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MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1 : Memories of Friendship!!

Four year back
September 2012
Sam POV:


“Sam, Get out of bed. You’re going to be late”

Groaning, I rolled over my bed and showed my head deep into the pillow. Piyali Khanna was just too perky in the mornings. Sometimes, I wondered if she didn’t pick up the wrong baby at the hospital to take home because we were nothing alike. After pulling back my blanket around my head and settled myself to go back to sleep again. I felt the cover ripping off from my body and I jerked up around to found my mom holding blankets and grinning.

I glanced at alarm clock to read its 5.30 am.Snatching back my blanket I rolled on bed again. Again, my blanket got pulled back by her and this time she hides it. I rolled my eyes.

“ Mom…its too early….” I groaned “ Let me sleep….”

My mother’s tone said it all “ You shouldn’t have let Neil broke your scooty then. Now you have to depend on him to getting college. Get in shower. He will be here early you know.”

Watching her leaving my room, I wondered how come she is my mom. I picked up my spectacles that were lying beside my bed,put them on, and climbed out of the bed. I almost stumbled on the ground while walking towards washroom, though it was not new for me. I am not a morning person at first place. I need few hours to get up from my sleep at morning…

After grabbing my toiletries and went into bathroom, shut the door behind me. I was internally grumbling at Neil. Mom was right. I shouldn’t have let him broke my scooty, now it at his house,in his personal garage besides his car being fixed. He wanted to try off road driving with my scooty and pulling that stunt he broke the all working part of my scooty. Sometimes I really hated him.

It’s times when he does these kinds of things that I questioned my sanity about being his best friend. Neil Malhotra is not a typical guy..Most of the people don’t understand him for doing weird things. However, we are friends from our childhood since I moved to Goa all those years ago. Sometimes I looked back to those it felt like almost its yesterday when it happened.

“Mom, I don’t want to go to the school here. I’m going to miss Sara and Maggie.I can’t go to the school without them”

I remember my mom taking my hand and leading me to the Mother Merry Public School and into Principal’s room.

She leaned to whisper into my ears “You will be fine, Sam. Kids moved to the different schools..you will get new friends here…”

After what I felt like forever, Mom along with principal lead me down the hallway passing classrooms and stopped at the door which had Big three written….reads Third grade….Meeting my eyes, she realize I was terrified.

Wrapping her arm around me she gave me sense of security, but I knew she was not going to stay here long with me for forever..She smiled at me and kneeled down to match my height “ Sam, relax baby..you will like this place and soon you will get new friends here like back in Mumbai…”She kissed my forehead and realize me from her touch, motioning me to the class room door.. I turned the door knob and turned to look at my mother before urged me inside.

Everyone in the room stared me. I never like to become center of attraction but I was now that point. Crossing the room, I stood in front of teacher holding some paper which I had to give her. She appeared to be very nice. She has beautiful face and brilliant smile. Her voice sent me a sense of comfort.

“ Hello Samaira, I am Mrs D’Souza. Welcome to Goa”

I smiled back and blushed because I’m not used to my full name.Its Sam for me..always..

“ Class, this is Samaira Khanna, moved here from Mumbai.I know you all will make her feel welcome and help her when she needs”

She led me to the aisle across the room to the open desk and that’s when I saw him first time. He had deep midnight black eyes and brownish hair was mess and which frighten me even more.

Mrs. D’Souza told me to sit down there and retrieved some textbooks on the desk for me. From corner of my eyes, I watched midnight black eyed guy, he seems little bit annoyed.

The boy seated behind us leaned over and whispered “Neil…Football..at lunch? “

“ Arjun, that was stupid question to ask me…Of course Yes..”


The day went on and on, but I spoke to none. I was too shy to talk to anyone.I had never been too talkative. I ate my lunch alone, watched Neil and Arjun eating lunch with one more boy and two girls. I didn’t know why I was fascinated with Neil.I had never played with boys. I glanced at my tiffin when he notices me staring at him.

As lunch break was about to over then Two girls come to me while I was about to go towards my classroom and stood blocking my way. One, who seems to be their gang leader spoke in nasal voice “ hi I’m Lara. She is Sophie”


The girl named Lara, pulled at my shirt and sneered “ You must be poor, because you don’t have nice cloths” I looked up and I was very terrified . Both girls started to laugh at me and when I tried to get away, Sophie pushed me to the ground.

I didn’t want to cry in front of them, but I can’t help. Meanwhile more and more kids started to gather and laughing at me.

“Hey leave her alone..”

I looked up to see that black eyes staring at me, He was pushing kids away from me and placed himself in front of me. His other group member to joined him and with their presence all kids disappeared.
The other big guy gave him an assuring smile.He was Little bit huge than Neil.

