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My family-part 31

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Part 31:

Everyone runs at Ragini. Laksh holds her in arms. “Ragini….” He keeps calling her. Ap gets tears from her eyes. Soon, she is taken to hospital. All are waiting outside the operation theater.
Laksh kept his face down, and he is crying. Adarsh sat beside him and keeps consoling him.
Ap bursts into tears. Dp is consoling her. Pari keeps looking at them with teary eyes.

Ap: she has saved me dp. Not only me, this family. I always mistreated her, but she at last gave only love… what a girl can sacrifice more than this? Still how better she can prove that she has love on us… I’m sorry Ragini….
Ap keeps crying.
Dp: ap, I have to tell another thing also…
Ap looks at him.

Dp: it’s your brother and his family who gave money to us by selling their property. And, this all happened because of Ragini.
Ap amazes. She looks at Ragini through the glass window. Now, she cries a lot again. She prays to god to save her.
She goes near Laksh and sits beside him. She puts hand on his head. Laksh hugs her crying.
Ap: don’t cry beta. Nothing will happen to Ragini. This is the words of a mother. If I really loved my children, if I really loved my husband, Ragini may save. Yes, she will be safe.
Laksh keeps crying. Everyone looks teary at Ap.

Doctor comes out of Operation Theater.
Us doc: we have tried our level best. It takes four hours for her to come into conscious. If not….
He says and silently goes away.
Laksh takes a deep breath.

Pari: lucky, don’t worry. She will be alright.
Everyone goes inside. Ap kisses on her forehead. Laksh sits beside her on bed holding her hand.
They stay there for 10 minutes.
Pari: mom, papa, you have not eat anything. Please come, let’s have something…
Ap: no…I don’t want to eat…
Adarsh: no maa, it’s ok. Let’s go…
Pari: lucky, thumb hi chalo…

Laksh: no bhabhi, I’m not hungry…
Ap looks teary at Ragini and all leave.
Laksh is alone in that room with Ragini.
He looks at the ring on her hand and goes into flash back.
{did you remember, this ring was on Ragini’s hand, and Sumi sees it and asks what is it…. on swasan engagement day… that is this ring. Look epi 22 for idea..}

Raglak does secret marriage on that day… on engagement day of swasan,
Ragini goes into Laksh room. She comes near him to ask which earrings are suiting. Laksh selects one and he makes her wear rings.
Lak: you look totally perfect. But….
He looks at her hands.
Lak: you don’t have any rings.
He says and puts a ring on her finger.
Rag: hey, what did you do? This is called engagement you know…!
Lak: wow, engagement after marriage. And this is secret engagement too….
Rag smiles. Lak takes her hand and kisses on ring.
Lak: I promise you my heart, I will never leave you alone. And I will protect you always.
Rag smiles.
Fb ends…
Laksh keeps looking at her. He kisses that hand again and puts it on his cheek.
He reminds all the moments in between them. When they rolled from steps, when both fought silly, when Ragini turned letter girl and accidentally fall on him, when they spent alone in cattle shed, when he treated her fever, when he first time kissed her, when both had a silly sword fight, when the rolled down from horse, when Ragini accepted his love, when he proposed her for first time, when they did secret marriage and all… at last the ice cream scene.

He didn’t identify but, already 4 hours have passed, he still kept looking at her. He just reminding all their moments. In between Ap and others also came. But, he didn’t see them. They felt sad for his condition and they sat outside. Suddenly, he hears the clock sound and looks at the time. Already four hours have passed. He looks at Ragini and pats her cheeks. She didn’t open her eyes.

Laksh keeps kissing her hand many times and says, “Ragini, I promised you that I will protect you always. But, I’m a useless fellow. I couldn’t save you from that b
ullet. Ragini, prove that our love is true opening your eyes….”
But, she didn’t come into conscious still. He looks at the pulse rate, it will be going down…
“No Ragini, you can’t do this…!” he says and suddenly places his lips over her’s.
He closes his eyes, and keeps kissing her. Then he feels tears. He opens his eyes and looks at her. Her eyes are completely wet with tears.

{guys, did you ever read snow white story. It has also same climax. When snow white is unconscious after eating poisoned apple, prince kisses her and saves her. haha, I always love that scene…}

Laksh slowly: Ragini…..
Ragini: what an idiot you are Laksh, you never leave me alone?
Laksh smiles and hugs her. ragini is still on bed.
Ragini: hey, what would you do if I die. Why do you love me so much…?

