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Mr. Siddhant kapoor and his sasurJi (sidmin) (episode 2)

Hey guys … I’m back .. Sorry for the late update … And I was very happy seeing ur comments in my first episode ? im very happy that u all are enjoying my ff … Today’s episode will be small .. Sorry for that becoz now I have exams …. And who all have commented love u all … Aksa dear ur comment made my day ???? thank u so much and others too …. So enjoy the 2nd Epi guys

Scene 1:
Khanna’s house.


Shipra is seen praying will Garland flowers etc … And she’s sitting …. and amit is wearing lungi ???is still reading news paper ????

Shipra : (shouts) Amit ji … Amit ji !!!!! Come here !!!

Amit : (shouts) fine !!! (To himself) nowadays Shipra is annoying a lot (throws the paper and goes to hall) Haan ..l what do u want Shipra ?!?!

Shipra : (shocked seeing Amit) what is this Amit ji ?!?! U haven’t shaved ur beard and moustache yet ?!?!

Amit : I’ve go to saloon afterwards ..

Shipra : and what r u wearing ?!?!?!

Amit : don’t u know ?!?! It’s lungi

Shipra : what ?!?! Lungi ?!?!?

Amit : lungi with stripes

Shipra : Amit ji don’t irritate me and mainly don’t irritate Babaji too … Now Go and change ur clothes

Amit : well I’m not in a mood to change clothes … And I’ve go to saloon afterwards …And wait … Baba ?!?!

Shipra : yes Amit ji … baba gajamukhabujakabhoooshana nanda .. See (pointing towards T.V) and he’s baba Bala yogi’s disciple

(So it is shown that Shipra is doing puja to T.V where baba gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda is saying some message to people in a T.V programme ???? now baba is doing meditation ???)

Amit : oh that bhooda yogi’s disciple ?!?! man this religious show … Shipra u have gone mad … And what is this baba’s name ?!?!?! (He’s unable to pronounce his name properly) bujagaga what ?!?!

Shipra : Amit ji !!!! His name is baba gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda … If u keep doing like this baba will get angry and he will leave

Amit : (laughs) well he won’t get angry and he won’t go anywhere from 7am to 7:30 am … Ektha Kapoor is sponsoring this religious show ???? how can he leave ?!

Shipra : Amit ji take blessing from baba

Amit : blessing ?!?! That too from T.V ?!?! Have u gone mad ?!?! No way

Shipra : baba ji today I want to say everything to u …

Amit : don’t u have any work rather than this ?!?!

Shipra : Babaji my daughter Jasmine is going to purchase a scooter … Which colour should she select ?!?! Which one will good for her baba ?!?!

Amit : by the way baba can’t talk he’s sleeping in the T.V show and he can’t hear us too …

Shipra : he’s meditating …

Amit : oh I see ….don’t u have any other good problem ?!?! Is this a problem ?!?! If u say about Armaan then it’s fine .. Becoz he’s a shameless idiot ..

Shipra : don’t say like that about ur son .. We should not hide anything from doctors and yogis .. Babaji my husband wrote promotion exam …. U have to help him … He wrote 8 times and he failed 8times ..

Amit : wait I’ve give u mic and u shout and say that I have failed promotion exam ..

Shipra : whatever … If he pass the exam this time he will get bonus 52000 rupees …

Amit : Shipra … As u said we should not hide anything from doctors and yogis .. It’s 50000 rupees not 52000 .. Manager will fire me if I ask 52000 ….

Shipra : whatever ji ….. Now listen baba is saying about jeeva himsa (irritating living things )

Amit : yeah currently what u r doing is also know as jeeva himsa … U r annoying me

Shipra : Amit ji !!!!

Amit : I give up …

(The programme ends and lastly a person comes and says that Babaji will be coming to ur house to give blessing … And if u want blessing plz give missed call to this number and he quits)

Shipra : wow … I want to meet this baba … I’m gonna give a missed call

Amit : (to himself) as usual she’s gonna start her puja

Scene 2:

No one are there in that saloon except 1 guy

A guy is shown and he’s cutting his own hair ???✂️✂️✂️

Siddhant enters

Siddhant : Hi Gabbar bhai !!!

