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Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 9

Swara’s pov

We reached Australia an hour ago and entered our room. Yes, who’s gonna stay in different rooms when I’m in a trip with him!!.. A fool would like to miss the chance. The journey was quite tiring so as soon as I reached room, I jumped on the bed. My back ached with the journey and then the long wait at the airport counter. Tough time!!..? Sanskar wasn’t here as he went for some meeting. Yeah! He had to attend one today and I didn’t mind because I know how much work’s important!!.. I slept hugging the pillow there.


Two hours later, I got up and still he wasn’t here. I sighed, walked towards the washroom and took a warm shower. I realised I didn’t bring my clothes and sighed. I shrugged and walked out, tying my bathrobe. I unpacked my bags and selected a trouser and top.

“Not these! They don’t look good on you” someone spoke and I knew who he was. He hugged me from back and kissed my nape.

“You look s*xy in this. Prefer this” he pressed my br*ast by his hand.

“Sankyy” I moaned at his touch.

“What about a shower again?” I pushed him.

“Not again. You told me we’re here for fun. Is that fun? Let’s go for some shopping” I spoke excitedly.

“One of the top models and asking me for shopping? You don’t have clothes to wear?” I turned my face angrily.

“Okay sorry baba! It’s just I wanted some time with you” he spoke poking me and pulling me into a side hug.

“In this entire month are you thinking of only that? Stupid” I poked back.

“But yours” he pecked my lips.


An hour later, we headed for shopping. More than me, he was excited. I sighed at his mood swings.

“Swara, try this” he offered me a something and as soon as I saw that I blinked at him twice, thrice, so on…

“Sanky! What’s this?” I spoke placing my hands on my hips and he shrugged “Is this what you got in the entire mall?” I shot a deadly glare.

“Not my fault” he held his hands higher, retiring “What to do when my girl is s*xy? I want you to try”

I glared at him “You want me to try this bra here? Have you gone crazy? I won’t”

“Please!” he made his puppy face. Innocent devil.

“No means no. A big No” I glared and looked around, trying not to get noticed.

“Please sweetheart!” he said jumping and hopping “Please please”

“Okay, don’t shout” I glared “Public”

I took the bra and went into one of the trial rooms. After removing my top and inner, I tried it. It looked really amazing! A netted black material and laced with red fringe all around. No doubt I looked hot when I wore it but it was too revealing and I know how Sanky would look at them.

“Are you done Swara? I’m waiting” this man. I sighed and opened the door for him to enter and closed it.

His mouth wide open as he saw me in that material “Damn you s*xy little girl” he pinned me up the wall and stared at me. I knew I had kept up more than his expectations.

“These pretty candies” his eyes shone “I love them” he held one of my br*asts and squeezed it. I moaned at the proximity. I love to be like this under his control. He kneaded my br*asts as I let out a gasp.

“I want to tear these apart” he spoke grinding against me.

“Then why did you want me to try them?”

“Because you make me feel hungry in these” I let out a gasp again as he pricked one of my nipples with his mouth. He kept grinding till I caught hold of his member.

“You like?”

“I like” I took a deep breath “Right now, inside me” I demanded.

“Yes Mam” he let out a laugh and pulled my leg up along with my skirt.

“You knew?” he asked and I shrugged.

“I knew what?”

“You wanted us to make it out here?” he smiled wickedly “I love you didn’t wear those panties” I tried hard not to smirk. Wherever we go we make it a habit of enjoying and now I knew of course what was to come!!..

He pulled my leg up and pressed my cl*t once and I gasped. He kept on playing and pressing it until I was completely wet and my juices coated his fingers. I held my head back as I was close.


“Why are you always so eager to come? Be patient” how did he know what he made me? How much I keep dreaming about him? How much I want him inside me always?

He pressed his fingers again and I kept on moaning.

“Yes, yes, yes! Oh my Sanky right there” I screamed.

“Close your mouth Swara. It’s Public”

“Why didn’t you think before starting?”

He pushed his c*ck into my entrance and I gasped. God he was making me crazy!!.. I dug my nails onto his back and he pressed my thighs.

“I’m close”

“Call my name, or you won’t be allowed”

“Sankyyy, please! Let me come”

“Call only my name” I was reaching my peak by now.

“Sankyyyy” I moaned.

“Beg me” he ordered.

“Sankyy, please let me come” I begged. He kept on thrusting deeper and harder and I couldn’t control but release. He came just behind me as he removed the c*nd*m.

My knees falling weak, he grabbed me and held me tight. We dressed ourselves and came out of the room, scared. I was scared, if anyone knew about us? It would become a big issue. I sighed as he pulled me into a hug and assured.

“How did you feel?” he asked as we sat down on the car.

“I want more” I said kissing him and undoing his shirt again. We were in the parking lot and there was no chance for anyone to catch us. He dipped his fingers onto me again and pressed me.

“Your p*ssy is wet” I smiled and pressed him more into me, as I had my second orgasm.

“I like it!” he mumbled as he groaned and pressed himself on me. His hands went up pressing my br*asts and then thrusting onto me.

“Is it good, love?”

“Excellent!” I said and kissed him again “Make it harder Sanky” he complied and I came for the third time.

“Do you want to stop?” he asked.

“No! I want more” I traveled my hands down his abs “Inside me right now” I demanded.

“As your wish Mam” he winked and proceeded as I kept on groaning, pulling himself more to me.
So the trip is for one month! ? enjoy! ?

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