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Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#18)

Bina zyada bak bak ke

Here’s d 18th part



The doctor leaves

L- heey vaheguru…….what kind of test is this? meri bacchi ko theek kardo…..don’t let anything happen to Twinkle
U- vaise how did all this happen?
Kunj explains everything about the incidents that happened in the godown how twinkle came infront of Kunj…but he dint reveal abt Aarav

S-who is this that is behind Uv Kunj Twinkle and us all
Kunj stands silent
Uv- Auntyji he’s no one but Aarav.
Everyone r shocked to hear this
L- Aarav…..but he’s Twinkle’s friend..why he would do this
Uv- don’t know why but it was Aarav only.

Just then d Doctor passes by Kunj goes to him

K- Dr can I see Twinkle….pls
Dr- but
K- Dr…pls for 5 mins only….pls
Dr-okk…we have shifted her to ICU, you can meet her, but don’t disturb or stress her about anything.
K- thank u Dr…thank u soo much

He enters d ICU…..he was just not able to see Twinkle in that condition Tears were just not stoping he goes and sits beside her .He takes her hand in his hand still crying….he speaks

K- Twinkle open your eyes once…..have to tell you many things to you……i know you must be enjoying to bother me but I cant bear all this yar…pls get up, I can’t see you like this…..open your eyes for once

A tear drop falls on Twinkle’s hand ……..after a few seconds of silence…….Twinkle starts breathing heavily
Kunj gets tensed he calls out for the doctor
The nurse and Doctor come in
Dr- Mr.Sarna aap pls bahar jayiye
K- par….twinkle
Dr- pls bahar jayiye

Kunj is sent out forcefully

After sometime d doctor comes out
L- Dr twinkle theek toh hai na
Dr- relax leelaji Twinkle aab bilkul theek hai her pulse rate is almost back to normal bas in a little more time she will be back to consious

All r delighted to hear this

L- Heey vaheguru…..tera lakh lakh sukar hai meri Twinkle theek hai
K-Aunty nothing can happen to Twinkle as long as I ……I mean we all are with her
K- Uv, take Aunty and maa home, I will stay here.
L- par kunj puttar ek baar twinkle ko hosh aajaye to
K- you don’t worry aunty, I will call you as soon as Twinkle regains consciousness.

But still Leela was not satisfied after all she is d mother
When everyone forces her she reluctantly agrees

All of them left……Kunj goes and sits beside Twinkle holding her hand (Twinkle is still Unconsious)

K- Thank god Twinkle you are okay……you scared me for little while……who told you to come in between…..Goli tujhe lagi aur jaan meri nikal gayi thi…..for moments I felt like I lost you…….but in all this..one good thing happened, finally my heart overpowered my brain…..everything I didn’t listen to my heart and listed to brain instead. But today seeing you go away from me, I realized that my brain was always wrong……..I realized how much I love this pagal and jhalli girl……Yes Twinkle…..I Love U a lot…..today I realized that I have fallen for the girl with whom I use to fight like cat’s and dogs……pls jaldi se poori tarah theek ho ja taki mai tujhse confess kar sakoon ki main tumse kitna pyaar karta hoon……jaldi theek ho ja yar tere bina aab nahi reh sakta mai

Suddenly the smile on his face fades away and he places twinkle’s hand back on d bed and speaks

K- I just hope ki mera pyar ek tarffa(one sided) na ho

saying this he turns to leave …….but there is a voice

“Nahi hai tumhara pyaar ek tarffa”……….

Hope u liked d epi
Ok so be frank and tell me how many of u guys expected confession

Did u like d way Kunj confessed his feelings????
Do tell me through ur comments
All d readers and specially silent readers pls comment guys……a request from my side…..pls

Love u all???

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