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MMZ – The Inmate – chapter 2

MMZ – The Inmate
Chapter 2

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Just by one look at his face, all of radhika’s calmness, strategies and her smile went out of the window.

His eyes gleamed a little at first on seeing her, but it died down the next second. And they turned back to the steely grey emotionless balls of crystal they had become.

Radhika’s head was spinning, she was fast loosing track of what was happening. Inmate mehra was her devil, Arjun? What?! Why?! How?! Her mind draw a line, it blanked out…..she felt herself zoning out, her body become numb. Darkness overshadowed the light in her eyes. Before she knew it, her eyes closed involuntarily. Her legs gave up, and she turned around, fast approaching the ground. A sigh left her lips as her skin felt two strong arms around her waist. The touch felt familiar. Her mind gave up on the all the unsuccessful tries to wake her up. Her body limped swinging in the arms of inmate mehra, as consciousness drafted away from her.

Two hours later.

Radhika slowly turned around. Her eyes narrowed down to slits trying to adjust to the brightness all around.

The doctor sighed with relief, finally she was coming around. His boss, the jailer sir had been so impatient. He shuddered thinking about what neil would have done to him, had she not gained consciousness for another hour or so.

He wondered why this girl mattered so much to him. Was he in love with her? He had never seen his boss’s eyes loosing the calmness, that reassuring twinkle. But now, it seemed as if that calm never existed. He was frantic, running up and down….pulling his hair, giving murderous glares to anyone who dared to come within 5 feet of his. The doctor felt goosebumps rise on his skin as he remembered the way neil had clutched his collar, dragging and threatening him. He sighed, it didn’t matter, well, to be precise it shouldn’t. He knew his boss, the jailer was good at heart. He was loyal to neil. The doctor understood, It was his worry which made him roguish.
But why all this effort? He had been hearing stories about his girl and the jailer since morning. Well, gossips travel fast, and the central jail wasn’t any exception.

He closed his eyes for a second, he called out for the nurse asking him to notify the jailer that she had gained consciousness.

Neil was pacing up and down his cabin. His mind couldn’t focus on any work. All his things and files were thrown on the floor. The top two buttons of his shirt yanked open. The sleeves of his shirt rolled up untidily. He was breathing heavy. His muscles flexing rhythmatically as his hand trudged at the weights again. His thoughts crowded with Radhika. His eyes stung with tears, only he knew the effort it was taking to contain them within his eyes.
What the hell, happened in there? Was it inmate mehra? How could I be so careless? Why did I even leave her alone? Why didn’t she shout? Why did the guard not see it coming? What was it that made her faint? Is she going to be okay?
His mind was overcrowding with all the questions. His temple nerves ready to burst out.
The entire staff stood outside his cabin, every single one of them worried about his well being. Yet, none dared to enter.

On the other, Arjun sat locked in his cell. With his elbows on his thighs and his head buried deep in his palms. His eyes reflected a hundred emotions, anger. Frustration. Helplessness. Regret. Pain. Remorse. A chill went down his spine, each time he remembered radhika’s limp body in his arms. A lone tear escaped his eye. What was wrong with the authorities? He didn’t need a therapist, and even if the jailer felt he did, why her? Couldn’t they find anyone else in the medical profession? How was she? Had she gained consciousness? Was she okay?

His heart yearned to see her once, to engulf her in his arms, to hear her heart beat, to soak himself in her warmth with her soothing voice assuring him constantly that she was okay. He sighed, it wasn’t possible. He tried convincing his heart. It was only better for her if he stayed away. But it wasn’t a one way, his mind and heart raced in opposite directions. Why? Why couldn’t he resist the sea of emotions? Couldn’t his heart understand that she was happy wherever and however she was. His throat convulsed. He felt like stabbing a shard of glass in his heart. His soul shuddered. As his heart took him on a flashback tour.

7 years ago..
Medical School.

It was mandatory for all third year medical students to take a fresher under their wing. Just as Arjun had parked his bike and entered in, He was informed by his friend that he was take some Radhika Mishra under his wing. Arjun made a face….a girl?! This is going to be a long task. He thought. Arjun smirked thinking that he had a two fold advantage over her. Firstly, he was her senior, and naturally she would be scared and timid. Secondly, since she was a girl, he could easily intimidate her. Well, easy job! He grinned, it was marks for free.
Well, that was what he thought of her before he met her. Aaahh…..destiny had some other plans.

He enquired with his friends about Radhika. All shook their heads in negative. Nobody had any idea who this girl was.
Arjun shook his head and walked to the field for football practice. He didn’t care, it was for her to find him out.

A surprising scenario awaited him in the football field. As he changed and came, he was surprised to find a girl playing football with the gang. This was unusual. Well, all the girls he or his gang knew weren’t the sporty people, there were delicate darling, who hated even coming out under the sun. Who was she? Whoever she was, she was different. It wasn’t as if it was some tom boyish girl. Arjun just couldn’t take his eyes off her. An unknown smile crept up his lips as he registered her amused expression. His heart was hung up on her waist long free flowing hair. The girl looked just a celestial nymph in the pair of shorts and tank top she was wearing. She had a raw attractiveness and Arjun felt drawn to her the second he placed his eyes on her. He was brought out of his trance, the shouting and screaming on the field, his gang had won the match and it her who had scored the wining goal. The entire team was crowding her, making her hidden from Arjun intense gaze.
Arjun turned out to one of the team members standing beside him. He asked breathlessly, “who is that girl?”
“ohh she is a fresher….radhika Mishra.”
Arjun’s eyes were ready to pop out of his face.

