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Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 34




After a week,
Wedding preparations are going on..! All have reached back to delhi along with nani…The marriage was after 7days…The groom and bride are impatient.Amjali marriage is fixed…Ishu’s dad has started smelling something fishy between Kabitha…Ishu has already told about their relationship to her mom.Karankita are happy.Nani as always is soo happy to see her children happy.

A small bachelor party was planned for Arnav and Khushi by girls and boys separately in the same place.The party was at same time also…All girls arrive and go to the venue…followed by boys.

Anjali:I miss Ankz di…if she,was here it would have been fun.
Ishu and Khushi nod
Khushi:But we three are there na we will have fun! (Screams yeah!!)
‘Whats fun without me?’ A voice from behind…All turn back and it was Ankz….!
Ankz:Karan has allowed me to enjoy the party by only sitting somewhere
Ishu:Thats ok u are here and thats the best part!
Anjali:Lets partyy
The girls party hard with beer..ankz doesnt drink.

Karan join them nd talks about girls partying on the other side…Arbirman get excited…They drink beer and enjoy
Kabir(drunk state):Karan…I love your sister a loot and I want to marry her
Karan(drunken state):U can marry her….My sis is lucky to get a well mannered not like you
Kabir and Karan hug each other.
Arnav(drunk):I want to see Khushi

Girls side,

Khushi(drunken);I want to see Arnav ji

Khushi runs out of the room so as with Arnav…Both of them see eachother…Others follow them.Khushi moves towards Arnav…Rabba ve plays….Both hold eachother but realise that it was a mirror and both of them were standing parellel
Arshi laugh

Arnav hugs Khushi
Arnav:I wanted to meet u and u came here
Khushi:Me too…I also wanted to meet you and you came to see me
Rabba ve plays as both get lost in eachother.

Ishu and Anjali get shocked to see Ambir.
Ishu(drunken state) moves to Kabir and slips and falls down but Kabir holds her both get lost in eachother…Rang dey plays

Karan holds Ankz..(PS.Karan is drunk a lil and Ankz is angry at him).Karan asks sorry Ankz forgive me and hugs him….Yeh hai mohabbatein plays

Aman moves to Anjali in filmy style..Anjali slaps him
Anjali(drunken):How dare u drink?
Aman:U also drank right?
Anjali:Tum mujhse tang lada rahe ho (You are back answering me?)
Aman:No….I wont repeat it baby
Anjali:Gud for you
Anjali hugs him and says I love you

They formed a square hugging eachother seeing them like this other couples thought that they were dancing and joined them…Suddenly the entrance hall turned in to a party hall….Music plays Arshi,Kabitha,Karankita and Amjali leave from there…They head back home after some fun.

At home,
All come drunk except Ankz..Nani is angry seeing them like that
Nani:Arent u people ashamed?(looking at girls)
Ishu:Whats…(Arnav signs her to be quiet)
Khushita nd Anjali keep their head down and stand
Nani:Now no reply…if u people where doing bachelor party y didnt u call me? (Smiles naughtly)
Anjali,Khushi and Ishu runs and hugs her..Nani smiles
Anjali:I have a beer bottle u want?
Nani:No…Let’s have it together

They have fun with Nani.

*Sorry for short updates as from today daily it will be pre-wedding programs which will be along with some fun…So wait for the loong shaadi epi guys!

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