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MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 3)

Hello my darlings!! I’m here…Thank you sooooo much for your love and support for me. Sorry i couldn’t came to comment section of previous update of WOS as i stuck up with some personal stuff.Here is the next chapter..

Chapter 3 : People Never Change


As I crossed the auditorium of college, I knew I was in hell at least for good two hours, especially since Lara and Sophie were present. I sat down on the floor and begun to stretch out. I was sitting in faraway corner that I couldn’t be bothered, but enough close so that I can hear Lara’s clique talk.

“I can’t believe he dumped me…for her..It’s not like that she was going to sleep with him…”

I rolled my eyes on her disgusting thought and continued listening. Everyone in the group contribute passing nasty comments. The overall group thought Neil Malhotra lost his brain to choose plain, ordinary and nerd Sam over the hot and s*xy Lara.

My mind kept on running while listening to their talk. I conclude that shit heads like them never understand man and women could still be the Best friends. I didn’t have feeling for Neil, at least not like that way, and I knew he too didn’t see me more than friend. I was happy with this relationship that I had with Neil. If I would need him, he would be there for me and vice versa. Friendship is great thing with few complications.

I heard a whistle of Coach Fernandez indicating that it was time to start practice. Within a minute we all gathered up and started our run around college campus. I always hated this running part. Whenever we slow down couch started whistle again.
I tried to stay away from Lara and Sophie though. They were couch’s pet..Several times using their flirting skills they tried to kick me out of the team. But I was lucky and played well and he would tell them that I was important for team.

“Hey Sam, how do you feel that you are the reason of Lara and Neil’s broke up? “

Sophie was running enough that she could catch up and then kept the pace with me. I rolled my eyes and continued running. I don’t want to justify for with that response. I kept running and she punched me on my arm.

“Are you f**king deaf, Sam? What the hell you have to say about it?”

“I don’t control Neil, Sophie. He does what he wants, and if doesn’t want to date Lara, then he doesn’t want to date her..its simple..”

I noticed other girls from their group were nearing me. I knew I had to get back to couch as soon as possible before they decided to pull something on me. I picked pace and ran off as fast as I can. Lucky me, I ran daily which helped me.

I got back to auditorium and continued to stretch my mussels. Within a few minutes of me finishing my exercise, rest of the team joined me. The eyes of my team were cold and calculative. They were planning something.

Couch paired me with Sophie while playing doubles. They just wanted to make my life miserable. The best one when Sophie tried to trip me by striking her leg out while hitting the shuttle. I saw what she was planning to do, so stumble myself on floor to prevent myself from getting hurt.

“ Sam, you alright? “

Coach was over checking out my ankles. I turned to look up into Sophie’s smug look. She wanted me hurt and out of the team. I wasn’t going to let her do that to me.

“Couch, I’m fine..just tripped..see”

I jumped up to my feet and jumped up and down several times to ensure him I wasn’t hurt. Finally he looked at me and let it go. The look of disappointment in group’s eyes that I hadn’t hurt in the fall was indescribable. Stupid b***ces

Couch called us to resume the practice. After playing for good twenty minutes I was drawn out,sweat was dripping from my ponytail. I tuned to see Neil sitting on benchers waiting for me. His smile told me I was safe for the moment . He wouldn’t let me hurt by Lara or her friends. Then I noticed Lara and Sophie looking at Neil sitting up there and both were trying looking good by his sides to impress him. I looked up at him and he smiled and rolled his eyes to indicate that he wasn’t impressed with their flirting. I couldn’t help but I started to giggle.

“What to so damn funny, Sam ?”
My eyes locked with Lara’s red anger filled eyes. I then noticed Neil’s getting tense up . he knew I was in trouble. I looked at him to stay where he was though. I wanted to try handle her by myself.If I couldn’t , I wouldn’t object him to come to my help.

“that you think that I’m the reason of Neil and your broke up”

“well..you are..we were doing great until I told him to dumped his little geek friend”

I felt my blood boil but I decided to not give any justification.

“ohhh…did I touch your nerve, Sam? I bet you wish you are the person who washing his brain against me..but let me bust your little bubble…he would never touch a nerd like you”

The next thing happened which surprised me. I slapped her in the face, causing her to kiss the floor. I hadn’t noticed Neil ran to me and held me from back to prevent me from going back to her.

“ Lara what the hell meaning of this irresponsible behavior? “

Coach came to us and it seems he heard and saw what all just happened.

“Neil, don’t let her go….and Lara I’m not going to tolerate this kind of behavior afterwards. If you can’t get your act together, I’m done with you..Am I clear?”

I turned to glare at him. He continued to laugh as he let me go.

“I didn’t know I had little fighter for a best friend” he chuckled in my ears

“What did you expect me to do? After so long, you had to rub off me, don’t you think?”

Couch dismisses our practice early. I didn’t change or anything, but just grabbed my thing and ran. Neil was waiting for me outside the door of locker room.
Lara and Sophie came marching up towards me, but before I could face them, Neil stepped in front of me.

“ Stay away from Sam, Lara. Else you will responsible for its consequence..”

“ What the hell, Neil..Because of this b***c I got suspended for next three games….”

“ Lara..you are in no position to face me..you came after her..i will make sure you will regret later…”

“ what you think you are going to do Neil If I hurt this little b***c…”

I saw Neil going to act something irrational , but I grabbed his arm. He turned back to me and grabbed my hand.

