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Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 37


Haldi ceremony is going on in Khushi’s house,


Suddenly a car stops in front of her house and all get amused…Khushi’s mom looks at the group of people and get shocked!
Khushi’s mom:Ji dekhiye kaun aaya hai (Ji see who has come?)
Khushi’s father comes out and smiles
Shashi:Arre ma ji aayiye…Anjali bitiya,Ankita bitiya sab log aayiye (ma ji please come in and all of you plz come in)
Ishu also comes and gets happy to see Kabir…She search for Arnav but doesnt find him anywhere
Ishu(to Kabir):Where is Arnav?
Kabir:Is that something you ask to your boyfriend?
Ishu:Shut up!Tell me where is he?
Kabir:Woh…He said he is not coming
Khushi:What!? Why?
Kabir:Ah…I dont know
Khushi:Hmm…Tell to Arnav ji that I will not talk to him from today
Arnav(enter):Excuse me!Shut up…if u dare dont talk to me…
Khushi:What will u do?
Arnav:I will (moves closer)…
Khushi (nervous):Will…..
Arnav holds her by waist:Will….
Khushi(highly nervous):Will……..?
Arnav kiss on her cheeks….Khushi widens her eye
Khushi runs to her room because of shyness…Others tease Arnav
Arnav:I have the right guys
Kabir holds Ishu sideways
All again:Awww….Kabir and Ishu…
Kabir:What? She was about to fall and I just saved her
Anjali:By holding her sideways?
Others laugh!

The ceremony start,

Ishu applies haldi for Khushi and Kabir to Arnav….Banno re banno meri….re kabira maan ja re kabira yun na ja (Kabira plays)

After Kabitha applying both go out and see eachother and smile
Ishu:Why did you come here?
Kabir:Simply…Why did u come here
Ishu:To be frank to see you…I came here
Kabir:How did you know I will be here
Ishu:Just a guess
Ishu smiles
Kabir:So…Ms.Ishita.Mathur (touch her cheeks…The haldi in his hands get transferred in her cheeks)
Ishu:Whats this Kabir!? (She applies some haldi from her hand)
Both play applying haldi
Kabir gets a call and he goes inside house shocked!

After haldi,
All go back to their house
Nani:So we will meet tomorrow
Arnav winks at Khushi…Khushi blush
Kabir was disturbed and Ishu notice that….Kabir says something to Arnav and Arnav also gets disturbed
Ishu signs Kabir:Whats the matter
Kabir smiles and says secret!
Ishu smiles
Khushi also feels that Arbir are hiding something
Khushi signs Arnav
Khushi:Something is there tell me
Arnav(smiles):Nothing friends secret

All leave..Khushita become happy

At night-Arnav’s room,
Arnav:What will we do now
Kabir:I am tensed for Ishu……I know she will not harm u or Khushi
Arnav:I will give you a plan…By the way how come you came to know?
Kabir:Shyam called me!
Arnav:Thank him….He is a pure soul!
Kabir nods.

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