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My Devil (Episode 4)

hey guys h r u all??
so sorry for not updating and for short episode actually my net was finished and it got renewed today so write it hurriedly… enjoy

Episode 4
The episode start with Ragini… she was setting Laksh’s study… as she was asked to do… Ragini was putting files in some cupboard just then a pic fall from there… Ragini pick it up and saw it was Laksh with a boy and girl… there was a little girl in Laksh’s hand also… Ragini stare the pic just then someone came in and saw Ragini with the pic… the person get angry and shout…
person:how dare u
Ragini get shocked with sudden voice… she look up only to see an angry and dangerous girl staring her with blood shoot eyes… Ragini get scared and said


the girl came toward Ragini and hold her hand in which she was holding pic.. girl twist Ragini’s hand and Ragini winch in pain… the girl said
girl:how dare u touch it
Ragini:i…it fa…fall from cup…cupboard I…I’m so…sorry
Ragini close her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks…. just then Laksh came in and saw the girl misbehaving with Ragini… Laksh get angry and shout

Next Episode: Romance
how’s the episode???

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