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My dearest stranger few slots Twinj ff – Part 3

Hey guys thank u for ur support . Luv u all loads ♥♥♥
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Recap : twinkle gets into trouble due to kunj and Sir asks her to meet her .
Sir tries to force himself on her and kunj saves her in nick time . Principal it asks him to drop her home in his car


Kunj’s pov:
I was driving the car but my concentration was more on twinkle who was looking outside trying to hide her tears . I knew I was responsible for all that happened to her . I hate myself for having put her into trouble. I can never forgive myself for this act of mine . I hurt my twinkle . Yes I have always loved her from the time I 1st saw her but I always made her annoyed with my acts to make her hate me . I just wanted her to protect her from falling for me as my darkness can destroy her completely. She deserves a happy life . But now , agh I feel like killing myself.
We reached her house and I quickly got off from the driver’s seat and went to her side to open the door . As I was about to , I felt the angel’s touch , my angels touch . Her skin is soft like a feather .

She misplaced my hand as her hand passed out through the window .She then backed off , opened the door and walked into her house like a lifeless body . I could do nothing except feeling guilty. I didn’t know how would i even face her and ask for an apology although I knew I wasn’t worth to be forgiven.
I drove back to the college and then took a leave for the rest half day .
Twinkle’s pov :

(Broken angel arash ft helena plays in the bg)
I can find no reason to live anymore . Everything seems so unreal . This world has more of evil than good . If kunj wouldn’t arrive for my rescue at nick time then I would be nowhere . My life would have met it’s end at the spot . I get goosebumps all over when I think of the incident. I feel so lonely . I have none with whom I cd share my pain . Although I survived uptil now without u mom dad , I cannot take it anymore.
Fb is shown
A big bungalow is shown . A sweet voice is heard of a kid is heard
K: mamma papa where r u going?
A lady turns back and smiles brightly
The cute girl holding a teddy is shown
L : twinkle baby. Mamma dada are leaving for London .
T : London!! I am also coming
She said making a puppy face
A man comes in suit

M : no twinkle baby . Mamma and I will return soon and get loads of chocolates for you
T : chocolates! ! Wow . Okay papa
She runs to her dad and he picks her up in his embrace and she gives a peck on his cheeks .
Fb ends
That day u broke my promise . U never returned to me . U left me all alone with my teddy . She said now getting hold of her teddy .
I need u mamma papa. I need u ( she hugs the teddy tightly and cries )

To be continued
I am sorry that I can’t give u a Lil longer episode as my work pad has a word limit due to which I cannot write long episode
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