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My dearest stranger few slots Twinj ff – Part 7

I am soooo sorry guys for such late update . I wasn’t well all this while but now that I am fine , I thought of writing it .
Sorry yet again . Jo bhi gaali dena chaahte ho comments mein dena. And a big sorry for not replying. Thank u sooooooo much darlos for ur l♥v n supp♥rt. L♥V U ALL 4eva

Recap : Twinkle learns about kunj’s past n arrives @ the station @ nick time n stops kunj from leaving



Twinkle is waiting outside the station for kunj’s arrival . Kunj finally comes
T : are you done with enjoying the beautiful scenery of the station ya u have a lot more to explore ? If u r done shall we leave ?
K : who even asked u to wait for me ?
T : oh so u r back in ur old avtar. But u know wt I am Twinkle taneja, who doesn’t do anything for free .
K : what do you mean ?
T : when you nod in a yes but u wanna say no, wt do you mean ? ( she sang as she went in flow [Jb’s song] )
Kunj gives his famous one eyebrow up wala look which gets Twinkle back to her senses
T : umm I mean to ask what do you mean by wt do u mean? U know wt ? I didn’t have any food cse I was in Kunj Ko Bachao mission . ( getting dramatic )
So now u got to buy me some food . Come on come on follow me.
Twinkle said as she walked away proudly. Kunj smiles to himself n then started following her .
@ restaurant
Twinkle places forth her rail of order to which both b the waiter n kunj were equally shocked .Waiter leaves after taking the order .
T : agar tume kuch chaahiye to kud order karlo
K : wait what ? Wt u ordered was all 4 u ?
T : obviously. U wanna order something.
K : no I am full . Btw y did u leave 3 dishes? Cd have ordered that too
T : ya okay . Wai. .
Kunj cuts her short
K : r u insane ? Who eats so much ? U r bakaasur. But how come u aren’t fat ?
T : that’s cse I have high rate of metabolism . …
Kunj is listening to her Ramayan for the past 10 mins but her Ramayan never seems to meets it’s end . Kunj finally speaks up
K : ya ya I got it .
The waiter gets the order and Twinkle without wasting any times serves herself and starts enjoying the food .
After some while …..
kunj’s plate is shown crystal clear unlike that of twinkle’s had a Lil left . All this while he kept staring her have the whole meal by herself .
Waiter came to them with the bill which read Rsxxxxx/-
Kunj took out his wallet but realised he was running out of money to pay the bill. Twinkle excused herself n left .
Kunj is tensed and his eyes are searching for his siyappa queen.
The fire alarm rings n everyone escape out except for kunj who is searching for Twinkle . Twinkle finally arrives ,holds his hand and runs to the exit . They both come out nd take a sigh of relief.
T : what a day !!!
K : u mean what a plan ?
T : huh? I didn’t get wt u meant?
K : I know u triggered the alarm .
T : no. I didn’t
K : ya u can never even do that . I was highly mistaken.
He said with a grin
T : Oh hello , u r safe n sound only cse I triggered the alarm . Or else u wd b lying there washing plates
Twinkle bit her tongue as she realised wt she just said while kunj gave a victorious smile
Anyways it’s late . I wanna go home.
All this while Twinkle was preventing any eye contact out of embarrassment n then ran to the taxi stand.
Twinkle’s pov
What’s wrong with me? Y do I care for him so much ? Have I ..
She has a bright smile on her face .
Kunj’s pov
This girl is driving me more crazy now . I want to give her a bone crushing hug n tell her how much I love her . All of a sudden his eyes fall on some mark on his hard .
Oh no. this is wrong. This shouldn’t happen. I can’t let her life get destroyed cse of me . I have to stop this .
The scree splits showing twinkle’s bright happy face n Kunj’s tensed face .

To be continued. …

Precap : Kunj’s dark past to be revealed.

Hope u guys liked it . Sorry for the short update .
Plzzz do comment. Suggestions are always welcomed.
Stay cool n blessed ♥♥♥ luv u all .

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