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Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 6

In the bedroom all the family was gathered .

Yamini : I’m very happy . My grandchild is coming .I’m becoming dadi again.


Shivanya : Yeah aunty!  I’m also happy . Shesha do you want a boy or a girl?

Shesha :  (blushes) Whatever Ritik wants…

Ritik gets angry while looking at her face. Shivanya gets a call and she goes out of the room .

Over the phone
Shivanya : Hello
Person : Recognize me .
Shivanya : Who are you
Person : You forgot me ?
Shivanya : Hello, is it a wrong number?
Person : No, don’t cut the call Shivu.
Shivanya : Shivu…. Is it you Uday ?
Person : Right my lady!  I’m Uday .
Shivanya : Uday ! Long time no see.

Uday : Shivanya, I want to meet you and your …
Shivanya : My …
Uday :Your hubby!  I mean your pati parmeshwar .
Shivanya : I’m a widow uday ! (When she told this , Ritik was right behind her .)
Uday : Sorry Shivanya.
Shivanya : Its ok ! By the way i want to meet you .
Uday : Come to empires hotel .
Shivanya : I will come with Shivika .bye then .
Call ended .

Ritik dragged Shivanya and locked her in a room .

Ritik: What were you saying ? Who was in the phone ? Tell me ! Tell me ! (Shouts )

Shivanya : Leave me .

Ritik :  Who was that ? Answer me .

Shivanya : He was Uday ! My friend.

Ritik : Listen one thing carefully you’re not a widow .

Ritik takes up the knife beside him and cut his hand . He puts his blood in Shivanya’s maang. He goes away . Shivanya stands there shocked.

In the afternoon

Shivanya was going somewhere when Yamini called her.

Yamini : Where are you going?

Shivanya : To meet my friend . He is coming and after meeting, he will go .

Yamini : Why ? Call him here only ok ?

Shivanya : Thank you aunty !

Yamini goes from there . Shivanya calls Uday and tells him . She goes to change clothes . While going she hears some noises from Ritik’s bedroom. She goes inside and stands near a wall hiding herself.

Ritik : What have you done ?

Shesha : What Ritik ?

Ritik : I’m not going to give this child my name .

Shesha : Ritik ! (Holds his hand )

Ritik :  Leave me (Throws her to the ground)If you want to live with me then you have to do abortion.

Shivanya comes from back and slaps Ritik. 

Ritik : Shivanya. .

Shivanya : What you said now?  Are! Abortion my foot . I can’t expect this from you . Shame on you.

In the evening,

Everyone was sitting in the living room and chatting when Uday came .

Uday : Shivanya!

Shivanya : Uday

They both hug! Seeing this , Ritik gets sad. Uday meets everyone and goes to his room. 

Uday : Shivanya,  do you know the reason why I came here ?

Shivanya : No

Uday :  Don’t you remember?

Shivanya : What are you saying Uday ?

Precap : Uday and Ritik to fight .

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