Then laksh bites her ears.
Laksh: shut up. Don’t talk like that again… I will bite you if you talk like that…
Ragini: it’s very nice laksh. Keep doing it…. I enjoy every pain or happiness you give….
Laksh sits straightly and keeps looking at her. Then itself Ap and others come.
Ap hugs Ragini. “I’m sorry Ragini. Why did you do this for me…? Why you have to risk your life…?”
Ragini: because, this is ‘my family’ maa…. I can do anything for my family…
Ap again hugs her. “Yes Dp, you said right. She is best bahu in the world.”
Dp smiles.
Ap looks at pari and asks her to come near.

Ap: of course baby, you are also my best bahu…
Pari: maa, it’s not important being best. But, I’m lucky to be the part of such a family…
Adarsh: and she is going to add a person into this family…
Ap: what…?
Adarsh: yes maa. We went to check up as she is feeling dizzy. They confirmed it…
Pari blushes. Ap hugs pari happily. Ragini smiles.
Laksh and Dp hugs Adarsh.

Maheswari family happily returns to home.

After some days,
In India….

Ram and Shekar are working in a farm. Sanskar is also doing some work.
“Finish the work fast….” Someone orders them.
Swara comes out from a small hut with a small water pot near Sanskar. She gives it to him. Sanskar drinks the water. Swara keeps looking at him sadly. She wipes his sweat with her saree pallu.
San: hey, don’t be sad.
Swa: once, we ordered all. We had our own property.

San: we have it now too… this love and affection…
Swara wipes her tears and keeps looking amazingly at one side. Sanskar also looks at that side.
Ap, Dp, laksh, Ragini, pari and Adarsh are coming.
Swara amazes and runs to Ragini and hugs her. Sanskar too hugs Laksh.
Shekar and Ram feels happy looking at them. Just then Sujatha and Sumi also come.
Ap comes near Shekar and keeps looking at him in tears.
Shekar: behen, so suddenly….
Ap looks at simple Sumi and Sujatha and feels even more sad. She looks at the small hut. She sheds into tears.
Shekar: oh behen, this is nothing. We just came here for a change…
Ap: dp said me everything bhai….!

Shekar remains silent.
Ap: why bhayya…? For just me, you are suffering swara, sumi bhabhi and sujatha… sujatha is also your sister right..! then how can you do injustice to her by doing justice to me.
Shekar: because she is in front of my eyes I can protect her. but, you are far away from me… how could I see your pain….
Ap cries badly and hugs him. Later Sumi and Sujatha also hug her.
Ap: that’s why. I have decided to stay with you forever. I won’t go back to America anymore.
Shekar: no, you can’t stay in this poverty…
Then suddenly one man comes and shouts, “Shekar bhayya, your properties all are again purchased by some lady from landlord.”
Shekar: what if whoever buys it? they don’t belong to us…
Man: that lady is herself bhai…

Shekar amazingly looks at Annapurna.
She gives him papers.
The crop lands, house, jewelry are again back in the name of Shekar and Ram. Ap bought all of them.
Shekar feels happy. He informs all the family members. All get excite. Sanskar lifts Swara and rotates her.
Ragini and Laksh look at each other and go into flash back.
After coming from hospital,

In Raglak room. Ragini was combing her hair. Laksh hugs her from behind.
Laksh: Ragini…now, mamma too excused us. So, I think there are no objections still…
He says and about to kiss her. she stops him.
Ragini: but Laksh, our first night should happen first in our village. Not here…
Laksh puts a sad face… “Ragini….”
Ragini: laksh, I can’t receive happiness until our family is happy. While Swasan are suffering there in a single room with everyone, how could we enjoy here…?
Laksh understands her.
Laksh: you are right…! We will be far away, still our family is happy….
He says and kisses her forehead.
Fb ends….

Raglak breaks their eye lock.
Laksh: are you happy now…
Ragini: thanks laksh…

Ap: we got contract ok on that day itself. And we gained many dollors. We shifted the company here, in city beside. Adarsh and pari will look after it. and me, dp are staying in this village forever.
Shekar: then what about Raglak?
Laksh: I’m also staying here papaji…. I will also start farming…
He says tying a cloth to his head.
San: hello mr.lucky, it’s not that easy….
Lak: you help me bhai….
All move to their house back.

Ragini feels very happy that she is back to home town. Even Laksh wish of living in village is satisfied…
Sujatha and Shekar are happy that their sister Ap is with them. Ram also happy his bro Dp is there.

All gadodiya and Maheswari family is now complete in that house… in that village… in that beautiful village… among those green crops………..

Precap: Raglak conversation. Last part… epilogue….

Friends…. Thank you so much for all the super cute sweet comments. I love all of your feedback. I’m happy that you have enjoyed this ff a lot….
Please don’t miss tomorrow’s epi….

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