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Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 38

Mohabbat,Pyaar,love 38
Next day morning,
Marriage preparations are going on….Arbir in room are tensed
Arnav whispers something in Kabir’s ears….Kabir smile naughtily
Arnav:I know right
Kabir(to himself):I am sorry for hurting you Karan,uncle and aunty!
Arnav:Come on we will move
Kabir:Its in the evening!

Its evening,
All are waiting for Arnav in chopra house,
Lalita(Khushi’s mom):Baarat nikhal chukki hai (Barat has started)
A group of people dance and sing and enter the hall.Arnav who was in a horse lifts his zehra and looks up to Khushi’s room…. He smiles as he sees his love standing there blushing and looking extremely beautiful in a wedding lehenga.She runs from there because of shyness
Kabir observes Kiya all the while.


After sometime,
Arnav is made to sit in the mandap….the pandit chants mantras.Suddenly kabir notice kiya/preet moving aside…he observes her keenly but ends up infront of Ishu and misses Preet/Kiya

Ishu:Whats this Kabir? Why didn’t u meet me till now?
Kabir:Sorry dear…I was so busy….!
Ishu hugs him and says:I missed you the whole day
Kabir:Me too (he release himself from the hug)
Ishu:What are you hiding? Why are u behind Kiya?

Ishu:Dont act stupid! She was the one whom you kissed and now you are asking who is she?
Kabir:Oh…Her name was Kiya….I forgot
Ishu:Kabir still you are hiding something from me?
Kabir:Nothing Ishu!…Now lets enjoy our friends marriage…
Kabir holds her hand and moves forward and stands near the mandap…Arshi smile seeing Kabitha….Arshi looked excited…..Kabir faked happiness…Ishu was also excited!

After sometime Arshi were asked to stand for the rounds
Kabir holds Ishu’s hand and takes her to another side
Ishu:What are you doing?
He close her mouth with plaster and makes her wear a varmala…A pandit chants mantras…Ishu was being dragged by Kabir….Both stand for rounds and Ishu takes rounds with Kabir happily…….Kabir get confused but he continues the rounds….He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills her forehead with sindoor
Pandit:Shaadi sambhan hue (The marriage is complete)

A big scream is heard.Ishu hugs Kabir…Both move towards the direction where the scream was heard and get shocked to see Preet holding a knife and Shyam holding her crossed….

All run to Preet (including Arshi) and get shocked to see that Kabitha are married.
Ishu’s father:Ishu!Whats this?
Karan:Why didn’t you say that you wanted to get married….we would have done it in a grand way
Prakash(Kabir’s dad):Yes Karan is right
Ishu’s dad:Yes beta…why would I say no to your love
Kabir(interrupt):I will say…To get rid of preet I did this drama!
Preet(shouts):I will not leave you Kabir and Ishu

Shyam:I will put you in mental hospital
Anjali and Aman control their laugh at Shyam’s statement
Khushi:But Kabir…..How did you know that it was Kiya who was acting as Preet
Arnav:Shyam phoned us
Ankz:But…Kabir and Ishu I am happy for u both!
Other look at her
All:We all are happy for them
Ankz:i just said.

Kabir:Let me call in the mental hospital
Shyam:I had already called when she was trying to stab Ishita
Ishu:Ah (screams and holds Kabir tight)
Kabir consoles her…Karan and her dad comes and stands near her….As for a girl,she needs a brother by her side, a father for knowing the world, a life partner for creating a new world for herself and her heirs (The quote by great Ishita acc to my ff)

Ishu smiles and feels pride in being a girl!

Preet was put in an asylum….Shyam married another girl…Nani fixed Anjali’s marriage with Aman and all are good now!Arshi and Kabitha are enjoying their married life…And real Khushi is pregnant now

*And this is the end to my ff…I will be explaining the real story in my next two episodes with real names!Thanks and cheers to all those who have been a tremendous and constant support for this ff…I will be grateful to all of you for taking your valuable time to read my stupidity(lol)…..Thanks to many people in and out of TU who had been giving me feedbacks through whatsapp and comments….Love you all….Wishing that all of you will have a better life ahead

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