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MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 2)

Hello My darlings!!! Thank you so much for your immense Love and Support for this story..I was badly busy in work thats despite writing half chappy it takes me forever to complete this chappy…My little bride may be on or after sonday..

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Chapter 2 : Doubting the Friendship

Neil loves his car. It’s not just any car through. Range Rover Sport.Midnight blue with black top. The car was his life. He loves working in his garage due to this immense love for cars. Some days he never leaves his garage, which was located at Neil’s house. He finally got his car when we were in first year. It was his pride and joy. He drove like mad man at times.

When we reached to our college St. Xavier, He turned the car at parking lot it slung me across the car and almost into his lap.

“ You know you have to hold on to something, Sammy”

I turned to look at him with disgust but he gave me that sparkling smile and I couldn’t stay mad at him. He pulled car into the space and we got out of the car rushing towards the building one. Luckily we had first lecture with Mr. Kapoor sir. The tardy bell was ringing as soon as we reached the class room and located our seat at the back. Mr. Kapoor, however didn’t like Neil much and normally gave him hard times.

“ Neil, I hope this isn’t going to be problem this year..as this is your last year….” Mr Kapoor said as he came to us.

I turned to look at him. He glanced my way and looked as if wanted to give very smart reply to Mr. Kapoor . Glaring at him to keep his mouth shut, he smiled back “ No. Kapoor Sir..”

Mr. Kapoor was shocked as he went back to what he was doing without a word. I let out a sigh of relief what happened. Last year I have to help Neil way too many times to get out of the trouble for giving hard time to Mr.Kapoor. Finally I felt that I wasn’t being watched, I elbowed him at side.

“If you start the crap again, I won’t help you..”

He chuckled “ Come on Sammy, you too find it funny…”
“ Not really. I got to have this class Neil. You have to behave yourself. I know it’s hard for you, but for me..Plaese? “

“Fine. Sam..since you asked me that way..”

The class went actually pretty uneventful and when the bell rang the class scattered to go to their respective practical batches. I didn’t have any practical batch with Neil this year. As it was first day of our final year and I have to go for OS.Where Neil have his DS practical.

“ See you in cafeteria, Sammy”

I got one hour early off from my practical batch so I decided to go to the library. I was off to the library. Being student library worker helps a lot during access internet from there. I always love being around books. So library is my favorite destination in college.

While crossing Neil’s practical room I saw him. As he saw me he too wanted to get off from there but Mr. Karwa asked him to concentrate on his practical. I laughed at him. Serves him right.

I marched towards Mira my co-worker in library, she was putting books away from bookshelves and that was when I picked up the pile of book and started to help her.

“So..Sam, Have a nice summer? “

I sighed “ I guess okay”

“ Neil driving you crazy, right?”

“Do you really have to ask me that one? “
She dropped the books she had in her hands when I said that. When she laughed she brightens everything up, no matter how bad they were. Mira was just the type of person and the whole student body loved her. After that, we didn’t talk much and did our work , but then she said something that surprised me.

“ You know I was thinking over the summer about you and Neil..”

I was really confused when she said that “ why?”

She kept working but continued to ramble about on her thoughts “ I realized that you two are so close and you know how the whole college likes to talk and the rumors that have been going that you two are dating…”

I sighed. There have been rumors of me dating Neil since our junior college. We never really paid that much attention to them. Most people don’t talk much about me, but Neil on other hand was on high demand from female population and most female thought’s that I wasn’t even in the Neil’s league.

I knew I wasn’t either but it didn’t matter to me. Neil was my friend. Not just friend , my best friend. I was not a leggy brunette or anything like that. That was his type. Neil likes that leggy brunette who sick for his attention. I wasn’t that..I was ordinary.

“Yeah..Mira..You know they aren’t true..”

“Yeah..sam..Have you thought about it.May be you should? “

My head jerked at her . Mira’s eyes were sincere too. She couldn’t suggest that I actually date Neil Malhotra. She couldn’t be. She was talking about the Neil that protected me from Lara in third grade or fought with the guys that wanted to pick on me or protected me from Radhika’s several attempts to take me shopping.

“ I don’t think so Mira, Neil really isn’t my type…”
“ sam, I know you have like the guys like Ashish and Rohit. But they never would have understand you, Neil does “

I sighed when I remembered my past two crushes. Ashish and Rohit. I wished I could forget them.

Thankfully bell rang . I said bye to Mira and off to cafeteria. As soon as I made it to cafeteria, I found Neil standing there. He was flashing me his smile which meant one of the two things. Either he was already in trouble or he needs me to do something for him.
“ What do you want, idiot? “

“can’t I just be happy to see my friend?” He grabbed my hand and started to lead me to the auditorium. It was always open to let student play badminton.

“ Neil , you are talking to me? I know you like a book.What do you want?

