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my destiny changed when i met u (epi 7) (sanskar feeling )

Hi guys meghs is back with another part.. u must hell anger with me to post so lately and irregular update. And as here many ff someof u may even forget my ff my fault..

Here is link to all previous parts of my ff.
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Precap : friendship day celebrations in beach.


Today part include sanskar pov

Previous part link?


All are enjoying view of sunset. They don’t know how much time past as they seeing keenly sunset. It is so beautiful view. previously blue sky was streaked with the most beautiful sunset. The sky was filled with the most brilliant orange complimented perfectly with hues of red and crimson, hints of green slowly depart behind with the bluish grey of the forthcoming night sky. It turning to night!!

Swara is seen talking to uttara.. her eyes are shining in light of stars. One parir of eyes looking at her lovely. It is sanskar.. he sees her lips which craved with smile. Seeing her happy whole his world turned happiness.

Sanskar pov~~~

I want her. I want to keep her happy. I want her to change herself to make herself not toy of papa.! I wanted to change swara its what i promised adi but now I want her to be with me always. I hidden from everyone my feelings what I actually feel about her.. day first to college when I saw glimpse of swara. first time when i see i fell for her. It was love at first sight!! The scared swara face in her first day was actually attracted him!! Then I comes to know adi being her bro i was upset of course i should be who will be happy if he come to know its his besti sister … but we can’t stop our feelings naa.. it happen unexpectedly anytime so does sanskar done..

Seeing adi laksh he thinks How do I say friends, what happened to me.. how i fell in love.. sometimes I feel I am flying in the air. I roam around forgetting myself. But she remind me of myself now.. I was living with no meaning past but now I have found a reason to live..

I wanted to come close to her so I became friend of swara!! I wanted to change swara being a friend that was succeeded.. when i proposed her for friendship i don’t thought she agree but she did.. then she started talking to me freely.. slowly we become from friends to besti.. she call me sanku that time to be honest i felt butterflies in stomach.. strange being a boy i even blush little whenever she call me sanku… but i like it .. slowly swara is changing she being herself making me happy…. for her I can even give my life in exchange.. she is so special to me.

Sanskar look swara eyes and says ” those two eyes are like stars. It shines when she happy it glooms when she sad.. i am in love yipee… he jumps in happy.. his happiness have no boundary

Sanskar pov ends.

Swara see him jumping smiles seeing his childish behaviour…
“Sanku what happen y u jumping like monkey. ..!!!”
“Wo nothing i just…… then sanskar realise what she said…
Swara runs …. sanskar run behind her all others enjoy the scene…

Then all of bid bye and move to home.. this is end to friendship party and new beginning..

Swara is seen most happiest girl in the world now.. her happiness have no limit but what her destiny planned should happen this happiness is converted to tear…

Screen flash on swara face which is happy
Precap : shekar to slap swara ” is this time to come home? Where u roaming till now…!! Girl not allow to step outside after 6 in our home u broken rule…. he shouted..

Sorry for small part bear me… i can post smaller epi for today… sry for same Precap due to time shortage i cut part to this much

Pls comment i write this on late night as i get time… so ur comment mean alot to me may one wrd good or bad do comment. .

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