“c’mom Sam. Let’s get out of here”

I turned back to look at the cold stare of Lara and Sophie. He noticed it and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me out of the auditorium.

As soon as we came outside, I let out a scream in frustration.

“I hate her!! she is insane…”

Neil was used to about my ranting about Lara..I actually tried my level best to stay away from her..but only badminton practice was the only time I had to deal with her.

“I know..I’m sorry Sam that you had to deal with that”

We stood in silence and then he went to pull his car from parking lot.

“Hey, s*xy….”

My eyes locked on the person that I didn’t want to see, Tony. He thought he was hot and s*xy, a real ladies man. I tried to back up away from him, but he kept closing the distance and I ended up pinned against the rock wall of the auditorium. He kept his both hand on either side of my shoulders and caged me.

“you always seem to run to get away from me..why is that?”

“Tony, if you don’t get away from Sam right now , you ended up in hospital bed”

I glanced to see furious Neil glaring draggers at Tony. Tony didn’t move and kept his stance in front of me.

“You know Neil, you should let your friend decide if she wants me to leave.”

Neil looked at me to see what I wanted. I didn’t need to say anything , by my look he can understand I didn’t want Tony in front of me…He brought back his gaze on Tony.

“unless you don’t want to repeat what happned in 10th grade…Move your dirty hands. LET.SAM.GO”
I shuddered as he mentioned that. I couldn’t forget that.

“Hey Sam”
I was walking with my gaze glued to the ground. Tony reached out , stopped me and blocked my way.

“I’m in hurry, my dad is waiting..Let me go Tony ”

Tony bothering me after school was becoming regular things. Normally Neil always with me and led me my house.but today he was busy in something.

Tony walked towards me as if he was stalking an animal that I would became his prey.I watched he take off my glasses and stared me for a moment. He then started to lean..his lips coming closer to mine…

“Get the hell away from her”

Out of nowhere , Neil slammed on tony and threw him on ground

“what are you doing Neil?”

“you touched my best friend”

“ I was just talking man…”
“ Looked like you tried to kiss her when she didn’t you want to…”

Neil then drew back his fist and punched him on his face.he didn’t stopped and kept punching Tony mercilessly. Lucky Tony, teachers ran to his rescue when they got the news of Neil beating Tony.

Neil got suspended from school for whole week and on other hand Tony learnt his lesson with his broken nose and swollen face that if he touched me he would have to face Neil..He didn’t come in my way after that..Untill now….

My thought returned to present when I saw that burning rage again in Neil’s eyes. Tony started trembling. Neil wasn’t a huge guy but he could put Tony in more hurt that he could imagine for himself.

“When you get rid of this bodyguard friend of yours, Sam, come to see me…to find out what a real man is like….”

He turned and sauntered out towards parking lot. I looked down to look my hands shaking and I dropped the bag from hand.

“ You okay Sammy??”

I nodded in positive tone. He bent down and picked up my stuff and led me towards the car. I climbed in and he turned on the ignition and pulled car out of lot.

Normally, I talked all the time we drove, but I sat silent. I watched lane of house getting blur. I saw he was watching me from rear mirror. Still I kept quiet. Finally he pulled the car in front of my house. I got out and started to walk towards home.


I turned to find him getting out of the car and ran to catch up with me.

“whats wrong?”

I sighed and sat on the steps.he sat down next to me, he eyes never leaving me.

“People never change..” I sighed again “ they just keep doing same thing over the over again..and keep hurting people around…”

“What brought that up?”

“ Seeing Lara, sophie and Tony..they still act like we are kids and that they can throw tantrum and get their way. Like Lara she thought hurting me she can get you back….”

Neil remained silent and in deep thinking.

“Well…I hope we never change Sam..” He muttered.

Sometimes, Neil surprised me saying deep things..But yes he was right whatever happened we never change and would be friends always. Best Friends Forever. However, I had that feeling something would come and eventually tore us apart..
“ I hope you’re right Neil….”

I got up and grabbed the hidden key from behind the window and unlocked the door of my house. I went inside and Neil followed me. I found a small note stick on the fridge surface.

Beta sorry something important came up and we have to run to Caligut and we will be back by tommarrow noon.If you want to stay, you can stay with Radhika. Be careful. We love you.

Mom & Dad

“Looks like you gonna stay at my house tonight”

I turned to glare at him. I loved Radhika dearly but sometimes she was very hyper to let me do anything I want to.

“I hope Radhika and Nandini already have their plan..I want to relax”

“ Grab you stuff fast and we will head straight to the garage. They won’t know you are there until they come back..After they will leave we will get back to house and enjoy movie..it will just be us”


I ran upstairs and packed my stuff and came back to hallway and found Neil staring my pictures hanging on wall having my childhood pictures. He noticed me and grabbed my bag from my hand..He was complete gentleman always, especially for me always.

I locked the door and put back the key behind the window. He threw my bag at backseat of the car. He pulled car on the drive. Again we rode in silence..It seems he lost in some deep thoughts. When he lost in thoughts I wonder what’s going in his mind. Sometimes he was so secretive. I continued to look outside. Thinking what going on Neil’s head…..

So how’s this?
Missing Neil’s thought. Next will be his POV.
Please read and Comment. I loves to read you views!!

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