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[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Intro

Hey guys… Anyone ever watched the movie
‘Mujhe Fraandship Karogi?’ .. Well if yes, no worries..If no, then too no worries..

So here’s a 5 or 4 shot on that movie..


So now here’s the intro..

The story is basically about two-teenagers, Shravan-Suman, who get trapped in hatred, but then it twirls around friendship, and reaching it’s destiny ‘LOVE’

Now, this movie was based, when Facebook was newly released.. How teenagers loved it so much.. So these people are basically in their 20’s studying some course in some badass college.. Now about the characters :

Shravan- a chill person, loves photography, has a crush on ‘Ariana’

Suman- a little ‘Jhalli’ girl, who knows how to get her way out..has a crush on ‘Namik’

Ariana- Suman’s sister cum Best friend.. Lives with Suman and her mom, as her mom is abroad doing job, model by profession

Namik: A rockstar, in love with music..

Now let me tell you the basic storyline..

ShraMan study in the same college, yet unknown of each other.. Now, it’s like in one of Namik’s concert, he calls upon a fan cheering for him on the stage, and dances with him.. That’s none other that Ariana.. Now since Suman has a crush on Namik, she sends a friend request on Facebook to Namik, from Ariana’s account.. Ariana knows this, and is quite fine with it, but Suman starts using the account, and starts talking to Namik on Facebook.. Now, Suman was actually mad after the LYRICS of Namik’s songs.. Now you have for Shravan..

This guy has a thing for Ariana, and is a great friend of Namik.. Unknown to anyone, except for Shravan-Namik themselves, that it’s Shravan who writes the lyrics for Namik’s songs.. And the lyrics is the only thing that made Suman fall for Namik.. Now, when Shravan gets to know that Ariana sent Namik a request, he accepts it from his account and starts talking to Ariana..

Now unknown by ShraMan, they think that Shravan is talking to Ariana, and Suman’s talking to Namik, whereas, they’re talking to each other.. Get it?

Now, for ShraMan’s college life..

That will be revealed, do read !!


Give your reviews !!

Ps: the pic’s the poster of the movie, ignore it if possible, but you might know the pic in the centre’s Namik and Ariana and the one’s in side are Shravan-Suman..

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