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My Hazel Eyed Hunk- two shots by ufaq

Suman entered college and met with friends
Suman: Guys I heard some new professor has came to teach us really??
Kaya. :yes biology teacher
Tia: I heard he is soooooo handsome and smart
Suman: Elder than us and is our teachr so respect Tia respect
Soni: That doesn’t mean we can’t compliment him doest it????
Suman: No Bt y we guys r discusing about our teacher I think we r showing more interest in him gains???
Kaya: Ya u r right now leave him lets go to canteen
Tia: Han Bt he is handsome
Suman: Oh god Tia just shut up ok????
Tia: Ohk fine btt……

Kaya: Chup
Tia: K……
A boy enters into there group
Boy: Hey guys
Suman: Hey tarun how r u???
Boy: I m gud soni lets go
Suman: Ya soni go ur mahiwal is here hahahah
Soni: Shyt up suman
Suman: Han Han hahaha
Soni: Do whatever u wanna do bye
Suman: Bye…..
Soni leaves with tarun


Suman eters classroom and sits on her specific seat right on the front of class
Bt then peon announces that today the class will be free as sir didn’t come
Suman: Oh no oh yes mazeeeeeee suman lets move to the canteen
Suman leaves the class room she was busy with her study stuff she collide with a man hardly in his twenties
Suman stuff falls in which there was her assignment which falls and becomes dirty

Suman pick it up
Suman without seeing the man : R u dumb just because of u my bio assignment fell down and there is new professor here I think he is ssoo akroo and kharos how I will show him this dirty assignment Han???
And u
She moves her eyes towards the man and stops talking because she was not able to talk she sees his hazel eyes beautiful face cut and beard on his face he was a hunk suman was extremely mesmerized by seeing him she was in love with him on the first sight she was like fly at any moment
TheMan: Excuse me???
Ssuman: Yes oh sorry my mistake sorry
Mann: No it was mine sorry

Suman: It’s ok coffee???
Man: R u dumb??? No not at all u k w who I m???
Suman: Must b a senior so what???
Man: I think u should complete ur bio assignment instead of flirting with me bye
He leaves
Suman sits on ground
Suman: Awwww he is soooo sweet I love him kharoos Bt sweet
Sshe moves towards canteen at night she makes full presentation lost in his thoughts
Suman: How cute he was hazel eyes ammmmaaazzziiinnng height hair style was awesome he was very sweet that’s y I love him now I will marry only this person yes I will marry him
She sleeps thinking about him
Next day sumna meets her friends

Suman: Guys I m in love
Soni: What kal tk to kuch nae tha???
Sumu: Yeah I met that boy last day he was very sweet
Kaya; with in a single day u r in love with him seriously????
Sumu: Yes it was love at first sight
Tia: Seriously who is he????
Sumu: Pta nae must b a senior
Kaya: Seriously u fell for a stranger sumu r u dumb???
Sumu: He also said me dumb I like it
Soni: What??? Sumu Tu pagal ho gae h
Sumu: Yes I m crazy in his love
Tia: Bs enogh for now lets move to class of bio
They move towards the class
Sumu sits on her seat along with his gang
Biology professor enter the class
Suman stands up in shock
Professor: Is there any traditio that only one student will stand when teacher enters class

All class stands and wish him gud morning
Sir says the class to sit sumu still standing
Sir: Dnt u listen sit
Sumu still standing
Kaya pulls her and make her sit
Kaya: Sorry sir
Sir: Ohk let me introduce myself to u I m professor shr malhotra and here to tech to biology u knw what I m akroo and khadroos so be aware of me and follow my command
Suman: Professor oh no suman u r gone
Shr: Any question class???
Tarun: Sir what’s ur qualification???
Shr: Mere qualification. Choriye AP apni barhaeye
All class laugh
Shr: Keep ur teeth covered
All become chup
Shr teaches the lecture
Shr: Plz submit ur assignment and leave the class
Everybody submits application and leaves Suman with the trembling hand gives presentation
Shr takes it: Akroo and khaross……..

Sumu: No professr actually sorry
Shr: Han r cofee……..
Sumu: What???
Shr: Leave
Sumu: G???
Shr: Nt g leave
Suman leaves
Suman: Guys u knw what the boy I m in love with is …..
Kaya: Is?????
Suman: Our biology professor
Tia spilts coffee
Tia: Fat the wauk Kia kha ymne???
Sumu: Yes this is true
Kaya: Suma bb r u breaking nuts he is very elder than u
Suman: I dnt care I love him and will marry him
Soni: Pagal hogar h Tu???
Sumu: Han ho gae got that Kaya hugs her: Best of luck
All lovhug each other

Hey guys ufaq back again with a two shot first thought to wrote one shot than wrote two shot this will be ur eid gift from my side as my bros will come on eid and I can’t be able to post
This is first shot I will write other and post asap
Thanku for commenting on last epi of my ff
Guys so looking for ward for story???
Ohk take care guys

Love u more

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