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[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 2

[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge?]{Ek Duje Ke Vaaste}

Chapter 2


Hey guys!

How’s you all ?? Well.. I’m great..
So here’s chapter 2…

Till now you have read: Ariana and Namik’s dance.. Suman send request to Namik from Ariana’s account, and Shravan accepts the request from Namik’s account..


Its college time..

-Namik and Ariana don’t study in college.. Note that.. Ariana’s a fashion designer and Namik’s a rockstar-

The arts batch from the college are sitting in their stairs as its their free period.. One ‘COOL’ teacher comes up to them…

(Assume it to be um… Marie)

Marie: Hey guys..
Students: Hey Ma’am..
Marie: okay look.. Now what’s the thing is after 2 months, are college completes 25 successful years.. Now what’s the plan.. Any suggestions?
Some Student: Ma’am, what about performances..
Shravan: oyye!! Sangeet nahi hai.. 25 yrs complete hue hai.. Kuch toh accha hoga naa..!?
Marie: Shravan’s right Ronnie, some dance performances won’t light up our mood..

(Remember, I told you in the intro, that Suman loves to click pictures, photographer?.. Well surely you don’t .. So yea that’s what it’s about..)

Suman: Ma’am what about we record vids and captures pictures of our school stories..
Shravan: Aiiiee Sumo-Wrestler! Tum apne ideas apne paas hi rakho…
Marie: Shravan, atleast she’s suggesting.. Okay.. Now you suggest..
Suman smirks..

Shravan: ma’am… 25 years.. Itne saalon mei.. Kitni love stories hui hongi… Kitne break-ups.. But kitni love stories actually successful hui hongi.. Kitne log jinki love stories abhi marriage mei badal gayi hongi.. What about something on that?
Marie: okay.. So decided.. The leaders of this assignment are Shravan …..
All hoot..
Marie: and Suman..
ShraMan: Ma’am?
Marie: Shravan’s idea, whole would be videotaped.. You guys would take interviews of those special 25 couple.. And that would be videotaped.. So done?
ShraMan *dissapointed* Yes Ma’am…

-At home-

-Message to Rahul from Ariana-
[Shravan to Suman]

Shravan: Kya baat karu isse? I mean aise hi karna padega that I seem like the actual Namik!
Suman thinks the same…

-To Ariana, from Rahul
-To Rahul, from Ariana


-To Ariana, from Rahul..
‘The dance was great’
-To Rahul, from Ariana..

ShraMan- mujhe kaise paata.. Naacha toh tumne tha..

Now you will read in the coming chapter:
Suman-Shravan nok-jhoks

That’s all for now… How are you all? Missed me? Anyways a hearty congratulations to Ariana di to complete her FF happily.. And a very warm welcome to Mario di once again..<33

Goodbye for now..

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