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My Devil (Episode 5)

hey guys h r u all?
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Episode 5
The episode start with Laksh shouting… kavya and Ragini both turn and saw Laksh… he become even more angry seeing Ragini’s tears… Laksh came toward them and free Ragini’s hand from kavya’s grip… Laksh looked at kavya with blood shoot eyes… Laksh hear Ragini crying silently… he turn to her and cup her face… Laksh said
Laksh:hey don’t cry go in my room I have bought clothes for u go and see them then arrange them in ur room ok
Laksh wipe her tears and Ragini nod… she left from there and Laksh turn to kavya… he hold kavya’s hand in a same way she hold Ragini’s and she cried in pain… Laksh said
Laksh:who the f**k r u to hurt her
kavya:aaahh lucky baby it’s hurting please leave me
Laksh left her with jerk and said
Laksh:stay away from her did u get it u r just my pa in office but in home u r servant and u have no right to say anything to her
kavya:ok I’m sorry
Laksh:u better be
Laksh left and kavya burned in jealous…. Laksh came in his room as he enter he was amazed… Ragini was cleaning his room… Laksh came in and hold her hand… Ragini get scared and looked at Laksh with fear… Laksh came closer and cup her face making her confuse… Laksh said
Laksh:don’t be scared I won’t hurt u promise…
Ragini was surprised… Laksh make her sit on bed and walk toward bathroom… he came with first aid kit and sat beside Ragini… he hold her hand softly and Ragini felt current pass through her body with only a single touch of Laksh… Ragini close her eyes and Laksh apply ointment… Ragini open her eyes only to see
Laksh staring her lovingly and suddenly Ragini was all red due to blushing… soon both came in sense because of knock on door… Laksh ask the person to come in and Nancy came inside…
Nancy said
Nancy:sir mahi came
Laksh:what really
Ragini looked at Laksh in confusion and Laksh hold Ragini’s hand and said
Laksh:come with me I’ll make u meet with someone special
Ragini don’t know why but she felt bad knowing that someone is in Laksh’s life…
both came out of room and Laksh took Ragini to the room beside
Laksh… Ragini’s room was after that… Laksh open the door and as soon as Ragini saw mahi she was shocked…

Next Episode:what kind of romance u want guys intense or sweet ??
hey frds how’s the episode?

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