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Mohabbatein….Twinj ki(#20)

Hey lovely ppl…….kaun hoon mai……yaad hai aap logon ko….kruti naam ki ek ladki hai jo ye ff likhti hai……agar bhol bhi gaye toh aap logon ki fault nahi hai……Mai hoon hi itni late I am posting after about 18days……sorry guys kya karoon time hi nahi milta hai….nd to some extent even d comments discouraged me…..I was sad with d response…….nd thought of not continuing but then realised there will b atleast 1person who would genuinely like my ff so I decided to continue

Guys b frank nd tell me How many of u dont like my ff or feel it is boring…..dont think that I will feel bad coz I know its not good

Ok enough of my bak bak…..and pls tell me if u rn’t liking it I will end it asap

Recap: http://www.tellyupdates.com/mohabbatein-twinj-ki-19/

So lets begin with d 20th part



T- vo Aarav hi tha na…????
K- (though he understood he pretended not to) Kya Aarav….ab zyada bak bak mat kar chup chap aaram kar baad mein baat karte hain

As he turns to leave twinkle holds his wrist
T- Kunj I know tumhe samajh aaraha hai mai kis cheez ki baat kar rahi hoon

Kunj stands numb even without turning back while Twinkle still holds his wrist

On d other hand Aarav is seen frustrated he is throwing all d things here and there in his room
He goes to a bookshelf and rotates it and enters into a small room
He turns on d lights…..The room is filled with Twinkle’s childhood pics and a few of her recent ones

( its a bit agrressive kind of and that love mein pagal person kind of)
Once again…..once again this Kunj Sarna was rescued from falling into d trap of death[he goes towards one of twinkle’s pic](in a mad childish tone) Baby y did U come in b/w death and Kunj……u dint even think of me for once what would have happened to me if something happened to u…..if u wouldnt have come in d middle we would have been together by now…..U know na I am doing all this for us only……..(shouting in anger) Then Y did u come in between……is Kunj the only person who mayters to u…..cant u see d love what I have for u……Y did u risk ur life for him…….(again in d childish tone )(rubbing his hand on a wallposter of twinkle)……dont worry once u become alright na I will I will erase the name of that Kunj from ur life…..u will never even think of him for once……Pakka wala promise (he smirks)


Kunj is still standing numb without even trying to face Twinkle
T- pls tell me Kunj…..was that Aarav
Kunj turns to face her and cups her face
K- twinkle u rest now we will talk about it later on
T- Kunj just once tell me Yes or No…????
K- Twinkle y r u being stubborn…..doctor has adviced u not to take stress …..we will talk abt it later on u rest for now
T- Just tell me Yes or No
K- Ok fine…..haan it was Aarav only

Twinkle’s eyes become moist. She had many questions in her mind as to y her best friend would do that
Kunj observes her tears and tries to cheer her up

K- vaise ek baat toh manna padhega tera dost na tujhse zyaada samajhdar hai…..usse pata chalgaya ki mai tere liye kya feel karta hoon but tujhe nahi samajh aaya…..avain khud ko beauty with brains ka khitab deti phirti hai
T- accha ji vo intelligent aur mai bevakuf….????
K- aur nahi toh kya
T- aagar mai bevakuf hoon toh tum mujhse bhi baade bevakuf ho…..maana ki mujhe samajh nahi aya but tumhe bhi toh nahi pata chala ki mere dil mein kya feelings hain
K-(with a bit attitude nd firm voice) mujhe pata chalgaya tha par……
T- parr….kya parr……Sadu kahin ka
K- kya bola phir se bol
T- sadu sarna
K- Syappa queen
T- Sadu sarna
K-Syappa queen
saying this he starts tickling twinkle both of them burst into laughter

All this was being observed by Usha and leela for a window.Both of them were happy seeing their kids happy with eo.They look at each other and smirk happily


Ok guys sorry for a short update….just support me for a few more days I promise I will end this one soon dont think I am blackmailing u guys I dont have anyideas in my empty head so I will end it

pls comment for a few more days nd then u wont have to bare me

Love u all

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