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My dearest stranger few slots Twinj ff – Part 4

I am sorry . I am late . Thank u soooo much for ur love and support. I rocked my exams .
I got 113/120 in my internals .

(Jeele zara instrumental from talaash plays )
The scene starts from college. Eyeryone are seen passing some comments as someone walks past them . Person is revealed to be twinkle. She is walking by the corridor in full sleeves chudidar with her head done making her shawl proper with feeling of uneasiness defined in her actions. She now starts running and bumps into some guy.
G : hey bae. How r u ?
Twinkle ignores him and walks past him but he holds her wrist and pulls her back .
T : leave my hand .
G : then y do u think have I caught u ?
He starts laughing evilly

G : come on let’s go
Saying this he starts dragging her
T : leave my hand . I said leave
She gets hold of a Vase and hits it on his head
G : agh !!! U .. agh.
He starts walking towards her holding his head in pain
T : don’t u dare take a step ahead
G : y can’t i ? If u can satisfy that stupid sir then y not me ?
Twinkle hits him again and he falls down unconscious

T : I am not meant to satisfy anyone. U get that ( she says with tears rolling down her cheeks )
She throws the vase and runs to the empty washroom , looks at her reflection in the mirror and recalls the guy’s words and cries . She then wipes her tears and runs outside to the middle of the road and cries her heart out . A truck is seen approaching her . The truck is about to hit her but someone pulls her and she falls upon the person and they lose balance and land up in the ground. Her hair is covering her pale face as well as her saviours . Cool breeze starts to uncover her face a Lil and the saviour is revealed to be kunj.
Twinj share a eye lock . Their eyes have turned red .

Ik khoya khoya chaand tha jo tha khafa khafa
Ik toota toota khwaab tha jo tujhse tha juda
Ik aadhi aadhi aas thi jo poori ho gayi
Tum mill gaye to jaane kyun ye doori ho gayi
Piya laage na.. jiya laage na
Tere binaa.. Tere bina..
Tere binaa.. Tere bina..
Plays in bg
She then breaks the eye lock gets up to walk away but is stopped by kunj as he holds her wrist . He pulls her towards him and her hands lie on his chest whereas his one hand ls on her waist and the other on her back . Their faces are a few cms apart . Twinkle keeps looking down with tears rolling down her cheeks . Kunj makes her face him and wipes her tears .
K : have you gone mad? What if something would happen to you ?
She continuously keeps looking away

K : answer me dammit
Twinkle pushes him away .
T : what would happen ? I would die or lay in the icu bed . So wt?
Kunj slaps her hard .
He nows holds her by her arms .
K : u r asking me so wt? Miss twinkle taneja ,whether u care or no I do care . Get that
T : I don’t need anyone caring for me . I can manage my life by myself. And don’t forget all this has happened because of u . Just because of u .
Kunj leaves her .
K : I know that it’s my fault. I am ready to accept any punishment u give me.
T : okay then . Just leave from here . I don’t wanna see ur face again.
Twinkle leaves while kunj stands there watching her go with tears filled in his eyes.

To be continued….

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