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Musical relations – Episode 1

Hey guys I’m Shubhangi,naam to suna hi hoga I’m writing something for the very first time so plz support me, this is for ishu happy Birthday darlo ?

Warning ⚠ : I don’t know what I have written so read on your own responsibility ?
Swara Panigrahi :her native place is Odisha.she’s 16 in 10th std and has many friends gang leader of their group “the stupids” they are a band (plz read their names below but in next episode more friends will come)


Shivansh Panigrahi:Swara’s younger brother age’s 8 annoying but sweet thinks of her friends as his( no hard feelings )
Gadoidia family:same without dadi
And all friends
Girl:Utho utho utho aalsi kahikon (on top of her lungs) uuuttthhhooo (kya lagta hai aakhir kaun uthega)
Ankita(irritated):chall na sone de swara ja jake sanju ka dimag kha mujhe shyama kar maate (go na let me sleep swara go and eat sanju’s brain but forgive/leave me re)
Swara:abe uth ja sharam kar mera bhai tum sab se 11 saal chota hoke 6 baje uth chuka hai(abe get up have some shame even after being 11 yrs smaller then u all he woke up at 6)
Sanju(sarcascally):han han after all whos brother is he the great Swara Panigrahi’s right!!!
Swara(to avoid topic):are meri gayia kahan hai? (are where is my cow?)
Nandini(angry and jumps on Swara):swaraaaaa
CHUP KARO they hear someone roar & all of them got stiffened in there position but Swara got a naughty grin on her face and all of them looked at the direction from where the sound was coming with shocked faces and open mouth and suddenly burst out laughing ? after seeing a drenched Ishani and her angry face

Laksh (comes from behind and hi-fies Swara):mission complete captain
Swara (while laughing):so how was your jagran
Nandini:swara is this planned by you and laksh
Swalak widened their eyes and shook their head vigorously and made faces
Swalak: we were just pawns the masterminds are…
Ishani:i said SHUT UP or else I’ll beat the shit out of u both
Swalak started shivering with fear but the very next moment started started grinning like a lunatic Ishani’s got angrier and then came a voice

Voice:aap ne bulaye aur chale aaye ( u called and I came)
Everyone turned to the direction from where voice came and stared crying… While rolling over the floor and bursting into fits of laughter even Ishani.And there stood Shivansh
Shiva(mimicking laksh):hello sunshine how are you
Behind him 3 more boys came (sidharath, rishab,gaurav)

Boys:swagat nahi karte hamara
Then from behind 2 more boys came (Albert and Vishnu) and poured a bucket full of whipping cream and glitter papers on Ishani at this point Ankita who was sleeping peacefully in middle of their daily drama got up then everyone at once shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHU ?
Swara:actually we couldn’t bring cake so…

Shiva:thought to make you only a cake (chuckling)
Ishani is still irritated but amused and anger is all vanished
Ishani:hilarious u guys are mad dude
All:woh toh ham hai
Dude I can’t write more I’m lazy very very lazy so sorry this was boring but I’ll try to improve and once again happy Birthday ISHU/ ladoo hero and Ragini will come later

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