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[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 1


Hey guys.. Now decided to make this an ff.. Happy? 15 or 10 parts max… Now let’s go through the first chapter…


Guys, you can Imagine Namik as whoever you want, but my preference would be the guy who’s pic is beside namik, in the ff pic.. As he was the guy originally in the movie
Okay.. Here we go..

A crowd is seen cheering.. It’s night time, and the moonlight and the stage lights are perfectly pointing towards the crowd..

It has been 15 minutes, where is he? Where is our rock star for whom our crowd is cheering…

‘Namik ko bulao, ya paise wapas do’ scream an angry man from the crowd..

‘Ha ha’ goes along the crowd


‘Sir, everyone’s getting mad.. They’re asking for their money’ said a guy entering into Namik’s vanity..

‘Just two minutes’ replies Namik

Just then a guy enters with a paper in his hand..

‘Saale.. Kaha tha?’ Says Namik..

‘Traffic’ replies Shravan..

‘Okay.. Chal la paper’ said Namik.. He reads the paper, and learns a few lines and goes up on stage and sings the song.. The crowd starts cheering..

Shravan’s friend, Pushkar says , ” bhai.. Sab log uski lyrics ke piche pagal hai. Batata kyu nahi hai sabko, that you’re the one who writes the lyrics?

‘Nai yaar..its okay’ said Shravan..

‘Okay…’ Said Pushkar..

-Namik’s still singing-

He sees a fan cheering…

He steps down, holds the fan’s hand, and brings her to the stage..

He dances with her.. Well you’re right, that’s our second lead actor, Ariana !!

Ariana blushes, and Namik dances with her on Tere Sang Yaara, as he was singing that song.. Namik sings and dances..

Ariana and Namik share an eyelock..


Night time

Suman: it was so beautiful.. I mean..

Ariana: *interrupting* c’mon.. It was just a dance..

Suman: no it wasn’t.. He’s totally into you…

Ariana: Sumo, control.. And don’t worry, I won’t accept him, cause I know how you’re mad aboutt him…

Ariana moves out and Suman takes her laptop, and opens facebook.. She sees that Ariana’s account is logged in.. She opens Namik’s profile, and self-talks with him..

Shravan: c’mon bro.. How could you?

Namik: Chill yaar.. Dance hi toh kiya hai, pyaar kaha !!

Shravan: but you know how much I like Ariana..thenn too!

Namik: fine.. Will not happen again..

Shravan: ever again..

Namik *looks at Shravan, who’s busy using Namik’s account* Don’t tell me you’re gonna send an request..

Shravan: why not?

Namik: She’ll think I’m a despo..

Shravan: nope.. And waise bhi, I’ll talk to the great Ariana.. You don’t need to..

Namik: fine..


Suman sees that Namik sent an request

Suman: please..

Ariana: no..

Suman: but why not?

Ariana: what will I talk to him?

Suman: I would

Ariana: you sure??

Suman: yea yea.. After all he’s NAMIKK..

Ariana: Fine..

Suman accepts the request from Ariana’s account…

ShraMan *together in their respective places* Kal I’ll talk to my dream boy/girl..
Next Day

Shravan wakes up and gets coffee..
Suman does the same in her room..

Both get dressed and leave for college..


Precap: Shravan-Suman’s first meet.. That too… How??

Sorry for the short update.. Actually, I’m having my exams coming up, still..sorry
And as Ariana di wanted ff’s to be posted soon, so here’s one.. Next will be a long one, Pakka.. Till then, Goodbye!

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