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Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 39

Mohabbat,Pyaar,love- 39 & 40

So as in my ff, Arshi and Kabitha met in bglre and fell in love….Arshi confessed first and Kabitha second….And there was no preet in real life it was just my created negative character! It’s from the beginning I am going to explain in just a loong epi.


Love is not about how much time you spend, how caring he/she is,how much he/she can do for you….It’s all about sacrifices…Sacrificing one’s own feelings and all that you could do for a single person…You know that you both are more than a friend when both of you start enjoying the comfort-friend zone between you…as a friend you just enjoy the time spend together but you never enjoy the comfort-friend zone…This is how Arshi and Kabitha fell in love deeply.

Arnav.Singh.Raizada-male protagonist 1
Khushi.Chopra- Female protagonist 1
Kabir.Ray-Male protagonist 2
Ishita.Mathur- Female protagonist 2
Aman.Khurrana-Male protagonist 3
Anjali.Singh.Raizada-Female protagonist 3

Arshi and Kabitha met in bglre and all started from hatred….The foursome were growing closer as friends….and Amjali were added to the group….Amjali knew eachother before.Arshi’s engagement ceremony brought Kabir and his family back to him as explained in my ff.But instead of Preet…Kabir’s father saw Kabir hugging Ishita and misunderstood their friendship and made a big drama in the hall.And after that whatever happened was explained in my ff….Then they reach delhi for marriage….And about Karankita.in real life,Ankz is not sister of Arnav and Anjali instead she is an orphan and Karan married her as both loved each other a loot. Ankz and Anjali knew eachother since school days and both were bestfriends…So both saw eachother as family. After coming to delhi till marriage everything I wrote was correct except the preet scene…There was a P.A whom Kabir unknowingly kissed….Shyam who came to see Anjali was the PA’s czin…And in the last scene like the marriage…Kabir’s father hadnt forgiven him…and he was not ready to accept Ishu so both married each Other secretly…But Ishu’s family knew and Kabir’s mom also.And atlast his father was forced to accept.But now he is really happy with whatever happened!

So the real names of people and their relationship between eachother is given below:

Aashit as ASR
Riya as Khushi
Kabir as Kabir.R
Ahana as Ishita
Rohit as Karan
Keerti as Ankita
Harry as Aman
Aliya (or Sarah,her church name) as Anjali

And the relation goes like:
Kabir works in Aashit’s office. Aashit and Harry are bestfriends and Kabir,Harry,Aashit became bestfriends…Aliya is Aashit’s younger sister.Keerti and Aliya are bestfriends since childhood…Rohit married Keerti, Aashit and Ahana met and became good friends.Harry and Aliya had a close friendship bond but they grew closer after going to bglre.Rest is as described in my ff.Ahana and Rohan are siblings

So thank you to all those who read this…As a treat I wanted to reveal the real names of the people though it was a strict warning from them not to reveal their names ??.I will be back after sometime with a new short ff just like this one and the previous one?.And last but not the least thank you for taking your valuable time in reading and commenting on my ff..Love you guys!

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