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mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (promo)

KHUSHI: arnav there is a fashion show in one week to present our costumes and if the members of svc company likes our designs then we will get a great contract
ARNAV: haa yes khushi I have already started the process almost done
.after two days
ARNAV: all set khushi
KHUSHI: great now we can concentrate on the other things
.after two days
KHUSHI: arnav no how can this happen yaar
ARNAV: ha I too don’t know but he was also there in this plan
KHUSHI: arnav no it was not true,I cant believe this
ARNAV: noo khushi you have to believe.he was also there with sheetal and he only did stole our costumes as he knews very well that without that costumes we cant conduct a fashion show
KHUSHI: ok arnav I will believe you but what we will do know as there is no coustmes that you desinged and our main model also left the show
ARNAV:{with a smirk on his face}don’t worry sweetheart I have a plan
KHUSHI: what is that arnav
ARNAV: no darling you have to wait and you should support me
KHUSHI: yes I will support you
ARNAV: thank you
KHUSHI:I love you arnav
ARNAV: I love you too khushi

Who was helping sheetal in ruining ar company and what was running in arnav’s mind and what he will do as his main model went away and will he redesign those costumes……………..if you have any opions do share with me my dear friends………………..


And guysss please forgive me as I cant update for a week as they were mid exams for me so after that I will give regular updates………please forgive me

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