room when she felt Yuvi’s strong hands around her, his head leaning on her shoulder. She smiled but continued her work though he was hovering on her. “Yuvi, let me work nah!” She complained.
“Work work work! Is that all you want to do? Leave some time for your fiancé nah.” Yuvi said. Mahi frowned and turned to face her. She put her hands around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist. “What did u say? Fiancé?”
“Haa?” Yuvi replied and she laughed, “Mr Yuvraj you haven’t even proposed to me yet and you’re my fiancé? Don’t you think you’re thinking about me too much and lost track of time?” She pushed him away smirking and continued her work. Yuvi was looking at her shocked realising she was right but he didn’t want to her to know this so he just played along.
“Umm.. Toh, kya hua? You can still spend time with me.” He said trying to hide his guilt. She laughed, “Yuvi.. I will spend more time with you only when we’re forever together ok? Besides your mother wants the same thing right?” Yuvi was feeling bad. He really loved Mahi but she was right. It was high time they settled down besides they were together since 5 years now. He left the room silently so that she wouldn’t notice but Mahi knew he left and smiled. “Sorry Yuvi.” She sighed. “I love you.”

Next scene ;

Twinkle was walking towards her room when someone pulled her under the steps and put his hand on her mouth. “Don’t scream. Its me Kunj.” He moved his hand and they had a short eyelock.
T- Kya hua?
K- Vo.. Kuch nai.. Um.
T- Bol na. Why are u hesitating?
“Umm.. I want to tell you ..” He started but Twinkle cut him off. “Haa.. I know what you want to say.”
Kunj smirked, “Really? Then what?”
She blushed and looked down, “I think..You like me.”
Kunj smiled, “Acha?”
Sajna ve starts playing in BG.
“You think i like you nah?” She nodded and blushed. He pulled her closer to him and moved closer to her face and whispered, “And what does your heart say?” They have an intense eyelock as Twinkle was speechless.
Kunj’s hands were cupped on her face, moving slowly towards her for a kiss.

“Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Aaja ve sajna.. Aa..
Aaja ve sajna
Rooh mein shamil tujhe karlun

Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..”

“Kunj!! Twinkle! Kaha hu tum yaar?”
Kunj looked at Twinkle and frowned. “Saale!! Offff!! I will seriously kill yuvi!” Twinkle started laughing and began to go but Kunj pulled her back. “Maat jao nah. Let’s stay here.”
Twinkle smiled and lightly slapped him. “Kunj, let’s go. Stop your naughtiness. Yuvi must be waiting. Challo nah.”
“Arre Twinkle!” Kunj yelled as she ran away. He smiled and followed her.

Yuvi was waiting for them in Twinkle’s room. “Kya hua bhai? Why did you again disturb us? Kunj asked irritatingly. Twinkle glared at him.
Y- What?
T- Umm nothing.. What happened?
Yuvi looked at them and said, “Kunj, Twinkle, i need your help.”

Next scene ; Dining table

All were sitting together after dinner, sipping tea and chatting. Mahi found Yuvi,Kunj and Twinkle’s behaviour rather odd as they were never usually this quiet. Yuvi looked at Kunj and Twinkle and mouthed, “Speak up!” Twinj did the same and passed death glares to Yuvi. Twinkle kicked him under the table and Yuvi yelled in pain alerting the rest on the table while Twinj smiled casually.
Mahi spoke up since she couldn’t take their weird actions anymore. “Yuvi? Do you wish to say something?”
Yuvi just passed a fake smile and said, “No jaa…i mean no Mahi.”
M- Then why are u looking at us nervously?
L- Yuvi puttar? Kya hua?
Y- Vo maa..
K- Oh God! Leela aunty I’ll tell you.
L- Haa bolo beta.
K- Actually Yuvi was thinking of a ‘Welcome back’ party for you and Bebe. After all its been so long since you’re back to India.
T- Haa maa. i think we should have a party. What say?
L- Haa.. But it’s not necessary..
T- Maa please!
B- Arre leela ji, since they’re insisting so much, let’s have the party nah.
L- Hmm..
Y- Please mom? Please!!
L- Ok fine!! Happy now?
Y- Thank you!! You’re the best maa!
B- acha? And what about me?
Y- Bebe u no i can’t talk about Me and you out in the open. Maa might get jealous.
L- Haaww! Yuvi!
Bebe laughed and Yuvi went and hugged Bebe and Leela. He showed Twinj thumbs up and winked. Mahi stood there lost and thinks, “Okay what the hell is going on? Something is fishy. I have to find out.”
M- ok. So party is decided but for when?
K- Tomorrow. Don’t worry. Meh, yuvi aur Twinkle have already started preparations.
M- Hmm ok Kunj.

Next scene ; Leela’s room

“Leela Aunty can i come in?”
Asked a voice by her door.
She looked from her book and smiled. “Sure Kunj. Aao nah.”
He sat next to her on the bed and gave her medicines. “Here have them, else you will fall sick. You know if u fall ill how worried we’ll become so drink this.” He looked up and gave her a glass of water and saw her smiling and tears coming out of her eyes. “Arre, why are u crying? Stop it. Now!” He said clearing the tears away. She held his hands and kissed them. “Kunj beta, why are u so nice?”
Kunj laughed and held his head high up. “Just like your mother and father. Always jolly and keep people happy. Hai nah?” Kunj smiled. “Haa i guess so.”
“Beta don’t you miss them?” He looked down and smiled a bit. He nodded yes and said, “Haa i do but Aunty, when i have your blessings nah i don’t really need Mom as i see her in you. Ok?”
Leela smiled and kissed his forehead. “Haa, you said right. And leela Aunty nai. Consider me your mother. Ok?”
Kunj smiled and hugged her. A tear dropped from his eye but he wiped it away and felt at peace in her arms. “Maa,” he said. “And what about me?” They broke the hug and saw Mahi looking at them. Leela motioned her to come and hugged both of them. “Now i have two more children in my life.” They smiled and hugged their ‘new’ mother.

Twinkle was also in the room but she was standing by the door smiling and teary eyed.
She thinks, “Finally i can see some more spark in Kunj’s eyes. He looks so happy. Im glad mom’s here. Now she can take care of kunj.”
She leaves and goes towards his room. She walks towards Manohhar and Usha’s photo and runs her hand along their picture. She smiles, “Usha maa, i can call u that nah? After all I’m going to consider u and manohar uncle as my second parents. Don’t worry I’ll always keep Kunj happy and never give him a chance to complain. I’ll never let tears come in his eyes and stand by his side for eternity. I promise you i will not let anything happen to him. Just give me your blessings and i will be happy.” She smiles and touches their feet and takes their blessings. They wind starts blowing and a yellow flower falls on Twinkle. She smiles and keeps it close to her. “Don’t worry, i love your son too much so i won’t ever leave him.” ?

Episode ends on Twinkle talking to usha and manohar and Kunj hugging Leela.

Precap- Party!!

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