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MMZ – The Wedding Love – One Shot

MMZ – The Wedding Love
One Shot

The sun peeked in through the window, the golden rays disturbing the sleep of the two beautiful souls. The new dawn evoking a new sense of happiness and excitement.
Sam had woken up by the rain of kisses and hugs showered on her by Radhika. She groaned and grumbled, tried turning to her side. But Radhika wasn’t in a mood to let her sleep in peace.
She tickled her and cheerfully, spoke, happiness was clearly evident in her voice. Well, this was always the case with Radhika Mishra. She wasn’t good at hiding things, her feelings to be more specific. Her voice, her eyes always betrayed her.
Radhika shouted cheerfully in sam’s ears, “engagement day!!!!!”


Sam shrugged and forced her body upwards. She sat rubbing her eyes In a half sleeping position. She sighed, “you just wont let me live in peace, would you?”

Radhika smirked mischievously, she spoke in a overly sugar coated voice, “good morning to you too Sammy.”

Sam rolled her eyes, giving her an impossible look, “yaar chashni, atleast you should understand naa, with all their engagement excitement my family is driving me crazy. Don’t tell me you too have joined the don’t-let-sam-live-in-peace bandwagon.”
Radhika spoke in a matter of fact manner, winking at her, “I started that bandwagon, sweetheart.”

Sam and Radhika were more than friends, they were soul sisters. Each always had the other’s back. They were entire party, a group, a concert and what not, well, to sum up, pretty handful together. The bond they shared was very beautiful, their friendship stronger than most connections even. They were each other’s habit, want and necessity.
Sam rolled to her side and just like that a pillow fight started, marking the beginning of a very special day. It was the day of sam’s engagement to neil.
Sam and neil were college buddies, and over the time their friendship grew to love.

Radhika and sam lay exhausted on their bed, smiling when sam started giggling.
Radhika smiled even wider, “what happened?”

Sam spoke in a pleased voice, “it seems like yesterday, when I freaking over you wanting to meet neil..”

Radhika smiled, “well, you had all the reasons to. How could you have known that neil and I would hit off instantly and become such great buddies.”
Radhika then started laughing loudly. Sam looked at quizzically.
Radhika controlled herself, “you remember that shocked face of yours when I went hugged neil, that first time in the coffee house. I just remembered that.”

And there they sat, remembering all the colourful, beautiful and happy memories. That beautiful smile never leaving their faces.
Radhika smiled, “I never even expected this in a dream.”
Sam, “hmm?”
Radhika spoke looking at the roof, “that neil would become such an integral part of our lives.”
Sam turned all serious, “chashni, you know naa, no matter what happens, nothing comes before you for me, right?”
Radhika passed her an innocent look, “not even neil?”
Sam assured her, “no not even him….okay now, answer me honestly, are seriously okay with me and neil getting married?”
Radhika pretended to be deep in thoughts, sam smiled at her over drama, she pinched her shoulder. Radhika screamed, looking at her with mock anger. Her expression changed the next second facing sam’s least bothered look.
Radhika, “okay….fine…fine….obviously I am, sam come on, he is my buddy.”
Radhika added, smiling mischievously, “and if I change my mind, I’ll come over and start sleeping between you two.”
Sam looked at Radhika for a second, bewildered. And they both burst out laughing.
They were disturbed by a knock, Radhika got up and opened the door. A tall handsome hunk, with an amazing body, stood there, ready in all traditional. He seemed to be lost in radhika’s big brown orbs the second she opened the door, a cute smile playing on his lips. He was brought out of his trance when Radhika waved her hands in front of his grey steely eyes.
Radhika smiled, she spoke happily, “earth calling, earth calling!”
He smiled, “sorry, was lost in thoughts….is samaira, in there?”
Radhika surprised, she called out to sam. Sam smiled on seeing the guy. Radhika cleared her throat and teased her, “Sammy, you are still getting engaged to neil, right?”
Sam passed her a you-are-impossible look. He laughed seeing both of them.
Sam smiled and introduced him to Radhika, “Radhika, this is Arjun, neil’s childhood friend, his best buddy. Arjun, this Radhika, my…”
Arjun cut her off, spoke confidently, his eyes locking radhika’s, his heart trying to break all her barriers, her walls, “this is neil’s chashni, his best friend, his sister, his partner in crime, and now his to be sister in law. The only girl, neil cares about other than you. The unique piece who has the prowess to make him mad, happy and frustrated, at the same time. The girl who is Intelligent and Stupid. Mature and Immature at the same time. She loves to play pranks on others, cares for everyone. And her eyes, always reflect what is in her heart, often betraying her words. Her big brown orbs, being the best feature of hers, only to be seconded by her big beautiful smile.”
Radhika smiled wide hearing his words. Arjun smiled back, “and yeah, that’s the smile I am talking about.”

