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My Hazel Eyed Hunk- two shots by ufaq 2 continues

Suman cuts her hand and was crying she fells on the floor unconscious
On the othr hand kaya was finding sumu everywhere
Kaya: Yr whre is this girl now I have to find her
She finds her everywhere
She goes to shr : Sir excuse me do u knw where is sumu?????
Shr: I saw her last in the class room after that I dnt knw
Kaya: Ohk thank u sir
She leaves towards the classroom and opens the door and seems suman on the floor with the blood coming out of her wrist
She shouts : Sumannn nn
Shr hears this and runs towards the class soni Tia and some other teachers. Also comme
Shr sees suman and was hell shockeed
Kaya: What happened to her. Sir what u said to hr

Shr : I didn’t say anything to her and u plzz stop inquiring me
Soni: Shut up both of u take her to the hospital
Kaya: I will see u later
Shr: Whatever
He picks her up and takes her to the hospital a tear comes out from shr eyes shr wept first time In life
Shr: This girl is crazy how could she do that y can’t she understand. My problem pagal
Bt plzzz god save her I dnt want so.eone to die because of me
Shr prayed to god sincerely
Hospital came much blood was lost and saving her was very difficult
Shr: Dr plzzz save her
Opreation starts
Kaya: Sir what u said to her???
Shr: I just said no and she said she will commit suicide
Kaya: So still u said no to her????

Shr: Ya because this type of relations doesn’t exist does it???
Kaya: Yes sir exist and u knw bs she is stubborn u should have stopped her Shr: I didn’t knw she will do it for real
Kaya: That’s not a reason sir plzzz accept her
Dhr: Kaya dimagh kharab ho gaya h tmhara r u nuts???
Kaya: Sir plz we beg all of u otherwise it is impossible to save her sir plzzz
Shr: Y dnt u understand my problem
Soni: Sir last question do u want her to die????
Shr: What????
Soni: Sir just answer
Shr: Ohk fine no I dnt want her to die
Soni: Great sir plzz think about it
Shr: I will try Bt dnt promise u
Tia: It’s ohk sir no worries
Operation over Dr comes
Dr: We savedd her with great difficulty
Kaya: Thank u sooo much Dr

Shr soni kaya and Tia enters room
Suman was now consious
Suman: So what u have decided sir???
Shr: R u fool how could u do that if something happened to u????
Suman: Decision”??
Soni: Sir had said he will think
Shr’: Bt u will not repeat it Sumu: Ohk deal done
Shr leaves
Shr enters his house he was sitting in his balcony aand was thinking about suman
Shr mom comes
Mom: Pareshan ho sh?????
Shr: Yes mom

Mom: What happened???
Shr: Nothing bs….
Mom’: Comme on tell me shr
Shr tells her mom whole story
Mom: Wow shr she loves u sooo much
Shr: Mom u too

Nom: Shr I think u should marry her by this u can save her life
Shr: Bt mom she is just 21 Bache h Wo
Mom: Bache nae h ok and so what I she is 21 or 25 she loves u that’s enough just marry her
Shr: Ok fine as u say
Shr next day goes and announces suman that he will marry her
Suman was damn happy she made her parents say yes
They at last say yes and aftr a month Sharman got married
Shr at start don’t like suman Bt slowly slowly at her childishness he starts felling for her he likes her and one day confesses her also
Sharman lived happily after
After three years

Sharman was watching movies with the same scene where girl blackmails the boy to marry her otherwise she would commit suicide
Suman: What has happened to this youth why they r doing this when someone doesn’t wants to marry her than y that girl is like her bechara larka dekhen shr how he is blackmailing him
Shr sees towards the suman
Suman: What????
Shr : Nothing I remembered something
Suman’ : About me???
Shr: Hahahah yes someone blackmailed me also
Suman smiles and bites her tongue
Sumu: Sorry
Shr lays down in her lap: It’s ok I m happy that u r with me
Suman: Me too
A girl of two years enters: Mama papa
Shr wakes up: Hey princess

He picks her up Sharman kiss her
Shr: I love her and her mom
Suman: I too love her and my Hazel Eyed Hunk
Suman smiles

The End

Heloooooo everyone so story completed tell me how it was
Love u guys take care

Eid Mubarik in advance
anju take care yar

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