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Mr. Siddhant kapoor and his sasurJi (sidmin) (Promo and Suggestions)

Hey guys I’m back ??? u all know I’m a 10th student and I’m having board exams so it’s a bit difficult for me to post daily … So I apologise .. So today I thought of giving a promo … And at last there’s poll plz vote and for that I need ur suggestions guys .. And I was very happy seeing ur comments in my first episode ? im very happy that u all are enjoying my ff

So enjoy the promo ..


Siddhant meets amit in saloon and they both get into conversation about love marriage …

The conversation gets heated then amit gives a challenge to siddhant …

Siddhant agrees

Shipra goes and meets that baba Bala yogi ???

Then siddhant meets Jasmine (amit’s daughter) in temple with her mom

(Note that siddhant doesn’t know that she’s amit’s daughter)

Siddhant by mistake hits her scooter and they both get into fight

Siddhant decides to stay in Zain’s house

Armaan badly wants to get chance to act and sing in movies

New baba enters ..

His name is baba gajamukhabujakabhoooshana nanda ??? (I’m sorry if u are unable to pronounce the name properly???)

He’s a fake baba yet funny …

Armaan and siddhant meet somewhere and they become friends …..

The police arrests Armaan siddhant and fake Babaji gajamukhabujakabhoooshana nanda ????

The questions are

1)why did the police arrest Armaan siddhant and that fake baba gajamukhabujakabhoooshana nanda ???? ….

2)what was the challenge given by amit to siddhant ?!?!


Guys I’m planning to write an OS or FEW SHOTS for tei ..

Which couple should I choose ?!?!

Which genre should I choose ?!?!

Which title should I choose ?!?!
2)dil ki dehleez par pyar ki dastak
4)Jurassic baby
5)eh hai meri kahani

Plz help me guys … And I hope u all liked the promo .. If like if u don’t plz do leave ur comments and feedbacks … Chappals tomatoes and slaps are welcomed ?

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