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[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 3

Chapter 3



I’m so sorry.. Actually woh small episode tha, cause we had to go out..
And ab se pakka.. Saare eps lambe honge..but I’ll be post only twice a week..chalega?

Shravan-Pushkar are walking..
Shravan: kaha phasa diya yaar…!!
Pushkar: kya hua?
Shravan: abe woh Sumo-wrestler ke saath..

Pushkar: tu usse jhagadta kyu hai? If you don’t fight, then it will be fine naa…
Shravan: I fight with her? I?
Pushkar: obviously yaar.. Dekh to.. Kitni sundar hai woh….

Shravan-Pushkar look at Suman who’s looking absolutely gorgeous.. Those ripped jeans, that plain blue tee with a messy bun, a light pink matt lipstick, no makeup, except a stroke of eyeliner and black spectacles..

Pushkar: I fell in love bro!
Shravan: mei bhi shayad……….

Shravan walks towards Suman…

Shravan: beautiful…
Suman: thanks..
Shravan *realizing what he said* I meant beautiful camera…
Suman: mei bhi usi ke liye thanks bol rahi thi.. Tum aur mujhe beautiful kabhi nahi bologe…
Shravan: sure..!
Pushkar: wait .. Wait.. Ye kaise ho gaya?
Shravan: kya hua?
Pushkar: tum dono lad nahi rahe?
Suman: Pushkar! Tujhe toh main…
Pushkar and Suman laughs…


Project time!

Shravan: noah! Blue!
Suman: Look Shravan, we are making a project, on LOVE.. So absolutely everything would be RED…
Shravan: but I hate RED..!
Suman: that’s your problem!
Shravan: what do you mean by my problem.. Sumo-wrestler, we’re sharing the project..
Suman: with the basic idea, LOVE.. Imagine hum log pyaar ke baare mei bol rahe hai… And blue balloons and stuff..
Shravan: that would be unique na!

Suman: that would be uniquely STUPID shravan!
Shravan: shut up!
Suman: you shut up!

Marie: hey.. Woah… What’s wrong?
Suman: Ma’am .. Sorry, but I can’t work with this lambu..
Shravan: Ma’am.. Sumo – Wrestler and the great Shravan? Ye kaisa pair hai Ma’am?
Suman: You mean the great-lambu uniquely stupid Shravan Malhotra?

Marie laughs..

Marie: sorry.. I’ll see what I can do…
ShraMan *annoyed* Thank You Ma’am..

Shravan: sab tumhari wajah se hua hai!
Suman: meri wajah se? You’re the one who had the problem with RED..
Shravan: shut up

Suman walks away…

Pushkar: udd gaya saara pyaar?
Shravan: haan bhai..
Pushkar: koi nai…
Both of them sigh

At home

-To Ariana, from Namik
‘So …. How was your day?’

-To Namik, from Ariana

Namik: Bhai, mera account hi kyu?
Shravan: what do you think, the great Ariana would talk to me?
Namik: I don’t know..
Shravan: when do you ever know?
Namik: huh?
Shravan: Namikkkk… I love you!
Namik: what happened to you..
Shravan: look, you’re having your birthday day after tomorrow right?
Namik: yea, so?
Shravan: so I’m gonna throw a party!
Namik: you? And a party for me! Not possible..
Shravan: arre look, we’ll invite Ariana, and tell her to bring one of her friends along..
And I’ll say that I, that means you, will bring a friend along..let her bring who she wants to, and you’ll bring me !
Namik: so what’s my profit?

Shravan: look, firstly, I’ll write you a new song, and secondly, I’ll hang out with Ariana, and you hang out with her friend!
Namik: chalo done!

-To Ariana, from Namik
I’m having my birthday next week.. Wanna come along? Get your friend too so I can get mine..

-To Namik, from Ariana

-To Ariana, from Namik
See you at Rock Water at 8 day after tomorrow..

-To Namik, from Ariana
See you then..


Suman: ye?
Ariana: No !
Suman: what’s this Ariana, 19 dresses mana kar chuki ho!
Ariana: haa, toh koi dhang ki dress select karo na tum bhi!
Suman: I don’t understand yaaar, Namik ki birthday party me mei kya pehnu?
Ariana: I don’t know yaar Sumo.. Ask yourself…
Suman: Ariana! If you don’t help me, then who will? Do you want that I look bad in front of Namik? Do you wanna insult me? Is that what you want? Dekhli tumhari dosti..
Ariana : emotional blackmailer.. ! Okaay chalo I’ll help you…
Suman *hugging her* awwh! You’re the best.. I love you !!
Ariana and Suman / Shravan and Suman go shopping and come home satisfied…

-Party time-

Suman-Ariana reach the hotel..

The sight they visioned was ‘COOL’.. As exclaimed by them

DJ was playing and everyone was dancing..
Ariana already caught up with beats, and started doing small steps while walking, while Suman was busy handling her dress…

Ariana: Sumo, chill up!
Suman nods

They see Namik with a guy.. They walk up to him

ShraMan *annoyed* TUM?

Ariana: this is my friend, Sumo..
Namik: he’s Shravan..

Shravan: so hey Ariana
Ariana: hey!

Suman: Namik, I’m a big fan..
Namik: thank you so much..
Suman: plus your lyrics..omg.. They’re so mesmerizing..
Shravan: oh Sumo-Wrestler..control…
Suman smiles sarcastically…

Shravan: care for a dance?
Ariana: sure!

They dance on ladki beautiful kar gayi chull!

Shravan *while dancing* you dance amazingly..
Ariana: You’re not that bad either..
Shravan: that’s truem..
Both continue dancing….

Suman: so Namik, where do you get those ideas of those wonderful lyrics from?
Namik: Shravan..
Suman: what?
Namik *biting his lip* woh.. I mean generally, people like you inspire me
Suman *blushing* you were saying something about Shravan?
Namik: so Shravan’s your friend?
Suman: no.. I’m just stuck up on a project with him..
Namik : oh…

[Ok I wanna write more.. But now comes the surprise.. So guys have to wait!]———–
Precap: Ariana and Shravan to get drunk, Namik and Suman to leave the party and go for a long drive..

That’s it for now..
How was it?
Happy that I gave you this too soon? Anyways, it wasn’t my plan to post it soon, but I wrote it in a hurry for my BAE (Laddoo)
She wanted it, so here it is.. So kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes
Do give your reviews!
And thank you for the immense love on the last 2-shot

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