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[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 4

Hey guys! SO sorry for being late, but exams you know!
Okay, so here we go:
Recap: Ariana and Suman are at Namik’s birthday party, where Shravan is also present..

Ariana and Shravan were dancing.
Suman: so! Namikk….
Namik: yea?
Suman: could you get me a coke?
Namik: sure!


Suman looks at Shravan and Ariana and gets a weird feeling. She never knew whether the feeling was of anger that why the hell is Ariana dancing with Shravan or jealousy whether Shravan was dancing so close to Ariana..
She saw Namik coming to her, so she dismissed all the thoughts and thought to concentrate on his “LOVE”

What Namik did not notice, that the bartender gave him scotch, not coke..

Suman drank it happily, and felt dizzy..
Namik: oh creep!
Namik takes Suman out and she throws up..
Namik knew some tricks of how to reduce hangovers, as he had to face a lot whenever he and Shravan got drunk..

-1 hour later-

Shravan: you’re drunk!
Ariana: I know, and so are you!
Shravan laughs..

Ariana: I better leave, cause I have my fashion week tomorrow..
Shravan: I’ll leave you..come..
Ariana and Shravan go back home in Ariana’s car..
They do a lot of crazy things while driving…
Shravan drives, while Ariana just takes her head out of the window and screams…
The wind plays with her amazing hair, and Shravan smiles looking at that..
They reach home..
Shravan drops Ariana home..
Ariana: I had fun tonight.. Thank you!
Shravan: nope.. It’s okay babes..
Ariana: tu bhi na!
Shravan smiles..
Ariana: wanna come in?
Shravan: okay!

Ariana and Shravan go to her house.
Ariana makes coffee..
Shravan and Ariana are sitting on a sill..
They sip coffee, and share some sweet eyelocks.. They talk about their future goals, and stuff like that.


Namik: you okay? You sure?
Suman: yes I’m fine, thank you!
Namik: it’s fine yaar.. We’re friends after all
Suman smiles, but her heart jumps in excitement.
Namik: come I’ll drop you…
Suman and Namik reach home.

[Ariana and Suman live together]

Suman rings the doorbell..
Shravan: I’ll get it.
Shravan opens the door and finds Namik and Suman..

Ariana comes by
Ariana: Sumo, what’s wrong?
Shravan: lagta hai kisi ne zyada pee li…
Ariana: shut up Shravan!
Suman: pehli baar sach bol raha hai, let him..
Ariana: matlab tune sach me pee li?
Shravan: wait a min, the sumo-wrestler peeti bhi hai? Pehle kyu nahi bataya?
Suman: ab tu mera boyfriend hai, jo tujhe sab batau?
Shravan: boyfriend toh nahi, par dost to samajhta tha.. I though I knew you..
Suman: well, you don’t…
Namik: Shravan chale?
Shravan: sure..
Ariana: why don’t you guys stay back, for a cup of coffee?
Shravan: sure..
Namik: okay, then…..

Ariana goes and makes coffee for Namik and Suman..
All 4 are drinking coffee while watching DDLJ..
Namik and Suman starts crying at the end..
Ariana and Shravan laugh looking at them..

-they dance, sing, play, laugh, enjoy-

At 5 a.m

Shravan: shit!
Suman: kya hua?
Shravan: sumo! Aaj test hai!
Suman: haan toh?
Shravan: tera ho gaya?
Suman: kabka!
Shravan: arree yaar.. Wait

He calls Pushkar
Pushkar: bhai, padh liya?
Shravan: nahi..tune?
Pushkar: nahi…
Shravan: yaar, isme doob gaya, then I’d fail this semester!
Pushkar: not me! Cause mera average would be 80 something..
Shravan: abe yaar!

Suman: chill, mei paas karwa dungi..
Shravan: thanks..
He hugs her in excitement…
Shravan: oh sorry…

Namik: we better leave, I have a concert..and he has an exam..

Shravan: yea…

Ariana and Suman bid bye to them, and they walk off…

Precap: Suman helping Shravan with the answers of the examination.. Ariana and Namik bump into each other at a cafe

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Chapter 4 na, so … Approximately, 10 chapters total.. So just 6 chapters to go.. And then END!

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