Arjun had tears in his eyes, reminiscing, the first time he laid eyes on her. He smiled through his tears, remembering how dumbstruck and spellbound he had become. This girl was showing him different sides of her personality every single goddamn day. One day, she would all sweet and nice, the next she might be a fierce lioness, the third day, you never, she may strike you as the most mysterious ever. She was the complete package with, “expect the unexpected” as the tagline. She was different, well, all he ever wanted. He could no longer control his urge to know about her anymore. He shouted to a guard and tried enquiring about her from him. The guard was thoroughly surprised. Was the inmate mehra crying? Everyone had grown so used to the quiet, secluded, emotionless Arjun mehra that now seeing him with actual warmth in his eyes and desperation in his voice. It felt like the end of the world.

Arjun spoke in a deep rumble directly from in his heart, “sir, are you aware of how the doctor is?”

Guard replied in a monotonous voice, “jailer sir took charge. She was rushed to the in-house doctor. And as I am told, has gained consciousness and is absolutely fine.”
Arjun sighed. He thanked the guard profusely and returned to his usual corner, always the darkest one.

The guard was taken aback. Who was this girl, who had jailer frantic and Arjun mehra expressing emotions??

Suddenly, the silence in the room and In neil’s heart was disturbed by the quiet little squeaky voice of the nurse. Neil instantly looked up. the nurse trembled, not knowing what to expect.
She stammered, “s-sir, ma’am gained co-consciousness.”

Neil shot past her, he ran at a tremendous speed and all the way from his cabin to the in-house jail doctor’s office. He stopped outside the room. His fingers raked through his hair. He wiped the sweat of his face, easing his face in a little smile.
As He walked in, all his tries went out the window. He marched forward and hugged the lieing form of Radhika, pulling her up in his arms. Radhika gave him a feeble smile. She closed the top buttons of his shirt. She knew, he had worried himself sick and also, speaking to him about it was of no use. He wouldn’t change. Moreover, she didn’t want him to, all she wanted was that he shouldn’t forget all about himself, drowning in an ocean of worry.
He broke the hug, after finally convincing himself that she was okay. He tried to help her sit down, but she grabbed his hands and spoke sternly, “I am not sick.”

Neil smiled. Aahh….it was so Radhika. She could be suffering from a life threatening disease and yet she would keep saying that she wasn’t sick, he reprimanded her, “then what was the stunt you just pulled off?”

Radhika gave an embarrassed smiled, “umm, neil honest speaking, I don’t know….i never realised by the name that inmate Arjun mehra could be the same Arjun, I used to know.…..i looked at Arjun and a lot of thoughts and memories gushed into my mind at a tremendous speed and after that all I remember is waking up here looking at the scared face of your doctor.”

Neil interrogated, “memories….what memories. How do you know inmate mehra?

Radhika smiled. It was so like neil, you could tell him all the stories of the world and yet he would remain hung up on some stupid word.
She smiled, “well, that’s a long story. I’ll tell you over food…..i am literally starvingggggg..”

Neil slapped his forehead. He seriously wondered if there was a well in her stomach. Man seriously, how could somebody eat so much and not gain an ounce of weight?

Radhika rolled her eyes at neil. She looked down and started folding the sleeves of his shirt proper. Neil glanced at her and smiled.

“okayyyyyy…” he said, dragging the word.

Radhika smiled getting down from the bed. She walked out alongside neil. She witnessed people feeling relieved, sighing, closing their eyes, silently thanking their stars. She understood instantly that neil was giving them a hard time. She smiled wickedly and pulled neil’s ear, dragging him to the center balcony
She climbed up on a table and shouted, “everybody listen up, my friend, the jailer wants to say something.”

Neil mentally facepalmed himself, seriously? She just said my friend, the jailer….what am i? Some 1960s villain. Isn’t neil easier?

Neil gave a embarrassed smile. He pulled her down from the table and apologised to everyone for his destructive mood. The entire staff heartily and instantly forgave him.

Just as they were about to leave, one of the oldest guards, held his hand stopping him. Neil stopped short in his tracks and looked at the guard expecting him to speak, while Radhika moved forward towards his car.

Neil, “yes kaka? What’s matter?”

Guard just smiled and blessed him, “ may you two stay happy always. May you two remain forever in love.”

Unknowingly a smile crept up his lips. He didn’t contradict the guard. He didn’t inform him that they weren’t a couple. Well, to be precise, he didn’t want to.
His heart felt contented hearing what the old guy had to say.

He smiled ear to ear thanked the guard and went outside. Radhika was desperately waiting for him. She ran to him and jumped on him, “idiot, I am hungry. I cant even walk.”

Neil smiled, “doesn’t matter. I can.”

Saying so he picked up Radhika on his back and ran towards his car.

Inmate mehra, who had witnessed from the small window of his cell, fumed in anger. His jealousy crossing all limits. His eyes red with rage. “and there you go, history repeats itself.” He muttered angrily.

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Also, we used to have an ff called understanding you, by veena…..was it completed? I don’t know, as far as I am aware only three chapters had been updated.
And didn’t we used to have revenga….something…saga… the tile picture was from ardhika’s marriage. I don’t remember who wrote it…..the storyline was something like Arjun married Radhika because he wanted to take revenge of his brother jai’s death….jai was send to prison was false molestation charges and committed suicide. Does anybody know what happened to it? was it completed?
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