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Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 1 (by Anisha)

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“Hello! Mr. Maheshwari” Mr. Singhania wished Sanskar as he entered Sanskar’s cabin.

“Hello” Sanskar wished and they shook hands.

“Anything important Mr. Singhania? You at this hour?” Sanskar asked.

“Actually, Yes. As we are doing our project together, I had something really important to tell you” Sanskar nodded indicating to continue “I wish to complete this project somewhere outside this city. You know about our rivals. Don’t you??.. and I also wish why don’t we put some brand ambassador to this project” Sanskar looked confused.

“Look Mr. Maheshwari it will put us in benefit only. If suppose, we add a celebrity to this project, people will come forward to have it. If on other ways, we make a profit of one crore, we will get thrice the amount if we opt for a brand ambassador” Mr. Singhania spoke excitedly.

“But Mr. Singhania if the product is good then definitely people will have it. I don’t think so..” he stopped when he looked at the man who was disappointed.
It was a matter of profit and no businessman would ever say no!!… Same was with Sanskar, he too was interested in the project. Mr. Singhania was most importantly a father figure to him. When his parents passed away Mr. Singhania taught him business rules and demands. He was a teacher to him as well. He is new to this industry but the man in front of him has an experience of almost 30 years. That’s enough!!..
Sanskar agreed for the accommodation.

“Mr. Maheshwari it’s not that I’m in a hurry. You can take your time to know what you want and what not..” Sanskar agreed.

“Then it’s time to leave young man! See you again” Mr. Singhania spoke and left the place.

Sanskars phone beeped and his thoughts broke.

“Hey! Honey, How’s you?” the person on the other side spoke.

“Ah! Bit busy” he stressed the busy word so that it would really sound that he was tired.

“Hmm.. me too. I’m enjoying lots you know?”


“ah!” the girl on the other side sounded irritated.


“I said I’m busy”

“So?? Ragini please don’t start again”

“What did I start? I am just asking you to..”

“Me to join you??.. I said I’m busy Ms.” And he hanged the phone.

This was their daily routine. Ragini would ask for his time and he would simply deny saying he was busy. He could never say ‘No’ because a ‘No’ would cost him, rather he said ‘busy’ quite appropriate!!..

Swasan fans don’t shout wait!!..
Hold on!!..
This is a fan fiction where you’ll find all the three pairs..
SwaSan, SwaLak and RagSan not sure about RagLak
Keep reading.. because at the end there will be a single pair only…
Don’t beat me I’m very innocent baccha!!.. ??

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