Sighing he sat down on the side bench and I sat down next to him.

“It’s not that I need something. I want to talk to you about something”


He kept staring at the ground which worried me some..he never avoided me.Something was going on.I kept looking at him until he brought his gaze back to me.His mid-night black eyes were giving off look of concern ,maybe even worry.

“you know I don’t talk to you much about my dating life, right?”

“ You know I don’t want everyone in my business, but today I’m going to tell you part of it..”

I didn’t like how he was sounding either. He was acting weird.

“ sam, I was dating Lara for about a month or so and it’s getting pretty serious…”

I was taken a back. That was not something I was expecting to hear. She was his type, I would have known that it would eventually come down like that.

“ Oh..okay..”

Something was bothering him.that not enough of it.

“ Sam, she really doesn’t want me to be around you..”
Searching his eyes, I want to know how much serious he was and looking into his eyes told me he was damn serious.. Well, it was pretty clear what he was going to do, so I was taken back myself out of the equation before he would to make a choice.

I stood up and began to walk down auditorium. What surprised me most was his hand grabbing me and swinging me back around and almost on his lap. His hands never released me.

“ Let me go, Neil”

“ Sam,hold on for second.you didn’t let me finish”

“ I don’t think I need to hear the rest. You have right to date whoever you want and if that is what your girlfriend wants, I’m gone.”

I jerked my hand out of his grip but he pulls me down on his lap again. He wrapped his arm around me and I struggled to get away from him.

“ Sam, I told her that I would choose you over her. I wanted to warn you that she is really pissed off with me and she is likely will take it on you..”

I stopped struggling and turned back to look at him.His eyes looked distressed , maybe because I was about to jump to conclusions about him.Maybe he thought I lost faith in our friendship or something. Then I started to worry about he thinking about my over reacting over Lara.

“I’m sorry”

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. Stupid tears! I felt him move me on the bench and wiped by tears with his thumps.

“It’s always going to be the two of us, Sammy…No matters what happens in future. I’ll always choose you. If my girlfriends can’t understand that you are my friend, then I don’t want to be with them.”

He wrapped his arm around me and I leaned my head on his shoulder. I felt safe with him. He always protected me from bad things.

After what I felt like forever, the rest of our group started to showing up.As Sid was doing his PG from another college so he was not with us this year. Nandini came followed by Arjun and Radhika.

Radhika was stepping up near us and she noticed me crying.

“Neil, what have you done to her?”

He looked annoyed that the first thing that would come to her mind was he would have done something to me. Radhika has temperamental about how her brother behaves at times, especially for me she concern the most.

“I haven’t done anything to her..it just misunderstanding…right Sam?”

I nodded. Radhika kept looking at me that I was not covering over her brother. But when she got satisfied, she started to talk about other thing.

I kept my thought to myself though.I began to questioned myself why I freaked out about Neil dating Lara. It really shouldn’t matter who my friend dates.I never been interested in his dating life. I wasn’t clueless though. I heard a lot of things from many of my other friends. He is womanizer and partier. That was a part of his life and I’m not part of it. I have to hear about how good he was in bed.not that matters to me in least.

Honestly, we are complete opposite. He was a bad boy and I’m a geek. Though our group is couple group in other way..Sid and Nandini…Arjun and Radhika..on other hand Neil is busy with his n no. of girlfriends. And I’m happy with my being single life.

It felt really odd to react that way to Neil. Normally, we are pretty easy to get along with. We really don’t fought about the stuff, pretty serious.Maybe its because lara is involved. I hate that b***c and she too returned the same feelings to me. May jealousy.

The next thing I knew that I was being poked on my ribs.I turned to see Neil was looking at me.
“ Are you going to answer my question? Or Sammy I am I going to read your mind? “

“What did you ask?”

“do you have badminton practice tonight?”

Bandminton. The only sport I could actually play and could not hurt anyone.I was playing it from childhood and pretty good in it.

“Yeah I have my badminton Practice.but I’m not looking for it as you told me about Lara..She and Sophie must be planning to make my life miserable.”

“Sorry” he mumbled. He was sincere too about it.

The bell rang and everyone scattered to their respective class but he helped me and we went to our class. He is good friend. He took care of me than anyone in this world could. I was really lucky to have someone like him in my life.
The rest of the day was boring. After attending all the lectures for the day finally bell rang. I was heading towards the auditorium for badminton practice.

I had a feeling of dread too.I knew I would be coming face to face with Lara and her group of cohorts. I wondered if Neil was right about me to concern about her. As I pushed the door open I noticed Lara and her group staring me. It didn’t took me to relies that it wasn’t staring but more like look of death.I was scared through there is no reason to be. Lara is more talker than fighter. I went to changing room and changed to my practice cloths. Pushing the door open I started to wonder what was in store for me, but I knew it would workout, no matter what they say or do to me.

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