Sam whistled, “pretty impressive Arjun…”
Arjun shifted his gaze from Radhika to sam, “well, neil talks so much about her. It seems as if I know her from ages. Its just I never imagined that his chashni would turn out to be so beautiful.”

Radhika smiled, “so Mr you-know-a-lot-about-me, what brings you here, early in the morning?”
Arjun smiled and handed over a piece of paper to sam, “neil asked me to deliver this.”
Sam nodded. After a little bit of chitchat, Arjun left. Sam sat on her bed and unfolded the paper. She blushed crimson on reading its contents. Radhika tried to peek in, but sam pushed her out. Radhika tried to snatch the letter but sam maintained a tight grip on it.
Radhika spoke all frustrated, “show me naa…”
Sam smiled, seeing her helplessness , “boundaries Radhika…”
Radhika smiled wide, “okay, not interested in your love letter…..its your engagement, lets get you ready.”

Sam nodded. The girls got up to get ready. Both helped each other. And finally after a couple of hours, they were done. Both looked like celestial nymphs, angels from heaven. Any guy would willing place his heart beneath their feet, looking at them dressed to kill. It wasn’t as if they had done elaborate make up or wore fancy dresses. It was their inner beauty which reflected externally, their clean beautiful souls which made their faces glow.

Somebody knocked on the door and Radhika opened up….she smiled broadly seeing the person, “another love letter from my would be jiju?”
Arjun smiled, he was completely bowled over by her. It was only her, he wanted. She was the woman of his dreams. He smiled, “nope, its time. Prerna aunty send me, to bring you both downstairs.”

Sam and Radhika each looped their arm around both his. As They descended the central staircase, all the eyes turned to them. All the girls ogled over Arjun, when the men, gasped at Radhika while cursing their fate on sam becoming neil’s.
Neil came forward and took sam’s hand…, he kissed her cheek warmly, and whispered in her ear, “you look gorgeous, would be Mrs. Malhotra.” Sam blushed a little and walked to the stage holding neil’s hand.

Radhika unconsciously tightened her grip on arjun’s arm and leaned on him. She sighed. Arjun, who was already feeling goosebumps by her touch, felt his soul awaken. Arjun looked her face and smiled. He gently whipered, “what happened?”
Radhika smiled and looked up at him, “that is the kind of love, I hope to have some day in my life.”
Arjun smiled.

Over, the next few days Arjun and Radhika worked in close coordination making arrangements for all the functions, during the day. At night, nesam and ardhika hung out by the pool.

Arjun and Radhika grew quiet close. Arjun left no chance to be around her. He took her with him on drives to the caterer, event manager and other. He took her out for coffee…..treated them both to ice cream. All his love wasn’t unnoticed by neil and sam.

Finally, it was the day of neil and sam wedding. A blushing, beautiful bride was coming forward ushered by her beautiful soul sister. Neil forward his hand for sam to take. They shared an intense eye lock. Radhika giggled, disturbing the love birds, “save something for tonight.”
Sam pinched her hand lightly and took neil’s.

Radhika smiled and went to stand besides Arjun. It was a beautiful arranged wedding. Arjun and Radhika kept looking after all the arrangement, even during the wedding, leaving no stone unturned to make their love one’s special day perfect.

Radhika had gone behind the bungalow to check on the food. When, she didn’t return for quiet a long time, Arjun went to look for her.
Arjun was surprised. She was sitting on the edge of the fountain well, her left hand running through the water lightly, she was looking downwards. His surprise turned into shock when he realised that she was crying. He quickly covered the distance between them and kneeled in forward of her. He cupped her face and wiped her tears with thumbs, “what’s wrong, sweetie?”
Radhika sobbed, “sam is going to leave….she says nothing would change…but I know, it will.”
Arjun smiled at her childishness, “Radhika, trust me, nothing would. Even you know that. Plus, you should be happy that sam is going with a guy, who will kill himself before even thinking to hurt her.”
Radhika hugged him tight, wiping her tears. She spoke, burring herself in his strong chest, “you are right….arjun, how do you know the right thing always?”