Gabbar : come on siddhant bhai How r u ?!?!

Siddhant : what bhai ?!?! No one in ur saloon !?!? And ur cutting ur own hair ?!?!

Gabbar : yeah see my saloon …. Now my condition is too bad

Siddhant : oh

Gabbar : Once many people were coming to my saloon … More than 50 in one day and u won’t believe I had token system to manage the crowd

Siddhant : really ?!?!

Gabbar : yeah and nowadays only taklus (bald) are coming here for hair cut ? and shaving .. No one coming to my saloon

Siddhant : (laughs) Gabbar bhai now u have to do something so that many customers will come to ur saloon

Gabbar : really ?!?! (Sits on the chair) what should I do ?!?!

Siddhant : (sits on the chair) first of all change the name board .. It’s very weird

Gabbar : huh ?!?! Why ?!?! It’s nice ?!?! Gabbu’s hair cutting saloon

Siddhant : (gives a weird look) but instead of that Gabbu u better change the name to aishwarya rai , hema malini

Gabbar : what ?!?! How !?!?!? Hema malini ….. Hair cutting saloon ?!

Siddhant : aishwarya saloon… Anu hair cutting saloon …Try something like this gabbu bhai

Gabbar : (eyes siddhant) aishwarya hair saloon … Hmm ..ok … But Sid .. One doubt

Siddhant : say

Gabbar : actually this is men’s salon … Aishwarya is a lady … Then how can I name this saloon as aishwarya ?!?! What is the connection between aishwarya and saloon ?!?!

Siddhant : hmm …. Gabbu bhai I’ve give a small example

Gabbar : ok ..

Siddhant : U see Gabbu .. Mahela jayawardene is a male and in hindi “mahela” means woman … Then what is the relation between Mahela (woman) and jayawardene ?!?!

Gabbar : (completely puzzled) u r clearly confusing me

Siddhant : u didn’t understand right ?!?Ok I’ve give another example

Gabbar : ok

Siddhant : Rupa is a name of a woman right ?!?! Then why many people are selling male’s undergarments (sorry if it’s weird ???) using a woman’s name as a brand ?!?!? Even I’m wearing the same ??

Gabbar : woah ?!?! Now I got it Sid bhai .. But I’m not wearing it

Siddhant : huh ?!?!

Gabbar : I mean I’m not using that rupa brand ?

Siddhant : thank god ….

Gabbar : so ur saying that many customers will come if I use a woman’s name ….

Siddhant : of course

Gabbar : why should I use heroine’s name ?!?! I’ve use my mothers name

Siddhant : really ?!?!? What’s ur mother’s name ?!?!

Gabbar : shurpanaka (smiles widely)

Siddhant : (with weird face) WHAT !!!!

Gabbar : shur hair cutting saloon how’s it ?!?

Siddhant : (with fake smile) Gabbu bhai along with the name board u should change ur job too .. Instead of hair cut we will cut people’s nose in this place .. U better name this saloon as shur nose cutting saloon ..

Gabbar : Sid .. Don’t make fun of me …

Siddhant : Gabbu bhai take it easy (sees the clock) Gabbu bhai I’ve be back in 5 mins ..

Gabbar : ok

Precap : Siddhant accidentally hits Jasmine’s scooter … Baba gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda enters … Siddhant meets Amit in saloon and they both start talking but they start fighting … Siddhant shifts to Zain’s house …

Siddhant kapoor : played by siddhant Gupta
Jasmine khanna : played by Jasmine bhasin
Zain Khan : played by Zain imam
Madhesh kapoor : played by Ashok lokhande
Amit khanna : played by ashish Kaul
Armaan khanna : played by Armaan malik
Shipra khanna : played by vaishnavi mahant


Guys hope u all liked the episode and sorry for the short episode and I gave the same precap …. I have exams so I was unable to update …..If like if u don’t plz do leave ur comments and feedbacks … If u find anything weird u r free to say … Chappals tomatoes and slaps are welcomed ?

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