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[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 5

And my hands are paining like hell now!
This is the 3rd time I’m writing this part! Uggh..once when I wrote on computer, I forgot to save, the 2nd time electricity went off..hopefully, nothing would happen now!

Now let’s come to Chapter-5


Recap: party!

-Examination Hall-

Shravan: Sumo! Bata na..
Sumo: yaar, 2 min hue hai paper submit hue… Jitna banta hai utna toh likh!
Shravan: jitna banta hai, utna likh liya..
Suman: what? Itni jaldi?
Shravan: haan, mera naam, roll no., course sab likh liya!
Suman: Shravann!! Ughh!
Shravan smiles.. Suman helps her in answers…

-2 hours later-

Shravan: thank you so much!
Suman: it’s fine.. By the way, the 25th couple is finally ready to meet us!
Shravan: let’s go!

They were going to the college gate, while Marie comes there…

Marie: Guys, I’ve talked to the principal, if you guys want different partners, it’s fine.. But the topic would remain the same..

ShraMan: no Ma’am.. We’re good…
Marie: how? Anyways, that’s good…

ShraMan are still looking at each other..

Marie *while walking away* I guess 26th love story hamare college ki yahi hogi!

ShraMan sit in the Auto and go to the house.. The couple warmly welcomes them.. Let’s call them Mr. and Mrs. Chopra..

Mr. Chopra: so ask!
Shravan: Sumo, camera ready?
Suman shows a thumbs-up..
Shravan: so sir, where did you two meet?
Mrs. Chopa: canteen.. He dropped my sandwich, and I shouted at him. I hated him. But then that hate turned into friendship and then into love…

Suman looked into Shravan, who was writing this down.. She knew that the Mr. and Mrs. Chopra’s story was very relatable to theirs, but she never knew whether LOVE existed there.. Suman smiled at him..

Shravan interviewed them, and they to their respective houses….

Ariana wasn’t at home.. Suman walks in, switches on her laptop…

Shravan goes home and switches on his laptop as well..

-to Namik, from Ariana-

-to Ariana, from Namik-

-to Namik, from Ariana-
Can we meet?

Suman was in shock.. What the hell did she type? She couldn’t meet the great Namik, Ariana had to.. She tried to delete the msg, but unfortunately it had been sent.. Shravan nervously said YES, hoping that Namik would agree… Their normal chat contiinues..

-At Fashion Week-

Ariana was up on the stage presenting her designs one by one, by models who wore them and ramp-walked…

Surprisingly, the chief guest of the Fashion Week arrived.. And it was Namik Paul!

Ariana grew into shock, while he winked at her.. She blushed, and continued…

She completed her program, while Namik sat there looking at her..

Today was the last day of the week..
To celebrate her success, Ariana went to a cafe with her team.. The team had to leave early, so they left.. Then when Ariana was about to leave, she bumped into Namik!

Co-incidence it was, at least they thought it was.. Who knew it was destiny!

They walked in, as Namik invited Ariana for coffee..

Namik: so, fashion designer?
Ariana: yep…

They went and sat near the glassed window..
Namik ordered coffee.. Then he got busy with his fans..

When he returned, his world stopped.. He wished his time to stop but he was a rockstar, not a time-controller..

He looked at Ariana, he noticed her light blue jeans, and her skin-grey colored sweat-shirt.. She had pulled up the sleeves, so that the sleeves covered her arms till her knuckles… Her long, soft fingers covering the black cup, she was looking gorgeous..
That messy bun, with bangs coming on her face.. Her beautiful, innocent eyes were looking outside the window, where it was raining.. He kept looking at her, and took a seat…

[Ps: sorry to interrupt and ruin a beautiful romantic scene, but Ariana, stop blushing!]

She looked at him and smiled. He smiled back.. She went on again looking outside, whereas, Namik’s eyes was stuck on that beautiful face he saw in front of her.. She sipped in coffee, where she caught his glance stuck on her.. She raised her eyebrows, asking, still sipping the coffee..
He smiled and nodded, and looked outside.. She looked outside too.. Those beautiful droplets flowing down the window’s glass was beautiful..
Unknowingly, the droplets had formed a roughly, heart shaped figure. When looked from outside, it looked like a rough heart, and Namik’s and Ariana’s face was in it..
Precap: photo-shoot

That’s all.. I know it’s short, but think of me… I’m writing this for the 3rd time!

Love you all!

ps: guys, unfortunately, EkDujeKeVaaste, is going off-air on 7th October! But remember, we are EDKVians, and we’re gonna be here, writing ff’s like always.. Guys, don’t even dare to stop your ff’s after EDKV ends.. Cause knowingly/unknowingly, we guys have formed a family here.. So stop crying, and just enjoy the last moments of our beautiful Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and ShraMan, and chill, it’s gonna be a happy ending! Enjoy EDKV and our forever ff’s.. Love you all loads!

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Love you!

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