Arjun smiled, “ I don’t know….but what I do know, is that you ought to be out there, rooting for sam than sitting sobbing here.”

Radhika broke away from him, “right again.”
She added a little playfully, “I don’t cry….dont you dare tell anybody.”
Arjun nodded….his pov, “your secret is mine.”

The wedding got over. Sam was given a teary good bye. Radhika couldn’t take her soul sister going away, she abruptly announced, “I am going stay at neil’s for the night.”
Everybody laughed, Radhika just rolled her eyes and looped her arm around neil’s.

The next morning Arjun left for work after dropping her back home. It was last she saw of him for a few weeks to come. Arjun was busy clearing the piled up work from all the wedding holidays plus he was managing the company alone, as neil was away on his honeymoon. But Radhika, was constantly in his thoughts. She had carved a niche in his heart for herself.

One evening, when Radhika came back to her home after work. She found some guests, chatting with her parents. She went over and wished them. She was about to go to her room, when her dad called out, “Radhika beta, she is mrs. Joshi, I have fixed your marriage with her saral.”
Radhika was dumbfounded, she had no idea, how to react. She nodded and rushed to her room. She was crying inconsolably. Why? She, herself didn’t know.
She called neil and sam, who quickly arrived at her house and barged in her room.
Sam consoled, while neil arm hugged her.
Sam looked at her and questioned, “you love him?”
Radhika replied instantly, “I don’t love Arjun.”
Sam smiled, “sweetheart, I didn’t even name Arjun. See? There is your answer. He is reason why you don’t want to marry saral.”
Radhika stayed stubborn, “ I know, I don’t love him.”
Neil smiled cupped her cheek, “Radhika, your eyes betray you always. You eyes are screaming that you are truly, honestly and deeply in love with him.”
Radhika on being pressed a little more confessed that yes, she loved Arjun. She sobbed, “what if he doesn’t love me?”
Before neil or sam could answer, another voice did. They all turned to look at its source. There he was Arjun standing leaning on the door frame in all his glory. He was neil’s cabin, when Radhika called. And seeing him rush out, he understood something was amiss. He followed them here, and was silently bearing witness to their conversation. Well, until just then.

He moved forward, kneeled in front of Radhika, whipped out a ring from his pocket, offered it to her, “Radhika, I bought this ring, the day I first met you. It is only you, it was and it always will be. I never expected that eventually, I will fall in love with neil’s chashni, the girl I heard so much about. But guess, I was wrong, I was in love with you even more and even before I met you. Radhika Mishra, it’s only you…I love you….will you marry me?”
Radhika had happy tears, she nodded rapidly and Arjun placed the ring on her finger. She hugged him tight.. She was smiling wide and Arjun could feel it. She whispered to his heart, “I love you, Arjun mehra..”
So, that’s the end. How was it??????
I don’t know if it is a nesam story or a ardhika one. You tell me. I wrote it extreme hurry…
You know, it always strange with me. Now that I have no time, my brain just keeps knocking itself over with ideas and ideas. And when I have time, I am totally blank. I just keep whatsapping them to myself, convincing myself that I will elaborate on them after exams.

You know, I was scrolling through the mmz page today, all my fav ff have been updated, gauri di….sathya akka…..sorry, I couldn’t comment….was short of time….well, I will, here. You guys, rock always.
Gauri di, it was the best of married by fate…the drunk drama should have been included in the original show….love you…

Sathya akka…..di, what to say about you….enemity to love left me spellbounded. Seriously I have no words for you. Hats off to you. *standing ovation*

So, guys do let me know how it was…please ignore my typos and grammatical mistakes. No Proof Reading.
Silent readers please comment.

And yes, I do remember I have to post the PP epilogue…..i am so so sorry….i actually want to write it in peace, all at once….and my hectic schedule currently doesn’t allow me to. I don’t want to write it at different times of the day, like I wrote this one. Please do bear with me. I will post it for sure, around 30th.
Thank you so much!

Also, i have written the prologue of my new ff…….would you guys like for me to post it now? As, i wont be able to post the first chapter before the conpletion of my exams.

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