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My Biggest Mistake – Part 2


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At last the day came. The one I had been awaiting for 12 long years. Finally I get to show the man who told me I was his “BIGGEST MISTAKE”, who had sneered at the race my mother started for making an identity for her daughter. I am ever thankful to her for standing strong and fighting with all her might in this cruel world which takes extreme delight in weakening others through their actions and words.

I felt an unknown desire to make this day different by dressing up colorfully. I normally wore plain white shirt along with a black pants and a blazer. But today I felt a sudden urge to make a change in that. Succumbing to my heart, I grabbed a pink shirt and blue pants and my blue velvet blazer. I put on slight make up and let my hair loose. All the while to my work place I was humming and smiling. I felt so happy and different. All the employees gaped at me as if I was an alien. I laughed out loud seeing my employees frozen on their tracks at the sight of me. Everyone seemed happy to see me happy. They later said that never have they felt the working atmosphere this happy. Soon everything turned normal and I engrossed myself in work.

The clock ticked by and struck 11 when there was a knock on the door. I suddenly felt something surge through me. I felt my limbs go numb. My mouth went dry like a sand paper. Sweat covered my forehead and heart began to beat in a fast past as if it would jump out any minute. At last I mustered up my courage and spelt those words which sounded alien. I was at a loss to figure out what was bothering me. I wondered if it was my aversion to see the man who cheated on me and my mother. But as I my eyes fell on the smiling portrait of my mother on my desk I felt all my uneasiness wear away. With rekindled spirits I raised my head to look at the party.

I was glad to find the expressions I had anticipated on their faces. Shock registered on Shekhar’s face and there was a gasp from Sharmishtha. That was not expected. I suspected if she too was part of his plan to get easy money to lay the foundation of his dream project “Bird Song”*. She looked down unable to hold my gaze. I noticed that dad squirmed in his seat under my glare. I smirked seeing their reactions and looked around to find Swara perplexed at her parent’s behavior. I greeted them in a nonchalant manner and enquired her tastes. I promised to come up with a good design indirectly stating that the meeting is over. Sensing me uninterested in further talks they rose to go. But before getting out Swara did something that left me dumbstruck. She leaned in and kissed me on my cheeks before winking at me. She flashed a smile and said:” You look really cute. I couldn’t resist seeing my sister this close”. Seeing the frown on my face she asked ever so sweetly: “we are sisters aren’t we?” I grinned at her saying:” Yes. That’s right. We are sisters.”

The whole conversation was listened to in awe by Shekhar and Sharmishtha. Before leaving he turned back and locked my eyes with his guilt filled ones and said: “I’m proud of you my dear. (With little hesitation) I know that the scars I gave are very deep. Forgive me if you can. I know it would be nothing but I would like to make amends for my behavior. I know it’s too late too. But…….maybe we can start anew dear. Sumi is willing and Shona would only be delighted. I know it’s too much……but….do think on it”. Saying this he went out and walked to join the others with his head hung low. I sighed and sagged down on the easy chair thinking about his words.

*Guys Bird Song( not for real) is an ad company. They crete ads for many. for example : maybelline new york , loreal etc etc…..

I’m leaving Ragini’s decision to each of your jurisdiction. Do tell me your opinion. I would be glad if you could tell about my style of writing and my flaws too. Since I’m a literature student I want to know about. So please.

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