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Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#16)

Hey lovely ppl……I am back with another epi of my ff

Recap: Anita agrees for Yuhi’s marriage…..Uv gayab…..Twinj and Mahi in search of Uv


So here is d 16th part…..hope u like it

A dark Godown is shown and there is someone tied to a chair…..kaun hai ye someone????Uv is tied to d chair
Some goons r sitting beside him and playing cards while one of the goons gets a call
G-yes boss
P- vo ladke ko hosh aya
P-theek hai acche se khayal rakhna koi gadbad nahi honi cahiye pehle hi aadha plan bigad diya ab to bakhi kaam theek se karo
G- haan boss dhyan se karenge

Now d person’s face who was on d call is revealed its AARAV


Aarav shows a pic to some goons
It was a pic in which Twinkle was in d middle and Uv towards her right and Kunj towards her left
A-iss photo mein jo aadmi left side mein hai usse Kidnap karna hai…..sirf kidnap karna hai usse mai apne hatton se marunga
Aarav tells d person in the pic according to twinkle’s left but u know na goons r way toooo intelligent and they thought its their left side and kidnapped Uv(hope u rn’t confused)

flashback after kidnap——–
A-U fools…..i dint tell u to kidnap this person
G- aapne isse hi bola tha na
A- bevakuff…..aab kya karen……ek kaam karo isse yahin par baandh kar rakho main kuch karta hoon

flashback ends———-

On the other hand Twinj and mahi return back to taneja mansion disheartened as they couldn’t find Uv it late midnight

Al of them r very tensed Mahi and Anita are constantly crying
Time is passing by everyone is too tensed

Its almost 6 in d morning
Kunj recieves a call from Aarav
A-Gud mrng Kunj
K-haan bolo
A- y do u sound so low
K- nothing tell me y did u call so early in d mrng
A- yes actually I saw Uv at an old godown outside d town yesterday evening…..i wonder y he was there
K– what????kahan tell me the exact address
A-okk….but y r u so tensed
K- Aarav mere paas time nahi hai….pls tell me where u saw Uv
A-ok I will msg u d address
K- fine jaldi msg karo

Aarav hangs up d call and smirks evily

A-aao Kunj sarna Tumhari maut tumhara intejar kar rahi hai

On d other hand Kunj tells everyone abt what Aarav said him
Anita wanted to accompany him but they forced her not to
Twihi and Kunj leave for d place where they could mostly find someclue abt Uv……unknown abt d upcoming dangers they left from Taneja mansion

After traveling for about an hour
They reach a lonely place situated far away from d town…….it was a lonely place with open fields around and in middle was an old burnt structure

Twihi start searching for Uv in one direction and Kunj started searching for him in another direction

Suddenly some ppl tie a handkerchief on Kunj’s mouth cover his face with a black bag kind of cloth and drag him away……..All this happened within a fraction of second and Kunj did not have any time to react
Twihi weren’t in d surroundings of Kunj so they had no idea abt these happenings

After a while Twihi find Uv tied to a chair and was unconsious
Only 1 goon was roming around Uv
Twinkle silently crept towards him with a rod which she found lying beside her
She banged d rod onto d goons head with all her power
The goon fell on d ground with a thud
Twihi approached Uv and untied him
They were constantly trying to bring him back to consious
Twinkle was calling out for Kunj……but when she dint recieve any response she went in search of him

On d other hand
In d open fields

Few goons r holding Kunj firmly and Kunj is trying to free himself with all his energy
Suddenly a man comes from behind and places a gun on his head from behind


Hey guys hope u liked d epi…….sorry if it was boring and if u felt it was short…….its not that i dint wanna write further………I just wanted to leave u ppl in suspence

The nxt epi is gonna b a spcl one……Something which u wouldnt have expected is gonna happen……keep thinking until i post d nxt part

I will mostly post it on Tuesday or Wednesday…….Till then Keep thinking and keep Smiling??

Love u all???

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