“Got it under control…” the guy said

He glanced back at him “ Yes..Sid..” He didn’t move his stance from me either.

Lara stood in front of the group and glared him “ I guess you want to add another freak to your group..If I was you I wouldn’t want her either.I thought you had better taste in choosing friends, Neil “
The group scattered and I was still sitting on ground wiping my tears. I surprised when he extended his hand in front of me.I looked at him. He looked sad. I stumbled but he holds me. Our eyes met.
“Are you okay??”

I nodded. He helped me to stand on my feet. I thought now he will turn and go back with his group. So I started to go back to classroom when he reached out and grabbed my hand to stop me.

“Come with Us” He said

I stared at him and looked once at other that was with him. Two boys looked confused but not really upset me being with them. One of the girl who looks elder to me looks annoyed by my presence but another small and very bubbly one , jumping up and down. She dashed over to my side.

“Hi..I’m Radhika. I’m Neil’s younger sister. The other one Sid is elder brother of us. And they are Arjun and Nandini” She said excitedly

Radhika seems really sweet and hyper side. The bell rang to tell us to go back to the class, Radhika took my hand and walked with me.When we got inside, I noticed Radhika went to second grade and Sid to the Forth. I stood there and turned found Neil staring at me.

He extended his hand and I wrapped mine around his “ Hi..Neil Malhotra..Nice to meet you..”

“ Hi..Sam…Samaira Khanna..”

“ Sammyyyy…” He said smiling

I smiled back as I found it cute. He pulled me to the desk and rest of the day helped me with everything.

I did the most childish thing ever I did. I passed him a note..which reads

Would you be my best friend? Check yes or no

Yes No..

He read it.He pulled his pencil and scratch on paper, and passed back to me. I checked the note..He checked YES..I turned to him and he smiled at me..I never had best friend , not even back home.

Most of all, he let me walked out school that day and I saw my mom waiting for me. I bid bye to him..He smiled..It was a sense of security in it.

“ Sam, hurry up…” Mom screamed from downstairs.

I shook my head and got ready slipping into loose T-shirt and pair of jeans. Then I heard rumble of his car. He had made it as loud as possible. Neighbors hated it, but I found it awesome. Being his friend make me took interest in cars more.

“Hey sammyyy”

He threw himself on my bed while I was searching for my books to stuff them in bag. I turned to see that he was in his typical black T-shirt , blue faded jeans and motorcycle boots. His hair was mess and mid night black eyes sparked. All the girls in the college thought he was hot. They thought he had that attitude of “Bad boy” which made him looks more s*xy….Crazy and stupid Girls. They wanted him in their pants. Sometimes it annoyed me being his friend.

“ Come on Sam..Aunty had delicious food and I am damn hungry…”

“ Go eat then..”

I turned to look at him and he glared at me. He always waits for me before we did anything. I don’t know why, but he did.I finally stuffed all the books required and pulled my backpack.

“You are such bookworm, sam”

“ I might be..but I am going to get good college for PG”

He shook his head and grabbed my bag from me and headed to downstairs. He was in the kitchen at the table eating mom-maid spring rolls in second. I pulled my hair in bun and joined them.

“ so you are serious about doing Post graduation, Samminder singh ?”

Another one my nick name from him. He is really pain in a*s sometimes but I kept it to my self..

“ Ofcourse idiot..I need to score good this year…I want scholarship”

He rolled his eyes “ Don’t worry Sam, You are going to be topper this year too so don’t stressed over this crap”

His parents had more money that they knew what to do with it and he was thinking am crazy for stressing. Raj Malhotra, his father is one the billionaire business man and his family is one of the royal families of Goa. So money wasn’t an issue. On other hand my parents were the local police chief and kindergarten teacher.I want to became on my feet and make my own identity..On other hand Neil is very happy with his life, his family and his Car.

“You two better move or you are going to be late” my mom exclaimed

I looked at clock which reads 5.55. I pulled Neil with me.

“ Thanks aunty..Breakfast was awesome.” Neil called out as he rushed out behind me.

I climbed at passenger seat and Neil turned on the ignition. He slammed the car reverse and soon we out of the driveway. I wished this car had seat belts…Because I really wanted to arrive at college alive.

Thank you Friends for your amazing support and Love to the prologue!!

This story starts from when Sam and Neil are in college and moving towards the present. The prologue allows you to see where we are headed and then what eventually happened with NeSAm.

Many of event of the story happened to me and many of them are imaginary.

Please review..the more I get review, more I can write quicker. Plus I love to hear about your feelings about my work.

Love you all!!

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